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July 2011  

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July News at PM Press

This month we offer the first of three volumes chronicling the history of the Spanish confederation of anarcho-syndicalist labor unions, as well as the new Switchblade release from noir master Barry Graham. We have a new catalog and our webstore has been updated with book previews, e-Books, and even books signed by your favorite authors.    

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The CNT in the Spanish Revolution Volume 1
Jos� Peirats with an introduction by Chris Ealham
9781604862072 | $28.00  


This is the history of one of the most original and audacious, and arguably also the most far-reaching, of all the twentieth-century revolutions. It is the history of the giddy years of political change and hope in 1930s Spain, when the so-called "Generation of '36" rose up against the oppressive structures of Spanish society. It is also a history of a revolution that failed, crushed in the jaws of its enemies on both the reformist left and the reactionary right. Jos� Peirats' account is effectively the official CNT history of the war, passionate, partisan, but above all, intelligent. Its huge sweeping canvas covers all areas of the anarchist experience----the spontaneous militias, the revolutionary collectives, the moral dilemmas occasioned by the clash of revolutionary ideals, and the stark reality of the war effort against Franco and his German Nazi and Italian Fascist allies.       


"For those whose field of study is modern Spain, this is indeed an obligatory purchase. Given that this edition has been indexed and footnoted it may prove more useful to scholars than the original Spanish-language editions."  

----Kate Sharpley Library  



The Wrong Thing      

Barry Graham
BN: 9781604864519 | $14.95

They call him the Kid. He's a killer, a dark Latino legend of the Southwest's urban badlands, "a child who terrifies adults." They speak of him in whispers in dive bars near closing time. Some claim to have met him. Others say he doesn't exist, a phantom blamed for every unsolved act of violence, a ghost who haunts every blood-splattered crime scene. But he is real. He's a young man with a love of cooking and reading, an abiding loneliness and an appetite for violence. Love brings him the chance at a new life in the form of Vanjii, a beautiful, damaged woman. But try as he might to abandon the past, his past won't abandon him. The Kid fights back in the only way he knows----and sets in motion a tragic sequence of events that lead to an explosive conclusion.    


"Graham's words are raw and gritty, and his observations unrelenting and brutally honest."----Booklist 

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For technophiles, paper savers, and those without much shelf space, PM releases are also available as instantly downloadable e-Books. We are adding new PDF, ePUB, and MOBI files daily to work with all e-Book readers and personal computers. Read about our e-Books and file formats HERE and see the latest releases HERE. 

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PM Press Catalog 
We have a new PM Press catalog! So take a look, and start working on your wish lists now. Full color, 104 pages, available for free PDF download online HERE or request a free print copy HERE for yourself or multiple copies to distribute at your workplace, bookstore, school, or gigs.

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Recent News/Reviews
Capital and Its Discontents in Publishers Weekly
Sasha Lilley engages this international assortment of thinkers----from the well-known (David Harvey) to the less widely familiar (Doug Henwood)----with an informed, astute intelligence. This cool-headed but urgent volume----timely but sophisticated and wide-ranging enough to remain a longtime reference----will serve as an excellent introduction for readers lacking familiarity with discourse in political economy, while providing important elaboration on central themes for those with more background.   


Read the rest of the review HERE.



Tunnel People in Choice 

By I. Glasser 

Dutch photographer and journalist Teun Voeten documents two years of work with the men and women who lived underground in a New York City train tunnel from 1992 to 1994. Most of the book is a chronological presentation of Voeten's extensive field notes, written while he lived in the tunnel himself. A vivid and accessible account.         

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Crossing the American Crisis on Toward Freedom
By Ben Dangl 
Crossing... is an impressive film that captures the spirit of America today. Its stories of human hardship, solidarity and hope paint a portrait of America that is both heart-breaking and inspiring. This documentary is a powerful reminder of the countless social movements working each day to transform this country, from the fields of Oklahoma to the streets of New Orleans.  

Read the rest of the review HERE.  

Sensation in Locus
By Tim Pratt
Sensation is a political satire and a meditation on the nature of reality reminiscent of Philip K. Dick, exploring the secret history of an age-old war between a hive-mind of hyperintelligent spiders and their implacable mindless enemies, a species of parasitic wasp. Sensation is deeply political without being preachy, and it's a bracing, original read, quite unlike any other book you're likely to encounter. Which is just the way the spiders want it.

Read the full review HERE

Soccer vs. the State in 11Freunde (Germany)
By Mathias Ehlers 
Alright, good soul of football, now you have your own classic. Hardly any of the contested issues in the world's most popular game are missing, not nationalism, chauvinism, or the permeating commercialization. What we are handed is a broad picture of football's political relevance. Soccer vs. the State reaches so far beyond the limits of mainstream left-wing football discourse that its purchase is no less than a must.       

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Blood on the Tracks in the Berkeley Daily Planet
By Gar Smith  
It's a good sign when the testimonials on the back of a 500-page autobiography include the likes of Noam Chomsky, Ed Asner, and Martin Sheen. This whopping epic tells the story of a Vietnam-era soldier who entered the war as a red-blooded small-town recruit and emerged as a die-hard dissident, driven to expose and oppose not only warfare in general but also the US' unique role in spreading military terror around the world.

Read the full review HERE.  

 PM Recommends
Now Showing: Paul Goodman Changed My Life

Paul Goodman Changed My Life is the first documentary about Paul Goodman, the late social critic, poet, philosopher of education, or, as he called himself, "man of letters in the old-fashioned sense." The film is now showing in select cities. PM Press has also recently published three of Goodman's works including The Paul Goodman Reader.  


Click HERE to find the nearest screening location.

Upcoming Events
S. Brian Willson on Tour (Northern CA) July 13-22
The first leg of Brian's book tour for Blood on the Tracks continues in the San Francisco Bay Area. Brian is traveling to events on his three-wheeled, arm-powered handcycle and has an incredible, inspiring story to share.

See event details HERE

Derrick Weston Brown at Busboys and Poets (Washington DC) July 17
The Brown Out: Derrick Weston Brown (Wisdom Teeth) and Mahoghany Browne will be reading at The Sunday Kind of Love Poetry Series hosted by Sarah Browning at Teaching for Change's Busboys and Poets Bookstore.  

See event details HERE.

Harlem Book Fair (NYC) July 23
Please join PM Press and the Tabling Tornadoes at the annual Harlem Book Fair. Stop by the PM table to see all our latest wares. There will be live music, many readings, and other events!

See event details HERE.

Portland Anarchist Book Fair (OR) July 23-24
This is a free two-day event for radicals and free thinkers of all kinds. Click the link below for details about talks and workshops. Be sure to stop by the PM Press table to say "hi" to Gregory and look at all our newest releases.       

See event details HERE.

Leon Rosselson and Robb Johnson (SF Bay Area, CA) July 29-August 1
Robb Johnson and Leon Rosselson will be making a special stateside appearance for four gigs in the Bay Area at the end of July. They will be performing tracks from The Liberty Tree as well as solo music, including many tracks from Leon's new box set The World Turned Upside Down.

See event details HERE.

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