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July 2011
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Jani and P'taah are having a wonderful time on their tour and have met many of you who are old friends of P'taah, plus many, many new friends.  


It began with stops in Germany and England. Currently they're in beautiful Malta where workshops are scheduled this weekend. The Spanish portion will begin on July 6.   


Because of Jani's travel schedule, we aren't recording a Conversations with P'taah for July. But if you're a subscriber, don't worry. We're automatically extending all subscriptions for an extra month to compensate. 


Lastly, our thanks for all your wonderful support. Without that we couldn't continue. 


Have a great month.


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Harmonious Earth Changes

Conversation with P'taah-June 2011

If you have questions about the coming times, you won't want to miss this powerful session.  My thanks to Chris Fine who did the hard work of synopsizing it.  


T1  Harmony in Earth Changes 

The Shift doesn't have to be physically calamitous. Earth is shifting and changing in order to accommodate the new frequency.

Dealing with mental and emotional issues which keep us in separation, and recognizing what it might feel like to not be separate.

Understanding the expanded version of reality and how this contributes to expansion in consciousness.

How we impact matter or our physical reality (such as water, health, and other people/creatures/plants).

Recognizing discordance so we can transform it and assist others and the earth into harmony.

Moving out of our learned limitations and encouraging huge flights of imagination.

Creating waves of harmonious energy by bringing our heart-singing Self into all our activities.

Noticing how people are desiring their own empowerment and also free dominion from
overt discordancy, hatred and violence.  Everyone wants to live in freedom, peace and
harmony, without the fear of destruction.



T2  Cosmic Shift 

Earth is much more than an idea of one planet. Many earths exist simultaneously on different frequencies.

In the coming times, no one shall be lost or left behind and no one will feel a sense of loss or separation.

The beginning of the new epoch creates the possibility of extraordinary expansion of consciousness.

Allowing the possibility that even a tree, a rock, a chair, or the engine of a car has consciousness.

The Higher Being of you, the God/Goddess of you, existing in perfection.  



T3  Discerning What's Right

Your integrity of knowing is beyond the intellect. When something doesn't feel right, it isn't so stop!

Discussion of DNA as a deep patterning, and whether it can be affected by outside forces.

There are beings who may try to influence others, yet as sovereign beings, we choose whether we are influenced or not.

Dealing with the feelings of being powerless. There are no victims.



T4  Love, Our Natural Expression

Love as the force of creation and the truth of who you really are.

In truth, there is nothing else but love.


The June session is available on MP3 at the special introductory price of $6 and on CD for $10.80. Don't wait. Order now!   


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P'taah Workshops & Personal Sessions

Jani & P'taah are well into their tour of Germany, England, Malta, and Spain. This weekend there are two workshops in  Malta  - P'taah's 'Life, Fulfilment & the Unified Field' on 2 July and 'The Golden Light Essences' with P'taah and Pattie on 3 July. Again, Jani & P'taah will be available for those who want personal sessions. To book, call +356 35505508 or send an email.


Workshops are planned in Madrid, Spain for 9 & 10 July. We have posted the flyer on the website. For more information, contact Silvia who is the organizer.  


Jani has indicated that because of her travels, she will not be able to do personal sessions after all. The first available sessions will probably be after she returns home in August. We apologize for the inconvenience, but contact us or leave a message at 760-364-5465 if you're interested in being added to the list. 



Changing Our Reality Glyph-DDEBD6

July 2011 Message from P'taah  




Q: If we are so incredibly creative, how can we get more finely in touch with the process of creation so that we are not experiencing so much pain and suffering and angst?  Most people aren't very happy, P'taah. And they're genuinely living lives of pain and suffering, at least in spots in their lives.


P'taah: Beloved, you know really the first thing to come to grips with, even if you would look at what is called the physical health, is the understanding that you exist first in a non-physical fashion. You each are a body of energy which exists in the non-physical. So the physical body, in a way, is a mirror of the non-physical and the e-motional body is a very powerful part of the non-physical.


So you may say, you have a spiritual body that is the part of you that is all knowing, that knows its own divinity, that indeed knows every facet of itself. You could call that Over-Soul or you could call it Higher Self.


Then as you express in this dimension - that is the Higher Self or the Over-Soul sends forth strands of energy to express into this timeframe, in this reality called this year 2011 or beginning in whatever year you were born -- so indeed you choose it all. You choose your family. You choose your socio-economic situation. You choose a broad-spectrum game plan. You choose your siblings, your race, your gender, etc., etc.


Within this broad-spectrum game plan, you have a choice in every now, whether you will choose love or fear. Now, love and fear are in a way an abstract concept of the non-physical. However, you can see how love expresses itself in your dimension and indeed you only have to look about to see how the non-physical facet of you called fear expresses in this dimension of reality, in physicality.


So, the higher self sends forth these strands of consciousness and these strands of consciousness are made up also of the mental or intellectual body, the emotional body and the physical body, all bound together by the energy called Soul Energy or Higher Self or whatever you want to call it.


So, the intellectual body has  beliefs about itself or about yourself. We will say your intellectual body has a belief about yourself and those beliefs bring up a feeling in the emotional body. And the energy of the intellectual body and the emotional body expresses and shows itself forth in the physical body.


So when you worry about being creative, it is only necessary to look at your world. You create the reality, the physical reality, of your body and outward from your body you perceive the reality that you believe and that you feel, which draws to you more of the same.


So if you believe in lack, if you have an idea that you are not very rich, that you do not have enough money and you believe that money is very hard to get, that it does not grow on trees, that you have to struggle very hard for it, and there is never enough, then indeed that idea brings up a feeling and the feeling is a fear of lack. And so what you will create day by day, week by week and year by year are situations that reinforce that knowing.


When you change that to the knowing that you are indeed a powerful,  powerful God or Goddess and that you can create anything you desire by your thought and by the joy of that creation, as you focus on how it flows and give forth the thanks for the money - not only the money that you have in your pocket but the idea of money and how you see it all about you! In other words, when somebody else wins the big lottery and you allow yourself to see how wonderful it is how money can simply flow and give thanks for this reality -- then indeed what you are allowing, what you are freeing up, is how the universe may divert the flow to you!


P'taah:  Does that make sense?


Q: Yes and that it is not at someone else's expense because it is an all-abundant universe.


P'taah: There is no need of lack for anybody and there is more money in your universe than any of you could possibly utilize. However, of course, because money is simply a symbol of energy, in other words money is consciousness, if we were to redistribute the wealth of your planet to every man, woman and child, within one year or so you would all be back to where you are right now because money is a consciousness.


The way to change the reality is to change the consciousness.







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