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DAVEY, Norman [1888-1949]
4 Manuscript notebooks of poems and a few stories, written in pencil (approx. [410] pp. of written text) and two books, one signed.

A unique literary archive of Norman Davey (1888-1949), an English engineer, poet, and novelist.  In 1914 he published 2 diverse books, The Gas Turbine and Poems with a Prefixed Essay. Four of his poems appeared in Cambridge Poets 1914-1920. An Anthology (1920). He wrote 18 books, the famous book being his bestselling novel entitled The Pilgrim of a Smile (1921). Early in his career, Davey was featured by Grant Overton, the literary editor and critic, in When Winter Comes to Main Street (1922). All items housed in a matching box.
Circa 1917-20. Many drafts of poems are untitled, and some are crossed out. Approximately [410] pp. of written text.

Also includes two books written by Davies: his very scarce first book, Poems by Norman Davey with a Prefixed Essay (London: L.C.C. Central School of Arts and Crafts, 1914). Printed in black and red, greenish blue paper boards, quarter-bound in dark greenish blue cloth. His last work entitled The Ghost of a Rose (London: Chapman & Hall, 1939). Blue cloth in chipped jacket, price clipped on front flap, signed presentation copy.

(1) "Tristia, Book II - (Ad Lalage) Continued" consisting of drafts of the following poems: "The Fire"; "The Rain"; "The Ship"; "The Sea"; "A Word in Farewell"; "OΙ BIBΛΙOΦΙΛΙ"; "TIB. LIB.I.1. LIT. TRANS."; "Order of Sonnets" ...   Click for much more manuscript  information and 35 photos On consignment with LDRB.

Price: $ 1,600 USD OR $ 2,070 CDN        #7632

TATE, (John Orley) Allen [1899-1979]

Allen Tate (American poet, critic, essayist and Consultant in Poetry to the Library of Congress).

Collection includes;
2 ALS to Miss Sutherland, 19 November and 25 November 1970, re his participation in "Dilemma 70" at a coffee house (he read poems and asked for a fee of $500).

Signed ts., 4 pp.,  n.d., of Tate's memorable poem, "Ode to the Confederate Dead", that takes place in a Southern graveyard and mourns the dead soldiers.

With a copy of Tate's Mr. Pope and Other Poems (New York: Minton, Balch & Company, 1928) in which the poem ["Ode to the Confederate Dead"] first appeared. Black cloth with green labels pasted to the front panel and spine. Signed by Tate on a bookplate ... Click for full details & photos.
On consignment with LDRB.

Price: $ 1,400 USD or $1,810 CDN       #7633

ALLEN, Grant (1848-1899) & LANG, Andrew [1844-1912] (provenance)
Mini-collection includes an Allen autographed signed letter and Allen's book with inscription to Andrew Lang

Grant Allen, (Canadian-English science writer and novelist).
This mini-collection includes;
1) ALS to Mr. Chatto of Chatto & Windus, n.d. but 1883-4, re publication of his novel entitled Philistia.
2) ALS to Andrew Lang, 10 February 1895, telling Lang that he won't agree with this book (on the front free endpaper of The Woman Who Did. London: John Lane, 1895), green cloth, Keynotes Series, [viii], 241, [1], pp., 16 pp. adverts. Title-page design by Aubrey Beardsley, repeated on the upper cover, with label noting that the book was purchased at the sale of Lang's library by Henry Sotheran & Co

Andrew Lang (1844-1912) was a Scottish poet, novelist, literary critic, and contributor to the field of anthropology. Lang was a friend of Allen's and communicated often. Buffalo State University has about  9 Lang letters addressed to Allen from the 1890's.

The William Andrews Clark Memorial Library, UCLA (Los Angeles) has 10 letter relating to to John Lane 1890's and one of them makes specific reference to "The Women Who Did" book and Grant Allen would be sending him a copy but he does not think he [Lang] will like it... Click for full details & photos.
On consignment with LDRB.

