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Happy July!  I hope you enjoyed a wonderful weekend and those in and from the United States, I hope you celebrated the gift of Independence our great country provides us.

In this months newsletter you will read about a conversation I had with an executive about coaching executives, insight regarding selecting the events that are right for me now, and the events that I believe provide value for your personally and for your business.


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A Case Study from an Executive


I had a very insightful conversation with a highly successful and retired CFO (I will call him Joe) who worked in the long term care and consulting industries.   He shared his experiences with other executives and his own awareness of how coaching benefited the  organizations he worked with.  


In our discussion Joe shared his experience working with all types of executives and
including an "almost" billionaire owner/executive and members of his executive team.  I shared my experience with the various executive entrepreneurs and corporate executives I have worked with as a coach as well as an individual contributor to organizations.    


We found ourselves digging into how executives deal with change and why they hire or don't hire coaches to support them with change.


Joe gave the example of a time where the owner of a company hired a coaching/consulting agency to provide support and perspective in order to optimize the company's profitability, productivity and growth.


The most fascinating thing was the coaching/consulting firm shifted the initial focus completely away from working directly with the owner/leader of the company, to coaching the executives on how to work with the owner of the company.  INTERESTING!!


Additionally, the owner knew there were personal business issues to be addressed such as extensively long work hours that ultimately took away from his family that he adored and cherished.


Now, I can see how the coaching firm had a duty to meet the objective of optimizing the company's profitability, productivity and growth - to shift focus away from the owner if he was not willing to be coached.  But I can't help but feel there was truly a missed opportunity for this particular business owner.  The missed opportunity of growth that would result in long term success, but more importantly joy and fulfillment.  As John C. Maxwell said "Change is inevitable. Growth is optional."


The question that came to my mind is "was the client truly committed to being uncoachable or was he just committed to reaching the original goals first".


As a coach, I am extremely passionate about supporting people in not only reaching their goals but doing it with ease and joy in ALL areas of their lives. 


My hope for the business owner is that in moving through the coaching process, he had some insights and awareness that ultimately will drive him to want to be just as successful in leading a joy filled life as he was in leading a strictly successful business life.   






Monthly Insights:

TargetI refer to myself as a personal and professional development junkie.  I love learning about how things tick and how to improve it.  It satisfies the analytical and solution finding side of me.


This month I have been presented with SO many development opportunities - books, courses, tele-classes, seminars and retreats.  If I only had a clone that could attend some of them for me!   


I had to be fully aware of the impacts over-committing would have on me and the goal of growth.  I chose wisely and selected those that fit in my budget and would allow me to stretch and grow at a rate in which I could still retain that which I learn.   


While narrowing it down to the select few was challenging, I have faith that those that are chose are the perfect and right ones for me now so that I can achieve optimal growth. 


What growth opportunities are you selecting now??

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Kim L. Miles

Quote of the month: 


"When we don't enjoy what we do, we only nick the surface of our potential"  

-Dennis Wholey 


Featured Business: 

Amy Schulstad - Chiropractor

Awaken Possibilty

5150 E Yale Circle
Suite 100,
Denver CO 80222 

(303) 263-4502


I have had the pleasure of getting adjusted by Amy Schulstad and got amazing results.  I feel better, walk correctly and my neck pain is gone. 

Amy uses the Blair technique of adjusting and in my experience has provided longer lasting results than typical methods of adjustments.


If you are in need of an adjustment, I highly recommend Amy Schulstad! 


Events in July:

How Money Works

July 6th, 6:30 PM

CHAD's Grill

275 Union Blvd, Lakewood  80228

RSVP to Lynn Reid, 303-904-8500 x 102 or



Women In Business Parker

Wednesday July 6, 10:00am, Keller Williams Action Realty, 11020 S. Pikes Peak Drive Parker, CO 80134


DTC CBW Networking Luncheon 

Wednesday July 13, 11:00am Maggiano's Little Italy DTC, 7401 S. Clinton St., Englewood, CO, 80155


Waddell & Reed's Business Networking Luncheon and Investment Presentation

Friday, July 15th

BRIO - Tuscan Grille in Cherry Creek


Destination Breakthrough

Kathy Potts of Oncore Performance Group

Friday, July 22th - Sunday, July 24th

Vail Cascade Resort, Vail CO.  

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