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Eileen's Lessons - July 2017

When my son was in preschool, the teacher pulled me aside and said that she found something odd. It seems that my son would run into the bathroom, shout out a series of "potty" words (toilet paper, toilet, sink) and then run back out. This apparently happened a number of times.

Why was he doing that? My husband and I had counseled him that dirty aka potty words were for the potty only. So, it would appear as though he took our advice literally. Well, he was only 4.

Minimum Wage Changes 

Minimum wage rates in the District of Columbia, State of Maryland and Montgomery County changed effective July 1, 2017, as follows:

District of Columbia: $12.50/hour

Maryland: $9.25/hour

Montgomery County: $11.50/hour

Prince George's County's minimum wage is currently $10.75/hour and will increase to $11.50/hour on October 1, 2017.

HR Myths Busted 

Namely, an HR platform for mid-sized companies released a new data report, HR Mythbusters 2017. The report analyzed data from over 125,000 employees to confirm-or bust-several myths about the modern workplace. The report covers a range of topics including vacation time, turnover rates and employee tenure..
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