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Volume 17 Issue 1July  2014
Dog Days of Summer
Yes, midsummer is here and it means a lot of things; primarily it means there is still some vacation time left and Back to School is just around the corner. Depending on where you live, school could be less than a month away. Have you started that "back to school shopping yet"? Are you headed to college & feel paralyzed by the thought of the cost?
This months' newsletter will give you some survival strategies to make it through the dog days of summer.
Financial Aid & College Costs-Can You Survive? 
For some of you, college is just around the corner. College costs have risen steadily over the last decade and the thought of possible college debt can be daunting. 
Check out this article and see how this student navigated the financial aid road and came out better for it. Read More Here

Back To School Costs

Back to school supplies and clothes can put a major dent in your budget. Depending on the number of kids you are buying supplies for, you can leave the store with sticker shock! This article has some great tips for saving some money on those supply costs. 

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Think Outside the Box

In other words, think of ways to shop without actually hitting the "big box stores". There are some great tips in this article & I especially like the one about bartering with other mothers. You can manage to get the things needed for school that don't keep you in check out lines.

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End of Summer Fun Ideas

Even though temperatures are still hot, summer is winding down a bit. If you haven't managed a get away yet and are feeling the need to have some fun, there are ways to still get in some good times before the end of the summer season.

Check your local libraries as they host "movie nights" and the cost is nominal. If you live near a pro or 

semi-pro sports team, summer specials are often available. If there is a zoo or amusement park within driving distance, check to see if they are running specials for a day of fun. As the summer season winds down and crowds start to thin, the specials are an incentive to get people to visit.

Have a get together with friends-have a cookout and if no pool is available, a sprinkler for the kids can be a lot of fun. A break with people you enjoy doesn't have to cost a mint and can be a good time that refreshes you!









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