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Happy Hanukkah, Merry Christmas and Happy Winter Solstice.
Have a wonderful and joyous New Year! 
Such a busy and stressful time of year in so many ways.  So, take time to relax and learn some new hobbies that are doubly rewarding, such as cooking or photography. A joy to learn but also produces such good things. Cheers, Judith

Terravita Art League Open Studio Tours  in Scottsdale AZ.
Spirit of the West Studios will be on the Terravita studio tours 
February 10 - 11, 2018 
Roger Salisbury Oils, Pastels, Watercolor and Mixed Media.
Hope you can stop by. Check the Terravita Art League website for more info in January.


"THE NUDE MATURED: BODY AND SPIRIT" is now available for purchase on Lulu in Hardcover, Soft cover and e book editions. Click the link for more information. Coming to Amazon and Barnes & Noble soon. 

Back Cover:
The Nude Matured: Body and Spirit explores the hidden beauty
of aging and the soft sophistication of the beautiful older
woman, accepting and often celebrating her desirability in this
image-driven age of unachievable perfection.
As part of her master's thesis in the MPS Digital Photography
program at the School of Visual Arts in New York City,
photographer Judith Monteferrante collaborated with women
over the age of fifty to explore their comfort with aging and
the beauty of their bodies. Her evocative, rich images capture
the enigma, attraction, mood, and beauty of her subjects with
an artistic passion and delicate meticulous eye. This updated
edition shares the thoughts and emotions felt by these women
during this project. As one woman stated, "I left with the feeling
that I had been a participant in something meaningful."
This collection presents a series of photographs of women over
fifty, embracing the beauty and complexities of the mature
female nude figure.

Under the Sun
Featuring my flower photography - available on Lulu, Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

Back Cover:
'Under the Sun' is a book about love. It is another chapter in the
continuing story of Audrey Wilde and Scott Theseus which began
in 'Gelatin Silver Print.' Audrey Wilde (January 26, 1970) is an
American fine artist who is a leading figure in the visual art movement
known as 'common art.' Her works explore the relationship
between artistic expression, celebrity culture, advertisement, and
the common-every-day present in America. Scott Theseus (born
November 11, 1968) an American film director and screenwriter.
He has produced and directed many award winning films and is
best known for his distinctive visual and narrative style.
'Under the Sun' was created and presented by Audrey gifted to Scott
as an heirloom to their love; it is a catalog of letters, photographs,
and poetry, created during their years apart; collected, in Audrey's
words, so that 'we who love remember love, see its flowers and the
stars of its words and hear those faint in the gentle winds of our
hearts; always, for it is never too late.'
Fine Art photography by
Judith Monteferrante

Photography and Jewelry Exhibit: Sparkle and Flash
January 15 through February 9, 2018
at the Center for the Arts
7100 E. Cave Creek Rd 
Cave Creek, AZ 85331
(In Stagecoach Village)

Hope you can come see my works in the show!
PHOTOGRAPHY TIPS: End of Year Assessment
The end of the year is a great time to reassess your body of work; be in photography, painting, or other media. 
1.     African Spoonbill - I created this image by compositing the same bird, later in flight, into the scene to create a more interesting feel of movement.
2.     Vervet Monkey - One of my earlier attempts in Photoshop to blur the background.
3.     Orchid Nector - My first study of glassware in the studio with the white background, black line technique.
4.     Elephants in the Mist - The sepia tint enriched the old Africa look I wanted.
5.     Orchid on White - My early botanical study of the orchid which was a first-place winner.
6.     The Grand Canyon - I appreciated the painting layer addition of color and texture to enhance the morning colors on the South Rim.
7.     Dance of the Iris - I still love the studio image of the Siberian iris on a black background shot from above to establish the feeling of motion in a still subject and drama.
8.     Abundance by the Sea - A winter activity to study lighting still life to mimic the old European masters.
9.     Moonset over Sedona - A fun grab shot without time for a tripod.
10.  Calla Study 2 - A classic Black & White study of a calla lily.
Do a quick survey of your older images and see what you come up with. Narrow the list down to ten pictures and write why you liked them. You may be surprised! 
Link to the blog post.

Fall Colors
Fireworks and Post Production
Fisheye Lens Tips
Infrared Photography
and More

Basics of Photography, Workflow and Lightroom;  in AZ or on-line with remote access via LogMeIn to your computer (PC or MAC).
Photographic Prints on metal, canvas or paper. See my website or email me.

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