Price: $ 1,200 USD or $1,555 CDN       #7634

MANNIN, Ethel Edith [1900-1984]
Over 40 pages of Typed  Letter Scripts (TLS), many Mannin signed

Ethel Mannin  was a prolific and  popular British novelist who wrote biographies, travel books, books for children, and autobiographies.

Collection of many TSL contains Mannin describing her books and how they were written, travels in various countries, Fleet's family and the death of his wife, the Arab Israeli conflict, literature (Virginia Woolf, D.H. Lawrence), old age, drinking too much, etc.

#1) TLS to Victor Croxford, Midsummer's Night [24 June] 1972 : "I don't usually respond to requests for autographs, but you seem to be, like the miners (God bless them) a 'special case.' . . . My father . . . born on Midsummer's Eve and died on Christmas Eve, was a Cockney, of Irish extraction. He was born in a Wesminster slum. By going to night classes he eventually became a sorter at Mount Pleasant G.P.O., where he sorted letters for 40 years. . . . I am thinking of him tonight, and you mention Cockney humour. I wrote a little monograph of him in the fifties, THIS WAS A MAN . . . your local library would have it...."

#2) TLS to Mr. Threadgold, 12 September 1975. She refers to her letter in the Sunday Times and a number of her books ("95 is enough!"). She says that Sunset over Dartmoor will be last book: "Now that I no longer write I have more time for gardening... and for resting!"

#3 to #18) 14 TLS and a signed post card to George Arthur Fleet (a retired pensioner who worked for the Royal British Legion, the film trade, and a literary agency): 18 June 1980, 29 June 1980, 29 July 1980, 5 September 1980... Click for full details & photos.   On consignment with LDRB.

Price: $ 1,300 USD or $1,685 CDN       #7635

VAN DYKE, Henry [1852-1933]
Henry van Dyke Collection includes 9 Autograph Letters Signed, 11 Typed letters Signed, 6 Manuscripts, 6 Autographed signed notes/ cards and 10 Ephemera pieces dating from 1892 to 1931.

Henry van Dyke was an English professor at Princeton University, a poet, short story writer, clergyman, and Minister to the Netherlands and Luxembourg.

Nine Autographed Letters Signed (ALS);
* ALS to George H. Putnam (letterhead of The Brick Church on Fifth Ave N.Y. where van Dyke was pastor), 5 January 1892 or 1897, recommending Leonard C. van Noppen, well known poet and translator of Dutch literature.
* 3 ALS to George Park Fisher (American theologian and professor of ecclesiastical history at Yale University), 18 February 1897, 12 September 1902, and n.d (the latter 6 pp.), re ("our chance of a good talk on the yacht was gobbled up by an academic misunderstanding"), their shared Christian values, and Van Dyke's appreciation of Fisher's History of Christian Doctrine.
* ALS to Miss Lockwood, 9 Jan. 1902, informing her that he can't be at Mt. Vernon on 3 June because he's travelling from the University of Missouri to Trinity College, North Carolina.
* ASL to Rev. Dr. William Elliot Griffis, June 22, 1903 (dict and signed) sending 1 dollar (not included) for a copy of Chambers Memoir
* ALS to Earl M. Benson, 19 September 1929, giving Benson permission to reprint "The Americanism of Washington"  ... Click for full collection details & 39 photos.
On consignment with LDRB.

Price: $ 2,700 USD or $ 3,500 CDN       #7528


PELLETIER, Gérard (1919-1997) (provenance)

[Made by Hughes Aircraft Company]
Anik 1 was launched in 1972 as the world`s first domestic communications satellite in order to transmit television signals from Canada`s national broadcaster, the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, to Arctic  communities and to provide telephone service to the North.  In the United States the first domestic satellite was Westar 1, which  Anik preceded by two years.
1975.   [Model of Anik 1].   Model of Anik 1 in metal 3-1/2 inches long, 2-1/2 inches wide across the top, and 1-1/4 inches with a wing on each side each extending 10-1/2 x 2 inches wide. 
On the base there is a plaque reading : L`Honorable Gérard Pelletier/ Ministre Des Communications/ 1972-1975.  The model is in good condition except for one small ding at the bottom corner of the left wing. The wooden container box shows some wear on the surfaces. ...   Click for more details and photos.

