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Journal of Park and Recreation Administration
The American Academy of Park and Recreation Administration was founded in 1980 to advance knowledge and encourage scholarly efforts by both practitioners and educators alike.  The Academy launched the Journal of Park and Recreation Administration (JPRA) in 1983 to further its goal of enhancing the practice of park administration by producing scholarly papers and conducting research. JPRA has long provided a forum for management and organizational analysis of the delivery of park, recreation, and leisure services. Since its inception, JPRA has been committed to the advancement of the park and recreation field. It is central to building the field's body of knowledge and enhancing the effectiveness and professionalism of park and recreation administrators.
In partnership with the American Academy of Park and Recreation Administration, Sagamore Publishing LLC is excited to announce the release of the Journal of Park and Recreation Administration Vol. 31 No. 4.
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Invited Paper 


Economic Inequality, Poverty, and Park and Recreation Delivery 

David Scott


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Legends in Park and Recreation, Guidelines For Contributors to JPRA
Call For Papers
JPRA has released a Call For Papers for a future special issue on Human Resources Management in Parks and Recreation.  Click for full details   
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