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Chairman's Corner
By Howard Katz
JULY, 2017 
We have heard so much about Donald J. Trump's, his family's, and his campaign's Russian Connections and their nepotistic, corrupt, business dealings that many of us can't help but tune out whenever the talking-heads give us something new.

We are learning that Trump, his family, and his business partners have been gaming the system for years, but now it's worse. It's corrupting our country and impacting our position as the world's leader and a world power. As Trump tries to salvage his family, friends, and cohorts, we are seeing the corruption within the Republican Party as never before. Imagine, considering pardoning people before they have even been convicted. And, how can you pardon yourself?

I am thoroughly disgusted with our current Republican Executive and Congress. We were told that if given a chance, a Republican government would bring us an efficient administration of our country. What we've experience so far is just the opposite.
  • An incompetent central government unable to govern,
  • A central government without the personnel necessary to adequately administer the county,
  • A central government rolling back our freedoms and protections,
  • A central government blatantly intent on a massive reduction in our safety net, and
  • A central government openly enriching the already wealthy with an enormous transfer of wealth from the 99 percent to the one percent.
Don't sit idly by: Join the resistance, make your voices heard. But, at the same time, remember the teachings of Dr. Nelson Mandela and Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., and join a large, organized, united, non-violent resistance and keep the pressure on.
We will win.

---Howard Katz
In this July Issue:
Special thanks goes to the following people who submitted articles for this DemNews:
  • Bob Warburton, ADA and the Riverside County Democratic Party
  • Suji Fox, Gary H. Bosworth Awards Luncheon
  • Marie McDonald, Join the Resistance...
  • Marie McDonald, Did you know?
  • Marie McDonald, Truth Bytes
The articles in the DemNews are the opinions of the authors.  The Riverside County Democratic Party may or may not agree with or endorse the opinions expressed in the articles.
ADA and the Riverside County Democratic Party
by Bob Warburton
In the last issue, I wrote about my personal journey as a disabled person, my position as the Riverside County Democratic Party American Disability Act Chair, and my beliefs that Disability Rights are Civil Rights and Legal Rights.  I also said that in this second chapter that I would write in July, would be tougher to read.
When one thinks of a disabled person, generally it is usually your grandmother using a cane to walk or your young daughter's friend who uses a wheel chair to get around.  Now no one would treat those people badly.  However, I will use my status as a member of two minorities to give people insight to our world.  As a Gay man, I know out and out hostility.  In my 20s to 40s people have screamed epithets at me, carried signs saying the worst things, prayed outside churches where I was praying, and have hit me.  I have not been hired due to my being Gay.
As for my Disability, it is not acceptable to publicly treat me badly due to that.  However, it is perfectly acceptable for people to do this behind one's back.  Especially in the Gay male world, guys get a kick demeaning someone they find not as good looking as they are.  About every 6 months I hear, "do you know what he said about you."  It always hurts, but I appreciate knowing the truth.  Also, there are people who do hate people with Disabilities for no reason, and we often are not allowed to succeed at jobs we can obviously perform.  We do hear all the time that keeping us alive or dealing with us is just too expensive or too much trouble.  I even have been tripped!
As ADA Chair, I face a different, pardon my French, stupidity every day.  As vote seekers and fund developers we want to encourage all people to come to our events, BUT AS POLITICIANS WE PUT OBSTACLES IN THE WAY, KEEPING CERTAIN PEOPLE OUT.  That cannot be good for business.  Why do we do this?

I believe people just do not have much contact with or knowledge of our Community, and therefore, just forget about us.  But that is a huge political mistake.  A six-inch curb is enough to keep a number of people away from an event.  Our members can respond to that slight by:  1. becoming angry and not voting for your candidate; 2. feeling hurt and not voting for your candidate; or 3. not caring and supporting your candidate.  By the way, I have never heard anyone pick 3, and most pick number 2, and tell their friends how terrible your candidate is.

SO, MAKE YOUR MEETINGS AND EVENTS ACCESSIBLE!  With this article, we are including an online copy of the ADA brochure created by the RCDP ADA Committee.  However, I will give my short cuts on how to make your club or get togethers accessible.  1. Disabled marked parking outside with easy ramps, a smooth path, and wide doorways to the inside.  2.  Bathrooms which are big enough for wheelchairs to maneuver.  (This is often forgotten.)  3. A sound system to clearly amplify, such as a cheap karaoke machine.  "I can't hear," is the most common complaint I receive.  Now does this cover all?  Well, no.  Abilities are as different as people are.  Therefore, it is always good to ask everyone "Is there anything else we should do?"

That is why we ask that everyone include the following required Accessibility Statement/Notification when advertising or announcing any event:   

Reasonable accommodations will be provided for persons with disabilities.  Please call ________________ 48 hours in advance to make your request or for any questions, including but not limited to the program, parking, restroom facilities, American Sign Language requirements, or alternate format materials.
As you can see with this you are asking for input from the Community on what is needed.  Please provide the telephone number of an individual who knows the venue and knows what is possible.  It is my experience that most of your calls are easily answerable. And call me at (760) 699-8536 for more information.  So please remember the Disabled Community.  We WILL remember you.  Wouldn't you like us to remember you positively? 
---Bob Warburton

Gary H. Bosworth Awards Luncheon
By Suji Fox

Join the Resistence...
By Marie McDonald
If you haven't signed on to RESISTANCE and you would like to either post an event your club or group will be hosting, or you would like to know what other events are scheduled in your area, just follow these instructions:

  • Go to the Resistance Near Me website at https://resistancenearme.org/.
  • Type in your zip code.
  • If you want to know what events are scheduled within 75 miles, click on FIND AN EVENT.
  • Scroll down thru posted events and click on one or more that you would like attend or learn about.
  • If you want to receive emails advising of an event within 75 miles, click JOIN US.   Then click SIGN ME UP.  Complete the form.              

 ---Marie McDonald 

Did You Know?
Contributed by Marie McDonald
The purpose of "Did You Know?" is to bring to your attention a wide selection of articles that represent our Democratic values. It is our hope that you will follow at least one of the links and read one or more of the articles. They will broaden your understanding of current events and strengthen your commitment to our democracy.
  • Republican senators hit by calls from voters worries about Obamacare repeal bill. Republican senators' offices say they're getting a flood of calls from voters worried about the GOP Obamacare repeal bill, potentially further complicating Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell's attempt to muscle the legislation through this week.  Read more.
  • House Health Bill: Tax Cuts for Wealthy, Insurers, and Drug Companies Paid for by Low- and Middle-Income Families.  The House-passed bill to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act (ACA) went through various changes in the House, but large tax cuts for the wealthy and corporations remained at its core throughout.  Read more.
Truth Bytes
Contributed by Marie McDonald
TRUTH BYTES are news items that either refute or correct articles or rumors that have been published or aired and that are either false or include inaccurate facts. We always give the source of the correction.
  • AARP to Sens:   We're Watching, Don't Vote for GOP Health Bill.  The AARP sent a letter to every member of the Senate this week asking them to vote against the Republicans' healthcare legislation.  Read more.
  • Appeals Court Says Trump EPA Can't Suspend Obama Emissions Rules. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency cannot freeze implementing a rule requiring oil and gas companies to fix methane leaks in their equipment, a federal appeals court ruled on Monday in a setback for President Donald Trump's push to cut environmental regulations.  Read more.

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