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10 BOOKS ...

Travels Through the Canada
HERIOT, George [1766-1844]

1807. London, Printed for Richard Phillips


First edition. 8-1/4 x 10-18 inches. xii, [1]-602 p.,1 l., Old reback with worn leather spines  and black label with gilt type. Contemporary boards preserved however, greatly scuffed.

Complete with all 28 plates as called for including; 1 hand coloured folding frontispiece, 26 nice older hand coloured plates (5 folding), plus 1 hand coloured folding map.   Hand-coloured plates all very striking and attractive.

Includes a printing of Father Rasle's vocabulary of the Algonquian language.
Heriot's position as deputy post-master general of British North America, from 1800 to 1816, required that he travel extensively throughout the Canadas.

Scarce hand coloured issue and one of the first important aquatint view books on Canada of this travel classic.  "The earliest and the most important aquatint book published on Canada" (Hill)... "Illustrated books on North America are curiously few in the period with which we deal. By far the most interesting is Heriot's Travels through the Canadas... interesting for its aquatints..."...    Click for more details and photos. On consignment with LDRB.

Price: $ 5,300 USD OR $ 6,865 CDN        #7640  

OSBORN, Lieut. Sherard  (1822-1875)

1852. London, Longman, Brown

First UK edition. 4-1/4 x 7-1/2 inches.  vii, (3), 320 pp, 4  chromolithograph  plates entitled "Cape Hotham", "Breaking through the ice", "Resolute winter quarters" and "Sledge travelling", all drawn by Lieutenant Osborn and lithographed by M & N Hanhart, and 7 engraved illustrations in text. Engraved folding map (190 x 600 mm) coloured with blue in outlines "shewing the track of H.M.S. Pioneer, in search of Sir John Franklin, 1851-1852" by Trelawney Saunders.

An account of Osborn's search for Franklin in Baffin Bay and Lancaster Sound, and wintering experiences at Griffith Island. Informative notes on west Greenland Eskimos, ice conditions, hunting adventures, and sledge journeys... Click for more details and photos.

Price: $ 950 USD OR $ 1,230 CDN        #1206 

SMITH, Susanna (attributed to)


1835. London, Darton and Harvey, Gracechurch Street
First edition. 14.5 x 9.5 cm ( 5-3/4 x 3-3/4 inches) 121 p., [1] leaf of plates (front.) : 1 ill. ;  Engraved frontispiece, original brown cloth with gilt name on spine. Some slight staining to pages & scuffing to cover, corners worn and bumped. Overall condition is good+
Authorship attributed to Susanna Smith  (from auction house description)  Gumuchian 3822 & Darton G872
Scarce. Only two found at auction since 1976. Only one copy located in Canada (TPL, Osborne collection). Five copies in USA and three copies outside North America.

from the  PREFACE. "Many words are not wanting to preface so humble a performance as this little book, which aims only at affording amusement to children of an early age... Click for more details and photos.

Price: $1,300 USD OR $1,685 CDN       #3513   

MOODIE, Susanna [Susannah Strickland] [1803-1885]

1852. London, Richard Bentley
First London edition.  2 volumes, 4-3/4 x 7-1/2 inches,  xx,[1]-293,[1],[2 ads]; [2 ads]; [4],[1]-294; [2 ads], Original sunned green cloth with gilt and blind embossed spine and front cover, rebacked with original spine laid down.
Overall, still in very good condition.

The author and her husband came to Canada in 1832, and settled, first at Cobourg, then at Peterborough. This work is an account of the hardships of pioneer life in Canada, and the author makes known her intention of deterring well educated people intent on settling in the wilds of Canada from undertaking something for which they are totally unfit both by previous pursuits and by habit.
T.P.L. 3290,  Lande 2005

"Roughing It in the Bush, became a best seller in both England and the United States. One of the characters in the book was called Little Addie and Mrs. Moodie based it on her daughter Agnes." from Toronto Star, Dec26,1981 article...  Click for more details and photos.  

