Summer of Sisterhood program
Youth from the MyCom-supported Summer of Sisterhood program at West Side Community House, staying safe, busy, and creative while filming a "music video diary" last summer. 


MyCom: My Commitment, My Community

 A public-private partnership dedicated to connecting youth to caring adults

and positive options in a safe environment.



I like that MyCom is about changing your environment. An issue that I feel needs to be addressed is teen violence, to be a success for the future. Because teens are the future and if they are stuck on violence, that's all their future will be.


In this e-news, find resources for summer safety and future success.


Quanita Williams, MyCom Youth Participant  

Safe Kids = Safe Summer

This summer, is your child:


...outside a lot? Find tips on water safety, bike safety, avoiding sports injury, and staying safe during physical activity in warm weather in the"Make Summer Safe for Kids" article from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention


...on the computer or cell phone a lot? Protect your child from electronic aggression.


...working their first job? Help youth workers avoid injury and know their rights and responsibilities.


If you are looking for positive activities for your child near your home, call MyCom's partner, Starting Point, at 216-575-0061 for locations.

The worst thing you can do is nothing: Take the Action Challenge
More than 60% of Cuyahoga County kids have been exposed to violence and the effects are devastating. The Worst Thing We Can Do Is Nothing. The Defending Childhood network is asking each of us to do something that will inspire change.
The Action Challenge will award individual children or teens, groups of youth, and family teams who take the message that "We Have the Power to Stop Violence" to their community in creative ways, by planning and conducting an event or activity.
The event or activity can be big or small. It can involve any and all ages, with young people in lead roles. It can be a "We have the power to stop violence!" parade or a "We have the power to stop violence!" ice-cream social: whatever event or activity you think your community will want to join.
Important Dates
These opportunities are open to people who live in Cuyahoga County, Ohio. If you live in a specific MyCom neighborhood, make sure to also explore the resources listed for your community in the right column of this newsletter.
For youth ages 12-17: Everyone has a voice. "Everyone" includes YOU. What you say and think is important, and people should respect your opinions. But in today's world, you need to prove that you're worth listening to. Learn the technical skills that will help your voice be heard. The MyMedia youth reporter training program is now accepting applications for its Fall 2013 session.
August 6, 2013: Mayor's Night Out Against Crime
The focus of the Mayor's Night Out is to bring neighbors outside to meet one another and become a proactive force in preventing crimes in their neighborhoods. Each year they host a large event that features representatives from Cleveland's safety forces, city departments and a wealth of activities for children. 5-9pm. Location: former Forest Hills Parkway Elementary School at East 110th Street and Dundee Avenue.

August 17, 2013: 7th Annual Youth Summit and CMSD Back to School Fair
Mayor Frank G. Jackson will host the event for students of the Cleveland Metropolitan School District at Public Auditorium, 500 Lakeside Ave., Cleveland, 44114. 

November 9, 2013: Youth Advocacy and Leadership Coalition Summit
The Youth Advocacy and Leadership Coalition (formerly the Youth Advisory Committee, or YAC) will host their annual summit on the campus of Cleveland State University. Open to students of any Cuyahoga County school district. Watch for more information. 

IMPORTANT DATE for adults who work with youth:
October 25, 2013: OST Symposium
MyCom will offer its Out-of-School Time (OST) Symposium on Friday, October 25, 2013, 8:00am-4:30pm. MyCom's OST partner, Starting Point, invites OST executive directors, program coordinators, program specialists, trainers and youth workers to this profesional development event. More information will be available at

As always, if you are looking for opportunities for local youth (like scholarships, activities, or events) or about youth work (like research, recognitions or funding announcements) join the MyCom Facebook page and watch our postings.
MyCom Contacts:


Youth & Parents:


After-school or Summer Programs for Any Age: Call Starting Point at 216-575-0061.


Youth Leadership Teams (ages 13-19): Call Partnership for a Safer Cleveland at 216-523-1128 or download flyer.


Youth Work Experience: Visit Youth Opportunities Unlimited.


Business & Community Professionals:
Access to Professional Development and Free Referrals for Youth Programs: Register your program in the MyCom Positive Activities database.
Build Our Future Workforce: Register your business.
Networking: Meet people from other sectors of your community by joining a neighborhood team. Call Neighborhood Leadership Institute at 216-812-8700.
Back to School 2
  MyCom Circle Youth
MyCom Upcoming
Neighborhood Events & Activities:


Broadway/Slavic Village:

Central/Union Broadway:


Mt. Pleasant:


  • Visit an activities page of the Parma City School District for the most up-to-date information about opportuinities with Parma MyCom.
  • Correction: In the June e-news, the time and link for Shiloh Cafe was listed incorrectly. To verify any details of programs, please contact on-site staff.

Shaker Heights:

St. Clair-Superior:

West Park:

MyCom is among the first exhibitors at "The Globe"


On June 15, 2013, Michael Walton, MyCom Coordinator at Youth Opportunities Unlimited (Y.O.U.), met with visitors to the Community Open House at the public unveiling of the new Cleveland Convention Center. In an exhibit space in the connected Global Center for Health Innovation, Mr. Walton answered questions about employment and career awareness opportunities for youth, and promoted other enriching MyCom resources like after-school or summer activities.


The Global Center for Health Innovation invited MyCom to host a table at the "Explore the World of Health Careers" event. Though only the first floor of "The Globe" was accessible to visitors at this debut, the entire facility should be opened to the public in October 2013.


Kindergarten start dates for all districts

March into Kindergarten


Even though it feels like summer vacation just started, school will be back in session soon. For some Cuyahoga County districts, school starts as early as August 19. The March into Kindergarten campaign is offering a list of kindergarten start dates and special events to help parents plan. Verify your school's information by calling your district. To connect to your district to either get start-date information or register your child (NOW is the time!), call United Way's 2-1-1.


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