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Hanging Basket Class

Day & Time:  Saturday, July 30 from 
10am to 11:30am

Class fee is $25 plus tax. 
This includes everything you need to make one beautiful hanging basket
(16" Coco lined basket provided) 
You will also receive 20% off any other hanging baskets you buy the day of  class.

Come learn how to create your very own basket filled with beautiful plants.  This hands-on class will include instruction by Peggy and her Staff.  They will instruct you on design, plant selection, plant placement and care of hanging baskets.
All needed supplies are provided and yours to take home.

Cold refreshments will be provided.
Remember to bring gloves because we will be getting our hands dirty.

Sign up soon.  Registration deadline is Friday, July 29

To Register: Call 409.763.4713
Seasonal Information and Sales

Caterpillar & Webworm Control

Biological Control 
Safe for pollinators
Environmentally friendly

Bacillus thuringiensis

These organic products containing B.t. must be sprayed on the leaves.  The caterpillars eat it, stop feeding and then die within a few days.


SALE 50% off

Select 3 gallon Bougainvillea
All Fruit Trees
sizes 1, 3 & 5 gallon containers & trellises
SALE 50% off                                 

Drift Roses
Knock Out Rose
Knockout Roses
  $5 All Hybrid Tea & Floribunda Roses $5

 From our Landscape Architect 
We interrupt the regularly scheduled Trees II:  TPPD Announcement!!
  by Janielle Guzinski
I'm sure many of you have noticed that we keep losing Canary Island date palms here in Galveston.  Big, established palms are dying all over town.  It's not every palm, but a good number have succumbed.  I would like to explain what is going on. 
There is a disease that is being seen more and more in Galveston that affects the date palms.  It affects many species of date palm from the Medjools to the Sylvestris to the Canary Islands.  However, the Canary Island is one of the most susceptible species to this disease.  It is called Texas Phoenix Palm Decline (TPPD) and is caused by a phytoplasm.  Unfortunately, this is a fatal disease that cannot be killed by fungicide or other treatment.  Unaffected but susceptible palms can be given an inoculation, available online from several resources, at least once a year for the rest of the palm's life, but that is not going to help our Canary Island date palms.  It is not known what spreads TPPD, although one thought is that a planthopper, an insect, spreads it, but there is not definitive evidence of that, in Texas or elsewhere. 
Signs of the Disease
  • Premature Fruit Drop - This is usually the first sign of the disease, when the fruit drops early before it even has a chance to fully develop.  This can also manifest in the entire flowering structure dying before it has a chance to even try to fruit. 
  • Discoloration of Leaves - Starting with the outer leaves on the palm, they will turn persistently colors other than green.  This can be confused with an abnormally large amount of dead leaves from the previous growth season, so beware.   
  • Leaf Death - Those discolored leaves will turn brown and die.  The oldest leaves will go first and the discoloration followed by death will move inward to the center of the palm crown.  
  • Death - TPPD is incurable.  Death of the entire tree results when the last leaf dies and the growth meridian of the tree dies. 
It may be too late to save the palms you have, but there are other types of palms that are not dying from this disease here in Galveston.  The fan palms are a great alternative, from the taller Mexican and Chinese fan palms to the smaller Mediterranean fan palm.  I have read that the phytoplasm has been seen in cabbage palms and queen palms, but I haven't seen any of those die around town.  It's a similar story with TPPD affecting the small pygmy date palms, so those landscape gems are still thriving on
the island. 
Any decline and wilt on older Mexican fan palms is not related to TPPD, although the 
related lethal yellowing can occur on Mexican fan palms. 

SEASIDE CASUAL Outdoor Furniture 

Our furniture sale continues through the end of Summer 
or until our in-stock inventory is reduced - whichever comes first!

20% off sales of $5000 +

Portsmouth 42 x 56 Dining Table
Shellback Dining Chairs

Portsmouth 42" sq Bar Table
Shellback Bar Chairs
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Save 10% off your next in store purchase 
(Gift Cards, Outdoor Furniture,  Sale Items 
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Show this coupon when making your purchase.
Offer expires 07/31/2016

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The newly remodeled 2nd floor of the Rosenberg Library includes a Book Shop  
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In addition to a great selection of fiction, you will find books on Gardening, Floral Arranging, 
Do-it-Yourself Projects,  and Arts & Crafts.  

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Congratulations to John Hall
a Galveston Island resident.

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