Price: $ 850 USD OR $ 1,100 CDN        #2332   

TRAILL, Catharine Parr (Strickland Mrs. Traill C.P.)  [1802-1899]


1852.  London, Aurthur Hall, Virtue, & Co. 25 Paternoster.
First UK edition. 11cm x 16cm, (4-1/2" x 6-3/8"), [6, with list of illustrations], xi, 1 blank, [1]-350pp., [351]-368pp appendix, 2 blank. [12] leaves of plates, incl. frontispiece. All illustrations, (by Harvey), listed and called for are present. A nice copy overall and very attractive on the shelf on this first edition first issue in contemporary 3/4 leather binding.

Written after The Backwoods of Canada (1836), this is her second Canadian book.

"Agnes made a contract with a London publisher, Arthur Hall, Virtue, and Company, for Catharine's children's story Canadian Crusoes: a tale of the Rice Lake plains (1852), in which three young offspring of pioneers heroically survive two years on their own in the unsettled wilderness north of Lake Ontario... Click for more details and photos.  

Price: $ 1,000 USD OR $ 1,295 CDN        #0462         

JOMINI, Antoine Henri, baron de (1779-1869)

1807. Paris, Giguet et Michaud
In January 1807, Jomini finished the third part of his book on the wars of Frederick II and this time he titled Treaty (sic) major military operations. With large engraved 'Carte Generale Pour l'Intelligence de la Guerre de Sept-Ans' and related Battle Plans for Lowositz, Prague, Kollin, Roisbach, Breslau, lagemdorf, Leuthen, Zomdorf, Hohenkirch, Cunersdorf, Minden, Zullichau, Maxen, Landshut, Lignitz, Torgau, Reichenbach, Freyberg (lacking Plate XIII --Battle of Krefeld). (19 of 20 plates, virtually all folding).
Third part of his books on the wars of Frederick II.

Antoine Henri Baron Jomini (1779-1869) was born in Switzerland and so impressed Napoleon with his grasp of strategy that he was transferred from the Swiss army to the Grand General Staff. His brilliance as a strategist ensured his influence over several generations of officers and his military philosophy found expression on the battlefields of the American Civil War...  Click for more details and photos

Price: $ 875 USD OR $ 1,130 CDN        #4331         

URBAN, Sylvanus [CAVE, Edward] [1691-1754]

1759. London, printed for D. Henry and R. Cave at St. John's Gate
First edition. 8-1/2 x 5-1/2 inches, (6),[3]-643 pp. including the year-end supplement and 17pp. index. January to December 1759, 12 monthly issues.

Original 1759 accounts and maps of the French Indian war at Quebec and Crown Point (New York).

Included are 2 maps of  Quebec;
1) the Island of Orleans with the Environs of Quebec [issued within a month of the surrender of Quebec] and

2) An Authentic  Plan of the River St. Laurence from Sillery to the Falls of Montmorency.

3) The third map is of the Country between Crown Point and Fort Edward, showing Ticonderoga and Lake George (New York).
All three of the French and Indian war maps (and articles) are in very good condition... Click for more details and photos.

Price: $ 995 USD OR $ 1,290 CDN        #4218            

EREMITA, Victor (editied by - pseudonym) & KIERKEGAARD, Søren Abbye [1813-1855] (author)


1890. Montreal, Gazette Printing Co.
First edition. 8-1/2 x 5-1/2 inches,  [3]-391pp. Rebacked nicely preserving original spine. Original green boards with black stamping on spine and cover, a couple of wrinkles on back cover board, otherwise, near fine condition. Personal presentation copy signed, inscribed and dated by Fraser 1891.

Kierkegaard's magnum opus Either/Or was published 20 February 1843; it was mostly written during Kierkegaard's stay in Berlin, where he took notes on Schelling's Philosophy of Revelation.

