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Volume 6 Issue 6July  2013
Vacations That Don't Break Your Bank
You can have a "dream vacation" that doesn't kill your budget. You have to plan, and be willing to research but it can be done. Check out these ideas to help you take that trip you are dying to take but allows you to keep more of your money in your pocket.

 Soak Up Some Savings at the Beach!

 Some down time at your local beach can be a cheaper alternative to an extended or expensive vacation. Watch this video for dollar saving ideas to keep even a local beach vacation from digging too far into your pocket!

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Camping Out Can Be FUN & Cheap!

When I was growing up, a camp out was always our vacation. We had a ball & never realized it was a "cheap vacation". Check out this article for some ingenious ideas for cutting your camping budget.








5 Low Cost Ways to Have Summer Fun!



You can have summer fun without taking actual "out of town" vacations. And it might be more budget friendly. Check out these ideas for some fun that keep the boredom away & dollars in your pocket.

Check out this fun!










 Money Saving Food Ideas for Your Vacation!


You have a hotel room that you got a great deal on but let's face it, food on a vacation can really "eat up your budget". If you plan it well, you can still have good meals & not spend all your money on eating in expensive restaurants. Check out this bloggers' ideas for saving food dollars.

Don't Let Food Eat Up Your Vacation Budget!










 Back to School is Around the Corner!

 Summer is almost over and you will be "back to school shopping" soon...if you haven't started already. Did you know about "tax free weekends"? This can help you save some money on all those things you have to have for your kids (or yourself).


Arkansas Tax Free Weekend is August 3-4

Oklahoma Tax Free Weekend is August 2, 3, 4

Texas Tax Free Weekend is August 17, 18, 19.


Check your local area for what items are tax exempt on your weekends. 













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Vacations That Don't Break Your Bank
Soak Up Some Savings at the Beach!
Camping Out Can Be FUN & Cheap!
5 Lowcost Ways to Have Summer Fun!
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