Julie Fei-Fan Balzer
will be here
August 4th, 5th & 6th
      Here is what she will be teaching...

"Interesting Faces"  
Friday, August 4th

If you've ever been intimidated by drawing faces, don't be! Come and play during this face workshop! We'll create all kinds of interesting faces, quirky faces, funny faces, collage faces, and sketchy faces. Julie will break everything down into step-by-step bites that are easy to digest. This is not a traditional art class striving for realism, but a fun class that's about making art that draws the viewer's eye in! As the name of the class suggests, we will work on six 6x6 mixed media collages at the same time! Working on
multiple pieces at the same time is a great way to loosen up, experiment, learn, innovate, play, and get your mojo singing! Throughout class Julie will guide you through the process step-by-step, sharing tips on color, composition, painting and collage techniques, and so much more!
Students Should Bring: Paper of all kinds -- watercolor paper, scrapbook paper, book pages, envelopes, collage paper, painted deli paper, etc. Gel Medium - I like Liquitex Matte Medium, 6-10 colors of acrylic paint (including black and white), Paintbrushes (1 small round, 1 medium round, 1 large fat, and any others you like), Water Jar or container for water * Scissors * Black Marker and any other paint markers you like --I'll be using Permapaques, Palette Paper * Optional: apron, rag or papertowel, heat gun and ex- tension cord/power strip, art journal, favorite stamps &
ink, favorite stencils & cosmetic wedge sponges, brayer

"Color Mixing"
Friday, August 4th


This is a great foundation course for people interested in learning how to mix their own paint colors. Tis course covers mixing secondary and tertiary colors, creating neutrals, tinting, toning, and shading. You'll be blown away by how much you can do with just yellow, blue, red, black, and white paint. You'll create a personal color wheel, along with a traditional color wheel.

Students Should Bring: Palette Paper, Acrylic Paint: primary yellow, primary blue, primary red, black & white, as well as your five favorite paint colors, favorite paintbrushes, Palette Knife, 2 sheets of 12x12 watercolor paper, Pencil or Pen, compass (for drawing circles), ruler, Jar or container for Water, Paper Towel or Rag * Optional: Apron, baby wipes, deli paper or book pages.

"Sketchbook: Yes, You Can Draw!"
Saturday, August 5th


Everyone can draw. In this class we're going to leave behind the fear associated with drawing photo-realistically and embrace our own funky interpretations of the world around us. Keeping a sketchbook is a wonderful way to record your life, your travels, and the objects around you. Milton Glaser once said that you never really see something until you draw it. I agree! This class offers a laid back approach to launching your sketchbook practice!

Students Should Bring: sketchbook -- I use a very small watercolor moleskine, mechanical pencil,  large white eraser, watercolor paints, paintbrushes (small and medium round brushes are best), waterproof black pen -- I like the Sakura Pigma Micron or Faber Castell Pitt Pens,  spray bottle of water, jar or container for water, a few objects from nature: shells, leaves, flowers, sticks, stones, etc. * Optional: rag or paper towel, apron, heat gun and extension cord.

"Expanded Square"
Saturday, August 5th

The Expanded Square or Notan Expansion Square is all about exploring positive and negative space. It's a great tool for creating new designs, training your eye to create balance, and having fun with good old fashioned cut and paste. In class I'll take you through the design process and help you to improve your hand cutting skills as well!

Students Should Bring: 10-15 pieces of Black Cardstock cut to 5x5 - thinner cardstock is easier to use, 10-15 pieces of White Cardstock 12x12, scissors -- small detail scissors are best, craft knife and cutting mat, UHU Glue Stick -- other glue sticks don't work as well, reverse grip tweezers, several sheets of scrap paper * Optional: baby wipes, apron.

"Carving Stamps for Patterning"
Sunday, August 6th

This class is all about carving patterning stamps - ones that can be used over and over to create beautiful repeating patterns! Along with the basics of transferring images, carving stamps, and printing, you will learn tips and tricks for carving stamps that create complex patterns depending on how you print them. Gain loads of fresh new ideas for methods of printing repeating pattern stamps. I'll even show you how to make your very own custom colored ink pad!

Students Should Bring: Speedball Carving Tool with multiple tips - including a #1 blade, Speedy Carve (3-4, 4x6 sheets, or the equivalent in another sheet size), Cutting Mat (glass mat preferred), Ruler, metal edge preferred, Box Cutter with a long blade, Copy Paper (at least 20 sheets), Pencil,  Ballpoint Pen, Permanent Black Marker (Permapaque recommended, Sharpies don't work), 2-3 colored permanent markers (Permapaques recommended), black permanent ink pad (Archival ink recommended) , scissors, Cut & Dry Stamp Pad Felt by Ranger, Ink Pad re-inkers - be prepared to share * Optional: Quilting Ruler, Sandwich Bag, permanent ink pads in other colors, sheet of craft foam, apron.

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