Søren Aabye Kierkegaard was a Danish philosopher, theologian, poet, social critic and religious author who is widely considered to be the first existentialist philosopher.

As a thinker, Kierkegaard had to wait for the twentieth century to find his audience; he is now generally considered to be, however eccentric, one of the most important Christian philosophers." (Printing and the Mind of Man, # 314.)...  Click for more details and photos.

Price: $ 3,000 USD OR $ 3,885 CDN     #7393     

MILLS, David (1831-1903)

1873. Toronto. Hunter, Rose
First edition. 8-1/2 x 5-3/4 inches. v, 204pp. New blue cloth hard covers, paper label on spine and new end papers. 10 folding maps at the back of the book. Last page with a 4 inch separation otherwise, very good+ copy of the classic Ontario history book. 

Full title: Report on the boundaries of the Province of Ontario : containing in part the substance of a report prepared for the government of the province in 1872, by David Mills and afterwards revised and considerably enlarged by the author for the purposes of the arbitration between the Dominion of Canada and the province of Ontario... Click for more details and photos.  

Price: $ 100 USD OR $ 130 CDN        #0778  

PALMER, John Williamson M.D.

1867. New York, Charles Scribner and Company
New edition and enlarged.  10" x 7"; xxxviii,(2), [1]-596pp.
Rebacked full pebble grain dark brown leather covers preserving the spine and front and back boards. An elaborate binding with beveled boards, spine with five raised bands, embossed decals. Gilt lettering to both boards and spine, gilt inner dentelles, all paper edges gilt, reinforced marbled endpapers. Insides pages are very clean, tight and attractive.

Collection of poems and illustrations in-line with the text pages. 15 facsimile handwriting examples.  Poem printed signed by Longfellow along with many other litho signatures of famous artists such as Browning, Whittier  on additional plates.  Heavy, extra will need extra postage.... Click for more details and photos.

Price: $ 55 USD OR $ 72 CDN        #1128         

MITCHELL, Samuel Augustus  Jr. (1792-1868)

10-1/2 X 8 inches on an untrimmed 12 x 9 inch sheet. The paper is age toned and map is printed on one side only. There is some scattered foxing in the border area otherwise, very good condition.
(1852 Map of N. America- No. 4):  Engraved to Illustrate Mitchell's School and Family Geography

Alaska is marked 'Russian America.' Northern Canada is marked 'British America.' Southern Canada is marked 'New Britain. Forts and Indian Tribal Nations are marked throughout the West.
Three small sailing ships mark the discovery of America by Christopher Columbus.
Up North near Labrador lie two more ships marking "American Arctic Expedition, Lt. De Haven, 1850, 1851.... Click for more details and photos. 
Price: $ 55 USD OR $ 70 CDN        #0042

THOMSON, John [1777-c1840]

[1817]. Edinburgh, From "A New General Atlas", John Thomson, published by W & D Lizars,

11 x 21 inches. (28 cm x 54 cm. Circa 1817 hand coloured map printed on one side only on good quality thick paper.  The course of the river is shown in two parts, from Lake Ontario to Quebec and from Quebec to Point Manicouagan. Includes a number of towns, tributaries, Islands and falls. Some staining on the centre portion and left side wide while border is unevenly removed with the right side border closely trimmed to the printed border edge, otherwise the map is in good condition...
Price: $ 125 USD OR $ 160 CDN        #1509

HAMILTON, James Cleland  (1836-1907)        

[1879]. [Toronto], [H. Beldon and Co.]
First edition. Circa 1879 map, lithograph, printed black with light blue frame around map and one section in map ; image  25-1/4 x 16-1/4 inches on sheet 27-1/4 x 17-7/16 inches.
Paper age toning, otherwise, very good condition. Map is from the book,  Huron County Atlas, 1879, Toronto, H. Beldon and Co.
Full title: Map of the Province of Manitoba and part of the District of Kewatin and North West Territory [cartographic material] : shewing the townships & settlements drawn from the latest Gov. maps, surveys & reports for "the Prairie Provinces ". The District of Keewatin was created by the passage of the Keewatin Act on April 12, 1876 in a central separate strip from the North-West Territories, in order to provide government for the growing area north of Manitoba and west of Ontario... Click for more details and photos. 

