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             July 2017
  • Rose's Victorious Story...Continued from Last Year
  • Current Need:  Additional Bible Teacher for Public High Schools
Rose's Story... Continued from Last Year
Thankful that through CIDM, God has changed her desperation into victory!
Orphaned at age 12 and left responsible for her two younger siblings, Rose believed the only way to financial survival was to become a prostitute, a common practice in Haiti.  Ashamed and alone, she continued this empty path, but hope came at age 15.  
While attending our required bible class at her public high school taught by CIDM teacher Brisso, she learned the love and hope in Jesus Christ, and gave her life to Christ.  She eagerly began to learn more about God's forgiveness and wonderful plan for her life at our New Life Discipleship bible study.  When she shared her difficult situation with our staff, CIDM immediately stepped out in faith and began to financially aide her, freeing her of her dire situation.  
We shared her story in our September 2016 Newsletter.  After reading about her, a young American couples' hearts were moved with compassion and committed to provide monthly for Rose and her siblings.  
Now all three attend school, eat a healthy diet and are in love with Jesus.  Rose was baptized in March 2017 at our CIDM baptism, and praises God for His unwavering love, emotional healing and freedom from a desperate lifestyle.  

Won't You Help Us Reach More Youth Like Rose?

We currently employ 2 qualified bible teachers who teach at 7 high schools, reaching over 1,100 students. The students' changed behavior is causing principals to invite us to teach in more schools in 2017-18.  We need an additional bible teacher to fulfill the principals' requests.

Rose is 1 of  thousands of students within our reach in the public high schools who have a story...
Won't you help us reach more youth like Rose by making a monthly commitment of any amount to hire an additional bible teacher?

"But how can they call on Him to save them unless they believe in Him? And how can they believe in Him if they have never heard about Him? And how can they hear about Him unless someone tells them?"  Romans 10:14

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Prayer Requests  
  • Provision of an additional bible teacher ($400 per month) to teach in the public high schools.  

  • Our Haitian staff & their families: Delpha, Brisso, Jean Carlo & Yougains

  • Continued revival among the youth in Jacmel and other cities
  • God's direction as we seek to expand CIDM's reach to other cities 
  • The youth who are receiving Christ to become leaders in their cities and country 

  • God's wisdom & direction for CIDM

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