July 2015


Waterford Foundation Summer Restoration Projects

This summer has been a great opportunity to work on the exterior of a few of Waterford's buildings. This past week the Second Street School exterior was painted.  In addition, new Board Members Laurie Goddin and Bob Schmitt have teamed up to repair and paint the outhouse, including installing a new door.  Many thanks Laurie and Bob!

The John Wesley Church project begin this week with the painting of the roof with a protective preservation product to extend the roof's life.  g enerous donation of the special primer required for this project was received from Bob and Stephanie Thompson.  Also, thank you to Bill McGuire f o r remov ing all the carpet from John Wesley Church.  O ur next project is to give the floors a thorough cleaning!
Julius Caesar by the American Shakespeare Center
Saturday, September 12 @ 7:00 pm 
Join the American Shakespeare Center and the Waterford Foundation for the performance of William Shakespeare's tragedy, Julius Caesar at the Waterford Old School.  In this profoundly moving, thrilling, and deeply human play, Shakespeare shows us a world on fire; a world spinning out of control; a world where some of history's most famous men commit horrific crimes in the name of patriotism and honor. Julius Caesar  is a dazzling masterpiece of betrayal, violence, and perhaps most surprisingly - love.

Parking & Traffic Services needed at the Waterford Homes Tour & Crafts Exhibit 

Waterford Homes Tour and Crafts Exhibit seeks proposals from qualified non-profits to provide parking and traffic services for the 2015 Waterford Fair.


Four Non-profit/civic groups will be responsible for providing traffic and parking control in one of four parking areas.


July 17, 2015 -RFS published and posted on waterfordfoundation.org

July 17 to July 31 - Question and Answers (in writing only)

August 3 at 4 PM - Deadline to submit proposals (by email only)

August 4 - Review Panel

by August 7 - WF award

Old School debt now under $200,000!

Ever mindful of its fiduciary responsibility, the Foundation's Board has deemed it a priority to reduce the principal on the Old School debt. To that end, the Board has budgeted a certain amount monthly to pay down the principal on the debt. In addition, the Board voted to apply the recently-received state tax credits toward the Old School debt, which is now under $200,000. These tax credits were received after rigidly adhering to strict national rehabilitation standards in the restoration of the Old School, as well as filing tons of paperwork, and meeting numerous deadlines. The credits were then sold to Foundation supporters who generously paid 90 cents on the dollar, when the usual amount realized on such transactions is typically 70 to 80 percent.

Considering the fact that the debt stood at $450,000 upon completion of the rebuilding in 2012, bringing the Old School debt down below $200K in such a short time is quite an accomplishment! Thanks to all those who supported the Foundation in this effort.

Calling all Bakers!

The Waterford Foundation Corner Store carries heritage mulefoot pig lard produced by Buchanan Farms in Waterford, Virginia. The owners have been farming in Loudoun County for more than 200 years.  Lard is the secret ingredient that makes pies so flaky, cookies so tasty, and fried foods so perfect! It is offered in 1 quart containers.  Each container will keep for about 12 months in the freezer, 2-3 months in the fridge and several weeks at room temperature.  The Buchanan's pigs are all natural; meaning they don't use antibiotics, hormones, or animal by-products. Their pigs are treated humanely and respectfully. 

Upcoming Events

Waterford Concert Series:

The Navy Band Sea Chanters

Sunday, August 16 @ 5 p.m.

The ensemble performs a variety of music ranging from traditional choral music, including sea chanteys and patriotic fare, to opera, Broadway and contemporary music.  

This event is free & open to the public
Learn more about this event

The Waterford Homes Tour &
Craft Exhibit
October 2-4

Get ready for the 72nd Waterford Homes Tours & Crafts Exhibit, the oldest-and best juried crafts fair in Virginia! 


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