Price: $ 140 USD OR $ 180 CDN        #4491

BARROW, Sir John [1764-1848]   

Letter (duplicate) dated December 21, 1835 signed by Sir John Barrow (1764-1848) to a British Rear Admiral (in Rio de Janeiro) about a midshipman had drowned.   Written while Barrow was secretary of the admiralty.  He was founder of the Royal Geographic Society, was a great promoter of Arctic exploration and wrote much on his own explorations and travels. Point  Barrow, Alaska, the Barrow Straits, etc. are named in his honor.  Very good condition.
Point Barrow or Nuvuk, is a headland on the Arctic coast of the U.S. state of Alaska, located 15 km (9 mi) northeast of Barrow. It is the northernmost point of the United States... Click for more details and photos.

Price: $ 195 USD OR $ 250 CDN   #2801

HOWITT, Mary (1799-1888)  

Mary Howitt was an English poet, and author of the famous poem The Spider and the Fly and inspired Lewis Carroll. Lewis Carroll made a parody of it in "Alice's Adventures In Wonderland" calling it the "Lobster Quadrille."

4-1/2 x 7 inches, was folded to 4-1/2 x 1-3/4 inches to fit in envelope included with this letter. Autograph letter signed. Very good condition. Four pages, Undated.[but 1847]. To fellow author, likely to Anna Maria Hall (1800-1881) an Irish novelist who often published as "Mrs. S. C. Hall". It reads: "I am sorry that when you made your arrangements you did not let me know, as I really matched a day... Click on for more details and photos. 

Price: $ 325 USD OR $ 420 CDN   #5044

LAURIER, Sir Wilfrid [1841-1919]


"Wilfrid Laurier," dated Arthabaskaville, 10th April, 1875, addressed to Donald Alexander MacDonald, Postmaster General, Ottawa. 17 lines on one 8vo sheet, docketed by MacDonald on the verso, vertical fold, near fine.
Laurier writes: " Arthabaskaville,/ 10th April, 1875./ Hon. D. A. Macdonald / Postmaster General, / Ottawa,/ Dear Sir;
/ I had been / given to understand / that there would be / from the first of April, / a Tri-weekly mail / between Arthabaska/ Station & Bulstrode & / Ste. Clotilde. Is it not / yet in operation./ Yours respectfully, / Wilfrid Laurier."
PITTAWAY & JARVIS, Photographers, Ottawa. Hon. Wilfrid Laurier. [Ottawa, ca. 1890's] Original photograph, head and shoulder portrait, very good condition. Both pieces matted together, fine condition.
Wilfrid Laurier (1841-1919) was Canada's eighth Prime Minister, holding office 1896-1911... Click for more details and photos

Price: $ 1,600 USD OR $ 2,000 CDN  #7437

BUNTING, Basil (1900-1985) (subject) & WILLIAMS, Jonathan (1929-2008) (photographer)  

Basil Bunting, poet, journalist, is best known for his long poem 'Briggflatts' (1966) which has come to be recognised as one of the key texts of British modernism.

