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A big focus this month is liver health! Stories, Specials, Guided Liver Flush and even some liver detox yoga! Claire tells all in her liver flush story! Someone sent me a recipe for a Detox Bath, so I share it with you. I also include some meditation information. Many have expressed interest in yoga and meditation. All of these techniques allow us to calm our nervous systems and reduce stress. Enjoy the newsletter, enjoy your summer!


So jumping right into a little anatomy physiology of the liver and gall bladder. The liver and gall bladder through a common bile duct empty their contents into the small intestines for elimination through the large intestines. This month my major special is devoted to the liver and cleansing the intestines before and after. One key to successful liver flushing is to be able to eliminate easily. The liver gall bladder contents purged from the cleanse will empty into your small intestines. You want them to flow easily out of your body. That's where the colonics come in.


In my major Special this month, I am teaming up with Erin Schumacher.  Claire Ostrovsky went through the program with us and she shares her story and a stellar picture of the green blobs that came out after her liver flush!


Erin writes, "So why do I need to do colonics and the liver flush together? It's vital that your organs of elimination be cleared out before you flush the liver and gallbladder. Imagine dumping a wastebasket full of litter into an already overflowing trashcan. It cannot handle the waste. The same is true when you 'flush' out any major organ. You need to ensure that the colon is cleared first so it can handle flushing out the liver and gallbladder during the cleanse."


Some of you have been waiting for just the right moment to have a breakthrough, change some habits and go to a higher health level of consciousness. Seize the opportunity and join us on this guided liver flush with cleansing colonics! The liver flush and colonic package works for the beginner as well as the seasoned cleanser. Which option works best for you, the Standard or the Deluxe? Find out more.


Next Guided Liver Flush July 30, Monday - August 5, Sunday

It's easy to fit into any schedule!


Kick off the big cleanse with a Free Workshop on Liver Flush information followed by 30 minutes of Detox Yoga. July 25, Wednesday, 4:45 - 5:45PM


 When do you take the colonics?

My clients take the colon sessions before, then on day 6 before the drinks and then on day 8 or 9 to finally flush any residue out.


How does the liver flush schedule work?

Days 1 - 5        Adding a beverage to your daily routine

                        Reducing/eliminating meat, caffeine and alcohol from your diet  

                        Getting your colonic(s)

Day 6               Fasting after lunch, the 3 drinks and being in bed by 10PM

Day 7               Two early morning drinks; expect to stay home and be near a

                        toilet as stones are released from the liver

Day 8/9            Colonic(s)


And that's it! This cleanse is so vital to entire body health that it cannot be stressed enough. It's something that is safe for anyone and everyone to do!


Erin Schumacher, host of the next Guided Liver Flush in Tucson AZ, is a Natural Health and Holistic Nutrition Practitioner, yoga instructor, raw food chef and international retreat facilitator.


Learn more about the Liver Flush and Register


Read a PDF by Erin on The Importance of Liver Cleansing


Learn more about Colon Hydrotherapy and Contact Sheila


Purchase and read Andreas Moritz, The Liver Gall Bladder Amazing Cleanse 



Sheila Shea, Director
Special of the Month 1

Erin and I are offering you two dynamic opportunities to ensure your colon and liver have the best experience in this cleansing process!


We are offering two packages:


Package One - The Standard:


3 Colon Hydrotherapy Sessions                                 $229


1 Nutritional Counseling Session                                 $75


The Guided Liver Flush -                                              $49


Total:                                                                           $353



We are offering you 15% off for a total of only $299!


Package Two - The Deluxe:


5 Colon Hydrotherapy Sessions                                $369


3 Nutritional Counseling Sessions                             $225


The Guided Liver Flush -                                             $49


Total:                                                                          $643


We are offering you 15% off for a total of only $549!


Contact Sheila for Colonics at 520-325-9686 or

Contact Erin.

Expiry: July 29, 2012
Special of the Month 2

5-Day Bowel Detox, 5 Colonics!  


The 5-Day is a powerful cleanse for the highly motivated to cleanse deeply and quickly, move the mountain, so to speak. If you are tired of being sick and tired this super cleanse is for you. It requires 5 shakes daily and a modified diet. You buy the 5-Day Bowel Detox at Dr Schulze's site and take 5 colonics during the week, on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday.


5-Day Bowel Detox $64 plus tax/ship


5-Day Colonic Blitz  $299 (regularly $369) 


Your new total with discount is  $363


If this program is for you, please email me at or call 520-325-9686 to initiate your program.



I want to bring something to your attention. Dr Schulze, the formulator of his famous bowel, liver and kidney detoxes, categorizes people who desire to do his cleanse in 3 ways. What category do you fall into?


