July 2017
Smiling Happy Faces of BYX
Angie Foster

When did you start practicing yoga?
I began to practice another form of yoga when I was 28, after a very serious kidney surgery.

What brought you to BYX?
I heard about Bikram yoga from a colleague who practices Bikram yoga. He raved about it and thought I would like it. I took my very first class at another studio, and Kathi, who also teaches at BYX, was my teacher. Then I learned about BYX, came to a class, and that was it.

Why do you keep coming?
I keep coming because for me it truly is a moving meditation.  I need it in the sense that it creates a time out in my life. It is a time to just be, to listen, to remember how simple and beautiful life can be if we let it, especially when we show up for the opportunity to go deeply and care for ourselves. I have always believed
yoga is to be done in a group, not alone. So that is another reason I keep coming: for the community of people and the energy present. Ultimately, it keeps me sane. And I LOVE the heat!

What benefits have you seen from your practice?
My core is much stronger. I am more accepting of my body. I feel lengthened, stretched, and I hope I am maintaining my height. I am more centered in general. Because of the practice of breathing we do together in class, I can remind myself more often in my daily life to breathe.

What has surprised you about practicing?
I am always surprised by the duality of self-talk that goes on in my head while I practice. There are many wonderful thoughts about how I inhabit my body: gratitude for how strong and flexible my body is and what a privilege it is to enjoy this amazing transformative yoga. At the same time, I might experience old negative patterns of thinking: my thighs are too big or out of proportion, my stomach looks big if I forget to hold it in, or why can't I be more controlled about my diet? This fascinating conflict illustrates how I am always a work in progress.

What other activities do you enjoy?
I also enjoy walking, swimming, dancing, and moving in general.

How has yoga improved/changed your life?
The biggest way yoga has improved my life is simply knowing it's there!  It is wonderful to have this place where I can let go, be peaceful, or prepare for whatever the day is asking of me. It's improved my life because of this relationship with myself and visiting it again and again as I practice.

What's your favorite posture and why?
I love Triangle because it is such a challenge! I am able to really work deeply because it isn't just about balance. It incorporates so many elements:  stretching, strengthening (using my legs more than they are accustomed to), and working my hips. There is always so much room to learn and grow as my body changes. 

Do you have any new goals that you did not have before practicing yoga?
Yes, I have new goals and they keep changing. Overall, I think my goal is to remember to breathe and to listen to my body...truly listen and respect it. And to get stronger!

Is there any other information about your life or practice you would like to share?
I have a deep gratitude that I am able to practice and that BYX exists.

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Happy Summer! The days are longer, the nights are warmer, and it's a wonderful time to keep up with your practice. Bikram yoga can help you acclimate to the season's heat, and fight that "sluggish" feeling that can come with it, by increasing your oxygen intake and balancing the various systems of the body. Your practice will also give you an advantage in any other summer athletic endeavor you choose - biking, hiking, swimming, jogging - by increasing your stamina, strength, balance, and coordination.

Taking care of yourself should be a priority year round. Summer is a great time to keep up with your practice. See you in the hot room!

Smiling Happy Faces of BYX

We've decided to highlight members of our community so you can better get to know them, and perhaps be inspired by their stories.


Meet Angie Foster. Angie has been practicing yoga most of her life, and has been practicing Bikram yoga at BYX for over 4 years. She loves the physical effects of the yoga, but even more than that, she loves that it makes her feel centered and calm.

Enjoy Angie's interview in the column on the left.
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