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Volume 3 Issue 7July 2012
Be A Debt-Free College Grad

Student loans have been in the news lately. The current brouhaha comes as interest on student loans is about to double. That sounds a bit more ominous than it really is. The rate will go from 3.4% to 6.8% -- still quite low by historical standards. But if you are sporting $200,000 in school loans, any interest rate hike hurts.

The response to this "crisis" is typical for an election year. President Barack Obama first called for a moratorium on rate increases. Mitt Romney was quick to second that idea. Apparently, a lot of college students and recent graduates vote, so the "chicken in every pot" form of government is in full swing. We'll worry about personal responsibility in a non-election year.

If you've already racked up student loans and don't have the income to pay them off, you're in a tough spot. Student debt guaranteed by the federal government is not dischargeable in bankruptcy, making the situation even harder for many. And that says nothing of the debt many have incurred with student credit cards. But if you have yet to start college or are in school now, it's not too late. There are many things you can do to avoid problems with paying off school loans.



Here are some things to consider:


Shami Fowler

Panny James, Shami Fowler, Gena Fowler


Congratulations to Shami Fowler!  Shami recently obtained her LPN license and plans on using her CAB funds to pay for RN school.  "I knew that I would want to climb the health career ladder past my LPN, and I know that it takes a lot of money to do that.  I'm very excited that I have CAB to fall back on with prerequisites that I will be finishing up on this coming year.  Thank you CAB!," says Shami.


2012 Sales Tax Holiday for Back to School

by Savings Lifestyle: Andrea 


If you remember last year, we shared the Back to School Sales Tax Holiday for each participating state. Now is a good time to mark these dates on your calendar if your state is participating to pick up items for back to school shopping necessities but also for other family needs!

Here is a list of the 2012 tax free shopping dates by location. Georgia is participating again!! Click on each link to visit your state's website for complete details on what is applicable for the sales tax reprieve.



CAB Coach Questions



No Wonder We Overspend


Once upon a time, they didn't sell gourmet chocolate in the lingerie department.

That was back before buying a cup of coffee meant spending $6 on a triple grande soy vanilla latte.

Which wasn't that many years after ATMs sprouted inside convenience stores, bars, and other establishments where willpower is known to collapse without warning.

And now smart phones place at our beck and call every conceivable consumer goodie on the planet.

Not that it's necessarily a bad thing to find imported 70% cacao chocolate with sustainably raised Brazil nuts at the service counter of the tire store.

But when we're surrounded by images, aromas, and sounds designed to make us spend impulsively, it may pay to be more aware of common enticements:



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