BEGINNERS, start here if:

  • You don't want to change what you eat
  • You're too busy to make lifestyle changes or commit to a more involved program
  • You do not have any serious illness and just want to clean out

 INTERMEDIATE, start here if:

  • You are willing to eat a clean food program during the DETOX
  • You feel a bit run down, out of energy and toxic and want more powerful results

 ADVANCED, start here if:

  • You are willing to eat only raw foods and do some juice flushing
  • You are sick and tired of feeling sick and tired or you have a serious illness

 We are all in a different place when it comes to making changes in our intestinal and overall health. Some are barely hanging on; others are ready to jump into the raw food and juices.


My clients who have done the 5-Day Bowel Detox Program are doing very well with their health progress. I tried the #2 formula with great success. My arthritis declined and my abdomen felt flat and light. However, the Bowel Detox needs to be repeated many times to be effective. Five days does not change a lifetime of habits. Five days is a beginning. The Special I am offering this month is for those who are highly motivated, willing to go for it and who want to dig deep and make a change.

Expiry: August 31, 2012
Claire - her liver flush and photo!
Green gallbladder 'stones'
Results of the Flush!


For quite some time now my liver and gallbladder have been "talking" to me through pangs in my right wrist and upper right abdomen beneath the ribs, and a feeling of general sluggishness.  As life process and body process go and years pass, a subtle and toxic accumulation marched on into a denser sense of fullness on physical and emotional levels. I knew I needed to make some changes.
I was ripe for professional help and I love a good handhold! I am so fortunate to live in Tucson Arizona, an incredibly rich treasure trove of holistic health and wellness professionals.  Heaven sent Erin Schumacher CNHP, CHNP my way.  Erin is a health coach who does nutritional counseling and guides people on the liver flush, and much, much more.  The liver flush had been recommended to me over the years by other astute, body wise practitioners and I just hadn't done it yet. 
When I met with Erin for nutritional counseling, she suggested the Liver Flush and Colon Hydrotherapy in conjunction with the flush.  I called Shelia Shea, MA, LMT, CCH and began my first ever series of colonics.  Being new to colonics, it is a blessing to receive from Sheila. Her calm presence, skill and beautiful office create a sacred and light environment.
The liver flush itself was fairly simple. I just followed the instructions and 'voila' out they came, probably a hundred in total.  It was a satisfying and very empowering self-health process.  I am so grateful to be on this path of clearing and cleansing my physical body in this incredibly practical way.  Having the tools to do something for myself with the guidance of these wonderfully experienced practitioners is my optimal self-healthcare experience.
Claire Miriam Ostrovsky LMT

Claire is an outstanding and compassionate Licensed Massage Therapist in Tucson AZ using a wide variety of techniques. To make an appointment with her, you may email or call.

(520) 481-4311


Detox Bath Recipe


Are you looking for ways to 'self-care', here's a great way! A friend sent this to me. You might want to consider this during your liver flush!

To make this bath, use equal amounts (about a cup, or a couple handfuls) of each ingredient. I have found that I tend to use less of the heavier ingredients, the roots, compared to the fluffy herbs like red clover. It seems that the amounts of things are not critical.  I've even done the bath with only 5 of the herbs when I did not have the 6th one.  In the evening, make a tea using these blood-cleansing herbs:

Burdock root
Red clover
Dandelion root
Milk Thistle seeds
Cleavers (gallium aparine)

Use large pot.  Pour in herbs then fill to top with water.  Bring to boil and let simmer for about an hour.  Let the tea steep overnight till it's "wicked strong."  

For the bath, strain the herbs from the tea then reheat the tea.  Meanwhile prepare the tub.  Pour the tea into the tub along with some hot water to dissolve the following minerals also about a cup of each:

Sea salt
Cosmetic clay (green, bentonite, etc)
Borax or borate (Borax is sodium borate)
Epsom salts

Add enough water to fully immerse the body if possible.  The minerals may make the bottom of the tub feel a little muddy. Stir well to dissolve what will dissolve.  

Try to do the bath 2 or 3 times a week for 1 to 2 months.  You can also just do hand or foot bath if needed but you'll get the most results from full body immersion.

Calming the Nervous System, Finding Peace Within, Meditation


Many have asked me about meditation. I became interested in a meditation practice in 1981 and shortly thereafter received the techniques of the Knowledge. I practice daily and it is something that I look forward to. I've included a description from The Words of Peace Global website so that you know more about the Knowledge.


Exploring The Keys 


Prem Rawat, widely known as Maharaji, offers a way to discover peace within, four practical techniques which enable anyone to turn their attention inside in order to experience the feeling that resides there. He calls these techniques Knowledge: the know-how to go within.


The Keys are specially designed by Maharaji to help clarify key points of understanding. There are six Keys. The first five consist of video presentations with various supporting videos that build on each Key's theme. Watching these helps a person develop the necessary understanding to comprehend what's being offered and to enjoy Knowledge to the fullest. The sixth Key is shown during a special session in which Maharaji teaches the techniques of Knowledge via a video presentation. Such sessions take place throughout the year all over the world. It is a gift from Maharaji to anyone who requests it.

Enjoy and be in touch,
Sheila Shea, Director
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