Basil Bunting large silver gelatin black and white portrait photograph taken by Jonathan Williams.  The photograph, shows Bunting top half profile and  turned to the right, holding a cigarette in the foreground in his right hand, Signed by both Basil Bunting and Jonathan Williams below the image in the white border.
Size of image 8-1/4 x 7-1/2 inches, overall size 10 x 7-3/4 inches inches, not dated [but circa 1980's]. Reverse side of photo blank with no photographer's stamp.
Fine condition.
..Click for more details  and photos 
Price: $ 680 USD OR $ 880 CDN  #7545

PEARY, Robert Edwin [1856-1920]

1) Albumen photograph of Peary's ship "The Falcon" , 4-3/4  x 3-3/4 inches,
2) Albumen photograph of Captain Henry Bartlett, 3-3/4"x 4-1/2"

3) Unknown person (child?) at the helm of the ship.  Mounted albumen photo on card. 6-3/4"x 4-3/4 inches,

4) Dr. J. W. GOODSELL, surgeon. Mounted albumen photo on card. 5 x 3-1/2 inches,

5) Charles PERCY, steward. Mounted albumen photo on card. 6-1/2 x 4 inches,

We have found 4 of these 5 specific albumen photos (1,2,4 &5) were used as photos printed in two books written and published by Frederick A. Stokes Company who most likely had these and used them to produce the final printed books.
..  Click for more details and photos

Price: $ 1,100 USD OR $ 1,425 CDN  #3607

KING, William Lyon MacKenzie, [1874-1950]

A scarce to rare personal signed and inscribed document to Canada's longest serving Prime Minister.

Letter to Mrs. Mary Scott, 82 South Drive, Toronto, Ont. A friend of his parents and whom he had previous personal correspondence with before and after this. WLKM had very few friends and family and rarely showed his private side in public which makes these type of personal communications insightful and rare. Highly collectable.

20.3cm x 25.5 cm (8 x 10 inches)  folded to 20.3cm x 12.5cm (8 x 5 inches) but flat as it is now.
Typed 2pp personal letter dated May 13, 1950 on Laurier House letterhead, (TSL) hand-written salutation and inscription and signature Billy (William Lyon MacKenzie King )... Click for more details and photos  

Price: $ 1,500 USD OR $ 1,940 CDN   #4389

John Masefield (Poet Laureate of the United Kingdom) Collection of ephemera include;
* Signed mimeo or carbon copy typescript  (ND circa 1914 presumed] of Masefield's famous WWI historic and only war poem entitled "August, 1914". It was the first poem to see print after war was declared. It's a powerful, long and moving poem that connects seamlessly between the beauty of life in the Berkshire landscape and the sadness and tragedy of life in the trenches.

Some other contents;
* ALS to Mr. Cross, n.d., stating that he hopes to be at the Library on Wednesday and will have to leave after the reading.
* ALS to Mrs. or Miss Packard, thanking her for the ticket and hoping to meet her when he comes to the Club (with news clipping of Masefield's poem on Queen Elizabeth's marriage)... Click for more details and photos

Price: $ 1,500 USD   OR $ 1,945 CDN     #7450

BUTLER, James Wandesford, 1st Marquess of Ormonde [1777-1838])

1832. 15 x 9-1/2 inches flat, folded to 7-3/4 x 9-1/2 inches. Signed partially printed document. Two pages. Dated 29th February 1832. With Ormonde red wax seal and signature.
Appointing Somerset Richard the Earl of Carrick, to be a Deputy Lieutenant in the County of Kilkenny.

James Wandesford Butler, 1st Marquess of Ormonde and the 19th Earl of Ormonde  was an Irish nobleman and politician.

Somerset Richard Butler, was the 3rd Earl of Carrick. Lord Carrick served as an Irish representative peer from 1819 to 1838... Click for more details and photos  

Price: $ 1,250 USD   OR $ 1,620 CDN     #5016

Hartford. 10 x 16.75 inches, 4pp, The Connecticut Courant, June 18, 1792, Hartford, newspaper. The main article concerns hearings in London England in the House of Commons regarding slavery and the horrors of the Middle Passage.
Paper edge tears plus a  4" on left side of fold, otherwise good condition.

William Wilberforce and his battle in the British House of Commons to bring about the change in the law regarding slave trade; Wilberforce again brought the question of abolition before the House and, almost a year after the previous defeat, on 2 April 1792, once more found himself addressing the House of Commons.

