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HVSB Participates In the Parade
Handing Out Over 3,400 Ice Cream Bars 

To celebrate Independence Day, Huron Valley State Bank (HVSB), once again had their ice cream truck and an eager team distributing ice cream bars along the parade route. Second in the line up, behind the Grand Marshal, the bank handed out over 3,400 ice cream treats to an enthusiastic crowd.  This year's parade theme was "Celebrate Huron Valley" which was most fitting since the Bank is celebrating ten years serving this community in August.   


"With over fifty employees, directors and their families participating, it is truly something the bank enjoys being involved with every year.  For me personally, seeing people's faces light up when they are handed an ice cream bar is a great way to kick off the summer," said Lori Verbrugge, SVP of Retail Operations. "We will be back next year, and possibly handing out a different type of ice cream".  

Huron Valley State Bank and Two Local Schools
Celebrate the Bank At School Program

Huron Valley State Bank (HVSB) and two local elementary schools, Spring Mills and Johnson, celebrated the success of the Bank-At-School program. This is a student-run bank located inside of the school that teaches hands-on financial literacy, money management, and provides for real life banking experience. Students applied and interviewed for positions earlier in the year, and were trained for actual banking positions to take money from their fellow classmates to deposit into the bank.


Spring Mills Elementary in Highland was the first school to partner with HVSB in 2011 and the bank is run by fifth grade students. The end of this school year marks the 4th year of partnership between both organizations. Assistant Branch Manager, Melissa Herron, oversees operations while Customer Service Representative, Suzanne Rolando, assists the 10 student bankers.


"We have a strong and vibrant partnership with Huron Valley State Bank," said Randy Muffley, Principal of Spring Mills Elementary. "I've seen the program grow over the years, and I particularly enjoy watching these young bankers evolve into their positions and acquire both knowledge and confidence."  


In the fall of 2014, Huron Valley State Bank and Johnson Elementary School in Milford started a second Bank-At-School partnership. Modeled off the successful program of Spring Mills Elementary, the school bank opened for business after its ribbon cutting in January of 2015. At Johnson, there is a combination of fourth and fifth grade students running the bank. Assistant Vice President, Branch Manager, Mara Bloink, oversees operations while Customer Service Representative, Nancy Gomez assists the 13 student bankers.


"This ties in nicely with the Covey 'Leader In Me Program," said Johnson Elementary Principal, Josh Gignac. "Along with teaching important life skills, it teaches the students to be proactive and take initiative in planning for their future. Johnson looks forward to our continued partnership with Huron Valley State Bank."


"Ending the school year celebrating four years with one school and the launch of another school is something to be proud of," said Jack Shubitowski, President and CEO. "As a community bank, we proudly support our local elementary schools. The Bank At School program delivers quality hands on fundamentals of banking and money management, along with real life skills that will be marketable to a future employer. We look forward to taking on more schools in the coming years."


Top Pic, Spring Mills Elementary: Front row, left to right: Hannah-Rily Jeannette, Brady Vandagriff, Veronica Ricci, Lucas Warren, Rachel Klassa. Back row, left to right: Shelley Dickerson (HVSB), Jaelyn Chapman, Randy Muffley (Spring Mills Principal), Awesome the Pig , Brooke Burman, Danny Haskell, Brendan Dell, Melissa Herron. Not pictured: Grace Goodnough


Bottom Pic, Johnson Elementary, Front row, left to right: Alivia Ray, Jenna Hoppe, Ian Rief, Cavan Burpee, Lorenzo D'abate, Merissa Hammerschmidt, J.J. Venezia and Hatem Bamieh. Back row, left to right: Josh Gignac (Johnson Principal), Awesome the Pig, Allicyn Schultz, Ivory Collins and Nancy Gomez (HVSB). Not pictured: Ben Mondrush and Lydia Mohr. 

From Our Customers 
Thank you for your long awaited App feature for my phone! I also want to thank you for your bank's excellent service. I have used different banks and lenders over the past 30 yrs and found yours far superior in service and customer relations. I use your Highland bank for most of my banking and have never left without a smile from your friendly professional people.

I will and do recommend your institution to other people as much as I can. Please give them the recognition they deserve for such good customer service.  --- Matthew 
Meet Your Bankers
Ronica Fodor 
Ronica is one of the first employees of the bank.  She started one month before the bank officially opened its doors for business in August of 2005.  She came to HVSB with 3 years of experience as a teller from Independent Bank in Livonia.  At Huron Valley State Bank, she started as a Teller Supervisor and was quickly promoted to Assistant Manager.  A few years later she took on the additional role of being the bank's Secrecy Officer, and is still serving in that position today.  Currently she is the Compliance Officer and holds the designation of Certified Regulatory Compliance Manager. 

In her role as Compliance Officer, she oversees the regulatory operations of the bank to ensure that it is adhering to federal and state legislation in its lending, accounting, and investment practices.   She is also responsible for investigating new banking products and evaluating the potential risk, updating regulations, administering policies and preparing training materials for the staff.   She graduated from Banker School in 2014.

When Ronica first started with the bank, she worked at its original location on Main Street in the retail strip mall that is home to Starbucks.  She has worked in the Highland branch and now can be found at the Milford branch.  As an avid volunteer, Ronica can be found at many of the bank's community events.    She is also President of the Highland White Lake Business Association.

Fondly referred to as Ronnie, she states "Starting a bank and being involved from opening day is an amazing thing to watch. I believe in the mission behind the bank; Local decisions, genuine care for the community.  Personally it gave me a tremendous opportunity to learn".  Outside of banking, she enjoys reading, outdoor concerts, festivals, craft shows, Farmers Market, and estate sales.  Sitting on a beach soaking up the sun is her favorite pastime.  In the winter season, she can be found with a warm cup of coffee or cocoa watching Dateline or 48 Hours
Beware Of Phone Scams
While cyber hacks and email scams fill the headlines, phone scams are still a common tool criminals use to lift personal data from consumers. These scams can cost victims anything from a few dollars to their life savings. Scammers often offer a service or product for free in exchange for a processing fee, for which they request your credit card, bank and personal identifying information. Don't fall victim to a scammer, no matter how heavy the pressure. Such phone scams include:

1.    Reduced rate credit cards (in return for your personal information)
2.    "Free" home security system (with a pricey long-term contract)
3.    Text messages offering prizes of any sort
4.    "Free" cruises (in return for your credit card information)  
5.    "Microsoft Tech Support" calling to fix a virus in your computer
6.    An "IRS agent" demanding payment of unpaid taxes

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 Did You Know?
Legal tender with a value over $100 is no longer printed,
but it is still floating around. .