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July 2015

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How to get what you want in Your Life

"Why does Life have to be so hard?  I try so hard and yet I just seem to be knocked down over and over again.  I don't think I'll ever have the life I want"   These words, mixed with frustration and tears, poured out of my friends mouth.  She was so disheartened.

I listened and felt sad.   She was struggling, needlessly.   And doing so through a lack of understanding about how Life works.   So, how CAN life be any different?  How do we get what we want in our lives?  What are the clues?

  1. Keep a What Went Well diary.   If you are focussed upon all the troubling things in your life, then you are unconsciously inviting more trouble into your life.  Seems unfair, doesn't it?  But it's how Life works.  On the other hand, if in the midst of the troubles, you see the good things happening in your life, and there ALWAYS ARE good things happening, and allow yourself to REALLY FEEL how good they are, then goodness will expand in your life.  Keep a diary and write down 3 things that have gone well today.  And keep doing this each day.
  2. Your attention is your most powerful tool - use it wisely.    The best way to do that is to set a creative INTENTION to focus your ATTENTION.   Setting a clear intention is the starting point for getting what you want - it captures the power of your dream for your life.  You can set a creative intention in many ways.  Here's two ways:
  • Journaling.  Set aside 30 mins when you won't be distracted.   You'll need paper and a pen.   Let yourself relax, and ask yourself "what makes my heart sing?  What do I really want for my life?"  Allow yourself to sink into that experience - to deeply FEEL it, to see it in your mind's eye, to hear the sounds that would go with that experience.  When you feel this new situation living in your body, write it down and describe it in as much detail as you can.  Let your thoughts just flow - the apparently good thoughts and even the apparently negative ones (eg that's not going to happen!).  Welcome them all- then ask yourself this - "which thoughts help me feel best?"   Give your attention to those.
  • Vision board.   Get a large piece of cardboard - at least A3 size.  Hold in your mind and heart an intention to create a picture of your ideal life.   Get a stack of magazines and as you go through them, notice what pictures or words stand out for you.  Cut these out. Review the items you've cut out and arrange them on the board.  Embrace the picture you've created for your new life.

In Aboriginal dreaming, it's said that the world was sung into existence.  We all do this in the way we focus our attention.  If you want a different life, set an intention for the life you want and then GIVE YOUR ATTENTION TO YOUR CREATIVE INTENTION.    Your life will unfold differently, leading you to a place of fulfilment.  Be prepared for surprises - Life gives us what we need to get to where we're headed; not always what we think we want.

There'll be work to do to follow through on manifesting what you want.  Challenges to face.  Victories to celebrate along the way.  Wonders to share with others.  New discoveries about ourselves, Life and other people.  In the manifestation phase, it helps a lot to have around you the support of people who have experience of this process successfully unfolding in their own lives.  Find these people and spend time with them.   They will help you realise your dreams.

Enjoy the journey of discovering that you CAN get what you most want in your life!

Andrew Horwood  


Love & blessings


Andrew Horwood | Program Director at Riverdell 

ANIMATING AUGUST  ('animating' - definition: to give life to; to impart zest and enliven)

We have some wonderful programs to enrich & enliven this month.  Don't miss out!  Access our online calendar here.  


Sunday Mornings

Sunday August 2nd, 9th, 16th, 23rd & 30th. Chanting at 9.30am, Presentation & Morning tea 10am-12 noon

A time of inspiring presentations, performances, creative expression and group attunement, followed by a refreshing morning tea.  All welcome.  Find out more here.

Stillpoint Meditation

Wednesday August 5th, 12th, 19th & 26th.  9.30-11.00am  Fee: $7.00 per session

Deepen your experience of meditation, and discover inner peace, assurance and serenity.  All welcome and no prior experience necessary.   Click here for more information.


Miracle of Silence

Saturday 1st August 12.45 - 5.00pm

Fee $40.

Join us for this half day of silence as you discover and commune with your inner essence. Click here for more information.


Using Creative Intention in Your Life

Sat, Aug 15th, 9.30am - 5pm

EARLY BIRD $100 if paid in full by Aug 7th  Full Fee $150

Winter - a perfect time for being warm and going inside.  It's a time for reflection, nurturing & considering our intentions for our life so we can plant new seeds which can shoot forth in the spring. Click here for more information.




Joys of July.

Where we hosted David Karchere and Ke'ahi Ewa for 2 weeks and ran great events on Healing Chant and a deep spiritual teaching called Becoming A Sun.  






Celebrating Greatness 

In this edition we continue our series of 'Celebrating Greatness', sharing the greatness of "ordinary" people who are opening up to new possibilities and to being leaders in their own lives.


This month Shandell Tregaskis shares her thoughts and insights.   

I've always believed in fate & things happening for a reason.

believe that we're guided, I might not always like it but my experience tells me that things work out for the best.

Here's some examples from my life:


*I was a Nutrimetics skincare & make up consultant, I'd been having headaches & noticing the floor looked uneven for a few months. Just prior and during a Nutrimetics show I felt very lethargic and had a high pitched ringing in my ears next minute the ambulance paramedic was telling me I'd had a seizure, coincidentally & thank goodness all the Nutrimetics guests were nurses. Had I been at the rave music event, as I'd previously planned, the outcome may have been quite different (in that chaotic environment with limited medical support). What resulted was me needing brain surgery for a blocked ventricle. During my time in hospital I reconnected with Donna who then taught me Reiki to help support my healing. This linked me into my passion of body awareness & energy healing of which I'm so grateful.


*One day scrolling through Facebook came across the Bunyip (our local newspaper), featuring Riverdell, promoting the Sunday morning gatherings. As I'd been looking for like-minded people I felt a strong urge to check it out, so on a Saturday I took a 2 min drive to have a sneek peek. I remember bursting into tears as I drove into the car park. I felt an overwhelmingly strong connection, a sense that this is my place to be, this is my home. Next day Sunday I came to the service & so my journey with Riverdell began.


*I am a Seamstress by trade but right now I'm feeling a calling to work with children. Riverdell has given me the opportunity to explore this as I've run a few child care/support sessions with kids whose parents have a Riverdell connection. What motivates me is, I see so much of myself in my young daughter, as a kid at school I was hyper, full of energy & always in trouble. I have a passion, I see the need in the world, as children aren't getting the nurturing to experience their own sense of spirituality. I hope to help support children to find a safe nurturing place within, to feel good about themselves. Through my voluntary work with Riverdell I've been exploring Yoga with the children, this has given me the confidence to take up training to be a children's Yoga teacher, I'm really excited as I start this in August.


As I reflect over my life this far, I really sense the Spirits guidance.

I've realised that by taking the time out and giving myself quiet meditation time (which is quite a challenge to achieve with a young family), I'm learning the ability to listen & tune into my inner knowing & sense of Spirit. I'm so grateful for all that life is teaching me. It is a lifelong process, I realise that it's important in this fast paced & chaotic world, to practice my spirituality, (even if it's just reading a book & putting myself around like minded people). This helps me to stay on track with my True Purpose. 



Poem of the Month

by Andrew Horwood


When your heart feels dark and heavy

And you feel discouraged and blue

Please know that you're safely held 'cos

Love is making all things new


The mind that wants that answer

Priding itself knowing what to do

Will be confused and humbled as

Love is making all things new


When your actions seem so futile

Not getting outcomes wanted by you

Don't give up when it seems too hard

For Love is making all things new


The way of Love is mystery

Mind and heart can't understand

Surrender and trust is its way

As a child, give Love your hand more click here.



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