The Slave Trade Act was an Act of Parliament of the United Kingdom passed on 25 March 1807, with the long title "An Act for the Abolition of the Slave Trade".  The act abolished the slave trade in the British Empire, but not slavery itself; that remained legal until the Slavery Abolition Act 1833... Click for more details and photos
Price: $ 400 USD   OR $ 515 CDN     #2862

1867.4" x 6½", original blind stamped full morocco, front cover lettered in gilt, all edges gilt. Rebacked with new leather spine. Very good inside and out.
Autograph album of O.T. Brown of Poughkeepsie, New York. Largely a collection of autographs of friends and acquaintances.
There are about 130 signatures of fellow student of O. T. Brown and many with thoughtful notes and comments.
Beautiful examples of calligraphy in virtually all the signatures!

Interspersed with approximately 24 very attractive and skillfully executed calligraphic drawings of birds, feathers, angels and other decorative flourishes.

Also included is an 1875 pamphlet from the Eastman Business College, Poughkeepsie, N.Y.  O.T. Brown was a student who attended Eastman National Business College (ENBC) from 1865-1866, originally from Milford, PA... Click for more details and photos.
Price: $ 350 USD   OR $ 450 CDN     #2476

2nd session was from 19 June 1837 to 11 July 1837. Journal of the Legislative Council of Upper Canada, second session of the thirteenth provincial Parliament Thursday, 22nd June, 1837.
32cm x 20.5cm, (12 3/4 x 8 1/4 inches), [1]-30, (1) self cover, disbound...

This report is part of the dealing with the government concerns of the financing and banking situation in 1837 which lead to more legislative to take corrective action.

Previous owner's name signed in top right of front cover, Samuel Street, Esquire. Samuel Street  [Jr.] (1775-1844) was a prominent Niagara area businessman, Justice of the Peace,, militia officer, and office holder... Click for more details and photos.  
Price: $ 325 USD   OR $ 420 CDN     #4452

Roxborough, Henry Hall's original first tissue copy with title " Sport in Days of Yore",18pp.  later revised edition copy with corrections and new tile  ''The Beginning of Organized Sport in Canada,'' 13pp. for an article that appeared in Canada - A Historical Magazine Spring 1975 Vol.2 No. 3 page 30-43.

This publication was published by the Department of History McMaster University.
There is a 1975 letter from Holt Rinehart & Winston including a  contract signed by Roxorough for the publishing of this article.
Included are previous original documents from 1973 & 1974 showing correspondence with the editor, David P. Gagan about the publishing on this story. Overall condition of all documents are very good+... Click for more details and photos.
Price: $ 275 USD   OR $ 350 CDN     #3538

1874. Sept. 12, 1874, edition of Harper's Weekly
A 1/2 page baseball line drawing (Image size: 9 1/8 x 6 3/8 inches)  illustrating nine players and president (and owner), brewer George Sleeman shown in the centre. Captions the line drawing; Above image, R. Emery (Centre Field), W. Smily (Left Field), G. Sleeman (President), W. Jones (Short Stop), G. Keerl (Second Base),  and below image, H. Myers (First Base), J. Smith (Right Field), C. Maddock (Catcher) W. Smith (Pitcher) H. Spence (Third Base)
The Maple Leaf Base-Ball Club of Guelph, Ontario, Canada "H. Myers (First Base), J. Smith (Right Field), C. Maddock (Catcher) W. Smith (Pitcher) H. Spence (Third Base)
The Maple Leaf Base-Ball Club of Guelph, Ontario, Canada" Good condition.. ..Click for more details and photos.
Price: $ 200 USD   OR $ 259 CDN     #3606

Brochure, Size 6 x 9" folded,  4 pages. Promoting and explaining the concept of Social Credit.
Near fine condition.
Uncommon. Copies of this ephemera political pamphlet only located at 4 Canadian institutions. Of historical note: In 1935, five CCF MPs were elected to Parliament including Tommy Douglas, who later became the first CCF Premier, elected in Saskatchewan in 1944. Click for more details and photos.
Price: $ 150 USD   OR $ 190 CDN     #3638

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