July 2017
Greetings from Our Wonderful World! Hope you're staying cool this summer!

This month, our feature is a truly fabulous travel story written by the Green Goddess who recently returned from the southern Alps. Not too tough a gig! Well...the Goddess is going to let you in on what just might be France's Best Kept Secret-the medieval village of Yvoire, France. Believe me, you're in for a real treat. The Goddess has penned a beautiful story, but the pictures will tell you everything you need to know. Get out that bucket list! Time for a trip to fairyland....

Speaking of the Goddess...She's going to try to convince you to add Quinoa to your diet...and you better! This superfood is literally loaded with nutrients and tastes great! Don't worry...she's included a mouthwatering recipe.

Of course, there's always time for peppermint! In "Peppermint Essential Oil," we're going to explain to you why this amazing herb is such a powerful plant. But you'll have to read the story to find out!

A shout out to the Palm Beach North Women in Business who held their recent quarterly luncheon featuring Judith Mitchel, CEO of the Kravis Center for the Performing Arts. Judith is a virtual legend in Palm Beach County. Her extraordinary business acumen and uncompromising commitment to excellence over the past 25 years has helped to make the Kravis Center one of the country's finest regional performing arts centers. As passionate supporters of the arts, the OWW family wants to thank you Judy for a job well done.

History buffs...got you covered! In "The French and Indian War (1754-1763)," you can learn why this costly, bloody conflict between two of history's greatest rivals helped to pave the way for Great Britain's emergence as a super power, yet also sowed the seeds of American independence.

Ever heard of a populist revolt?...Hhhmmmm... Well, read about America's first large-scale populist rebellion in the late 19th century in "The Farmer and the Agrarian Revolt." Yes, it was a fascinating and somewhat bizarre chapter in our nation's political development. Why? Because during the Agrarian Revolt of more than a century ago, it was the farmers who were the radicals! Yes, history often repeats itself but nearly always with an added twist.

Last, but not least, kudos to Jan Davisson for another wonderful job in Curtain Up, which features everything that's On Stage in Palm Beach County. Of course, there's a whole lot more to be found at Our Wonderful World, and here's a list with links of what we've just added to our site:
  • "Yvoire" - Tucked away in the southern Alps on the shores of Lake Geneva, this romantic medieval village is France's Best Kept Secret...
  • "Curtain Up" - Jan Davisson and What's "On Stage" in Palm Beach County
So get cozy, grab your green drink and start clickin'!

Until next month,

Sharon & Glenn
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