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    Volume 9 No. 7                                                                                                                                            July  2017
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Parkville Fourth of July Parade
Women's Club
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July 18 - Northland Democratic Club - 6:30,  North Kansas City Public Library, 2251 Howell Street, North Kansas City.  Discuss Children's Healthcare issue on Clay County ballot.

July 19 - Indivisible KC - All Souls Universalist Church, 4591 Walnut, KCMO.  6:00 pm.  Speakers from Clean MO, Jobs for Justice, KC for $15.

July 20 - Northland Progress BBQ - UAW Local 229, 8040 NE 69 Hwy, Claycomo.  6:00 - 9:00 pm.  Members only but come and join!

July 20 - Platte County Democratic Central Committee meeting is canceled..  The next meeting is August 17.

July 25 - ShowIt2Vote - Missouri Secretary of State - Mid-Continent Library, Riverside, 2700 NW Vivion Rd, Riverside.  See below. 

August 14 - Platte County Federated Women's Democratic Club -
Platte County Resource Center, 11724 NW Plaza Circle, KCMO.5:30 pm.

August 18-20 - Parkville Days - Platte County Democrats Booth.  See below.

Save the Date - August 26 - Northland Progress - In 4 Ten, English Landing Park, Parkville.
Other Events:
Indivisible Kansas City -
Greater KC Women's Caucus -
Heartland Alliance for Progress -
Northland Progress -
ResistHate KC -        
Northland Democratic Club - June  
The June meeting of the Northland Democratic Club featured Anderson Rasmussen who talked about the Clean Missouri petition drive. The Clean Missouri petition is sponsored by 27 organizations including Missouri Jobs with Justice, several unions, MO NEA, Move to Amend and Northland Progress. The petition is all about ethics reform including: 1. End gerrymandering, 2. Caps on campaign contributions, 3. Limiting lobbyist contributions to $5, 4. Expansion of sunshine laws, 5. Requiring a two year waiting period before legislators can go to work as lobbyists. The Clean Missouri initiative is about building a community of organizations to provide connections between organizations and mutual support for work that gives people a voice in our government. For example, Clean Missouri also supports raising the minimum wage and wants to get big money out of elections by overturning the Citizen's United Supreme Court ruling which allows corporations to be contributors in the name of free speech. For a detailed summary, list of supporting organizations and a copy of the petition click here 

Rudy Chavez gave information on the petition signing station open  every Saturday in June and July.  The station is located at 7711 North Oak and operates from 10:00 am to 2:00 pm.  Go to the tent on the west side of the street near O'Reilly's. 
The July 18 meeting of the Northland Democratic Club will focus on issues before voters for the August 8th election.  Former Missouri State Representative Scott Lakin will speak on the Children's Healthcare issue on the Clay County ballot.  Time permitting, the Northland Progress comedy review of the Mo Leg 2017 session will be shown. The meeting will be at the North Kansas City Public Library from 6:30 to 8:30.
Parkville Fourth of July Parade 
It rained on our 4th of July Parade in Parkville but the new float with the theme "NEVER FORGET" was a great success. The rain didn't keep the crowds away and it was all great fun!

Platte County Federated Women's Democratic Club - July  
The Women's Club met on Monday July 10th at the Platte County Resource Center. Michael Enriques, the Organizing Director for Stand Up KC, the lead organization started fours ago to organize fast food workers in the fight for a $15 minimum wage and a union. He mentioned that the average age of fast food workers is 28 and that the average age in the movement has been bumped to 35 since home healthcare workers, child care workers, retail clerks and adjunct professors and others have joined the fight for $15 and a union. Stand Up KC is a member of a coalition that is Jobs with Justice.
Melissa (l), Terrance (r),
Michael (f) 
Michael introduced two prominent fast food workers who have helped lead the effort to organize and tell the stories of fast food and other low wage workers. They are Terrence Wise who told the story of his family's struggles with homelessness in the cold winter because he could not make enough at his fast food job to put a roof over their heads. Melissa Washington told the story of her family's fight to survive in the face of her husband's health crisis.
At the business meeting Tracy Holthaus agreed to become the new Club Secretary to take the place of Sarah Short who is unable to complete the term. Melba Nicolaisen asked for additional volunteers to work the booth at Parkville Days and President Stephanie Isaacson asked that members fill out the survey about preferred meeting times she sent around a few days before the meeting.
Missouri Democratic Party Platform Listening Session 
The MDP Listening Session is an opportunity to tell the Missouri Democratic Party what you feel should be included in the State Party Platform.

Here is a link to a video of the Missouri Democratic Party Platform Listening Session that took place in St. Joseph on July 8th.  You can fill out a survey on the issues here.
Parkville Days Information Booth 
Platte County Democrats will have an information booth at Parkville Days, July 18-20.  We will pass out information and sign up new voters. 

If you would like to help or if your Democratic or Progressive group has literature you want to make available at our booth contact Melba Nicolaisen at . 
Mike Scott of the Missouri Secretary of State office will be holding a ShowIt2Vote meeting to inform people about the new Voter ID law ahead of the upcoming elections.   It will be at the Mid-Continent Library, Riverside at 2700 NW Vivion Road, Riverside from 3:00 to 4:00 pm.