July 2016


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2016 - 2017 Update and Release Notes
Administrators,  your new FTC students will not be available in the Teaching and Learning Exchange (TLE) for the 2016 - 2017 school year until the school completes the School Commitment Form (SCF) for the new school year. Use your school login and visit the page where your tuition and fees are submitted and approved. You will receive an email and phone call once your fees are approved. 
  • Make sure your new students are registered  using your school login on the Step Up website so they will appear in your TLE student list. 
  • New release features include:  
    Class Creation Wizard Additional Options on the Class Details Page Stand alone grade book
    Updated weighted calculations in grading scale Print Progress Reports 
    Redesign of the Unit Plan print out
  • Administrator/ Superintendent Features include:
    Specify the number of days after 
    a grading period the gradebook closes
    Print progress reports by the student or by the clas

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Be a Front Runner in Education and Join
Master Leadership Academy

Vision: To develop data-driven educational leaders in the areas of instruction, operations, and school transformation.  
Mission: Educational leaders will work with data to establish goals and expectations, allocate resources strategically, ensure quality teaching, lead learning and development, engage parents and community, and ensure a safe and orderly environment (Fullan, 2014; Marzano, 2005).
Topics covered include:
  • Data-Driven Educational Leaders
  • The Roles & Responsibilities of a School-based Leader
  • Using Data to Establish and Maintain Goals, Expectations and Safe Environments
  • Using Data to Allocate Resources Strategically & to Ensure Parent and Community Engagement
  • Using Data to Improve the Quality of Teaching and Learning
  • Using Data for Clear Communication and Effective Relations & The Art and Science of Teaching
  • Using Data to Lead Learning and Development in Your School
  • Being a Transformational Leader through Developing and Implementing a School Improvement Plan in Your School
This class is offered FREE of charge and all necessary materials are provided complimentary to participants committed to finish the class as outlined.

All six sessions occur on various nights (October through February) from 4:30-7:30pm 
with a full day culminating session in March. 
*Locations are dependent on the number of participants registered for each site.*
All sessions will be face-to-face in the following locations:
Fort Myers     Jacksonville     Orlando     Miami     St. Petersburg   Tallahassee
                MLA FLYER Download here   
Schools that are currently implementing 
Success Partners 
modules in prior years have developed a Parent School Partnership Plan which is  implemented and studied for its impact on engagement and student achievement.  
Please take 10 minutes and upload your Parent-School Partnership Plan to our new online database.  Don't worry - this is very easy!  
No passwords required! Follow these steps below:
  •  Go to www.stepupforstudents.org/successpartners
  •  Click on the link that says "Share your Parent-School Partnership Plan Here!"
  • Enter all the information that you can. Some schools are beginning their first year, while others are revising their existing PSPP. 
  • All schools uploading their PSPP using this link by September 30 will have their names entered to win a kindle! 

Project DIMES 
invitation to participate in a research study  

Dr. Amber Benedict, from the College of Education, University of Florida would like to 
to invite your school to participate in Project DIMES (Diagnostic Instrument for Morphology of Elementary Students). The proposed project is intended to develop a computer adaptive, diagnostic assessment for morphology for upper elementary students, pending funding by the Institute of Education Sciences.
Project Goal: 
A computer adaptive, diagnostic assessment in morphology for upper elementary (grades 3-5) students.

How will Project DIMES help teachers and promote student learning?
  • Project DIMES will generate useful data teachers can use to design individualized reading and morphological instruction throughout the year.
  • The project aims to develop an assessment that is student-focused, useful for teachers, and ultimately aimed at improving reading skills for elementary students
When will Project DIMES start?
Pending funding by the Institute of Education Science, the proposed project would include two pilots, one in the Fall of 2018 and one in the Fall of 2019.
What would involvement in Project DIMES require of teachers and students?
Our project team would work in classrooms for approximately 1-2 hours to administer an assessment that students would take individually on iPads. Additionally, the students would complete a short demographic survey.
How will teachers and students be compensated for their participation?
In appreciation, teachers and principals would be compensated with $25 stipends, and students would be compensated with $10 stipends. In addition, teachers who will receive valuable information about their students' reading-related development.
Yes, this sounds important. How does our school participate?
If you are interested in this opportunity, all we need from you at this point is a letter of support. 
Click here  
to download a template of a support letter for you to tailor to your school. We would need you to indicate an estimate of the number of classrooms we could work with each year.
Please email signed letters of support directly to Dr. Amber Benedict: aebenedict@coe.ufl.edu .
Thank you so much for considering our request, and I look forward to hearing from you. If you have any questions, or would like to talk more about this opportunity, please feel free to contact me ( aebenedict@coe.ufl.edu ; 319-830-9548).

Information at your fingertips about:
              • Tax Credit Scholarshp
              • Gardiner Scholarshp (fromerly PLSA) 
              • Latest News from Step Up
              • Lawsuit update 
Welcome to our newest
Success Partners schools! 
79 schools across Florida are beginning their Success Partners modules with staff members next month. This picture is from the Port Charlotte Summer Institute, where the school administrators and facilitators completed Module 1.1 and 1.2 training by selecting a goal team (do these sound familiar?) 
  • Establishing a Parent-Friendly School Environment
  • Ensuring Two-Way Communication
  • Recognizing Excellence and Improvement of all School Community Members 
The Office of Student Learning team will support these schools with a site visit before we meet again at the  October Institute.  OSL team members are listed below. 
Office of Student Learning Team    OSL FAX: 708.776.0852
Dr. Carol Thomas, Vice President   727.409.9137     
  Dr. Scott Beck,  Senior Coordinator   386.873.8024  
Dr. Lauren Barlis, Director    352.233.6523  
Erica Peron, Senior Coordiantor 786.273.8131
Kaethe Perez, Director   727.647.3496
Meredith McKay, Process Manager 941.737.4303
Paula Nelson, Director    727.772.3235
Renee Stoeckle, Coordinator on Assignment   813.766.1049
Nina Gregory, Implementation Specialist   727.451.9816
Melanie Schneider, Coordinator   561.818.3453
Marie Bestman, Coordinator 786.261.6525
Judi Duff, Coordinator   813.541.8553