Nikola News

Issue 61
July 2017

Many thanks to this month's model Brittany Michalchuk

Motivated by personal experiences overcoming adversity, we aim to inspire and empower our customers to become the best version of themselves.

Bracelets 4 Humanity is handcrafted with the modern, fearless woman in mind. Designed for the journey, each piece empowers adventurers to inspire and be inspired by the world. Meaningful, radiant, symbolic and powerful, our designs incorporate precious, semi-precious stones and sacred symbols into pieces destined to inspire and empower the wearer for life. 

Take pride wearing your B4H knowing it is a one of a kind design and hand made with TLC. They have powerful meanings to help bring positive energy and good luck. They make great gifts and have a life time warranty.   

About the founder:
Brittany Michalchuk is the founder of Bracelets 4 Humanity. She has been an entrepreneur from a young age and loves business, which lead her to complete her Bachelor of Commerce degree majoring in Finance at the University of Calgary. Her biggest dream is to work hard to make a positive impact while creating meaningful change. She is a keynote and award winning speaker, life enthusiast, avid volunteer, ambitious business owner, adventurist, and keen on achieving her goals and dreams. Brittany sits on the board of an International charity organization, JCI International, as the VP of Community Volunteer Involvement. She feels honoured to have won an international humanitarian award, "2015 International Humanitarian Vigor Award", as a strong reminder of her community contribution. After wining Miss Calgary, she uses the platform to empower those around her to
make a difference. She has volunteered and emceed at many charity events. Publicly using her voice, she finds the greatest fulfillment and purpose comes from raising up those around her. Brittany believes life is a gift and feels blessed to be alive, therefore is dedicated to making the most of her life and helping as many people as possible!


Brittany's Bracelets 4 Humanity Jewellery.  Linen Tunic and Capri is Banana Blue.

Long Linen Coat is Angela Mara.


Bracelets 4 Humanity and Sonja Necklace.

Banana Blue Linen Dress also available in Red and Navy.  


Grizas Linen Jacket and Capri.  Linen Tunic is Kleen.

Soma Mo Necklace, Cut Loose Linen Shirt and Skirt; Jana Shoes 

Angela Mara Linen Tunic/ Jacket also available in Charcoal Grey



Soma Mo Necklace

Bracelets 4 Humanity

Bryn Walker Linen Tunic and Capris.  B4H Jewellery

New Arrival of Albina's Kimonos.  B4H Bracelets.


Albina Kimino and B4H Bracelets.


Griza's Linen Dress 


Bracelets 4 Humanity


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