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July 2015



I am Summer, come to lure you away from your computer...
come dance on my fresh grass, dig your toes into my beaches.
~Oriana Green, nature enthusiast



Include a visit to Tom's Thumb Nursery as part of your summer plans.

Dance through the garden.  Find the perfect flower, shrub, or tree for your yard.  
Dig in the gift shop.  Choose a new pillow, lamp, or rug for your home.
Drink a complimentary cold bottle of water under the palapa.
Relax in Seaside Casual Furniture.  Consider taking some home with you. (15% off through July 5)
Enjoy the easy life this month!  Have a safe and happy 4th of July. 




In this newsletter you will find....... 


  • Seasonal Ideas & Information for July
  • From Our Landscape Architect:  Palm Diseases   
  • Charlie's 10% off Coupon
  • In the Garden
  • Garden Statuary, Fountains & Pottery
  • Around the Gift Shop 
  • Gift Shop Sale
  • Seaside Casual Furniture:  Ten Reasons to Choose...... 
  • Father's Day Drawing Winner


Seasonal Ideas and Information for July


  • Insect Control -   
    in Trees 




    Bacillus thuringiensis 
    Biological Control
    Safe for pollinators
    Environmentally friendly




    Hi-Yield B.t. Thuricide

    Monterey B.t.  



    HOSE-END  B.t.

  • Insect Control - 

    Mealybugs on hibiscus
    Aphids on hibiscus bloom

    Captain Jack's Deadbug  
    contains spinosad
    Spray after sunset to avoid burning the leaves
  • Fungus Control -  
 Periwinkle Wilt


    Rose: Powdery                Mildew  


Biological Control 


Bacillus subtilis
  • July 4th  Sale 50% off  Hibiscus  



  •  July 4th  Sale 50% off  Bougainvillea   (hanging baskets excluded)
  • Fruit Trees -  
    25% off 
    All Fruit Trees  
    avocado, fig, mango, olive, papaya, peach, pecan, plum
    25% off 
    All Citrus Trees 
    lemon, lime, orange, grapefruit, kumquat

 From our Landscape Architect 

"Palm Diseases to Watch Out For"  by Janielle Guzinski 



We love our palm trees here in Galveston.  Usually palms are very hardy and resistant plants, but sometimes it seems like one just goes downhill in the blink of an eye.  When this happens, it can be the result of a disease.  Unfortunately for the palms, since they only have one growing point at the top of the tree, once that goes, the entire palm is gone.  I'm going to give you a quick rundown on some palm diseases that may affect our palms here on Galveston Island.  


Texas Phoenix Palm Decline (TPPD)

This is a fast-acting disease that affects Canary Island dates, true/edible dates, sylvestri dates, cabbage palms, and queen palms.  It is caused by a phytoplasma that is spread by insects.  These insects carry the disease and when they go to suck the sap out of the palm, they infect it.  The first symptom is premature fruit drop followed by the leaves turning reddish-brown and dying.  This discoloration in the leaves starts at the older leaves at the tip of the frond.  

It is incurable, although it can be managed through injections of liquid antibiotic to the trunk as long as the center leaves have not died yet.  I would only recommend this in special cases because it is expensive and not a true cure but only a treatment.  




Fusarium Wilt of Canary Island Date Palms

This disease has been found on Tiki Island, so we know it is in the area.  This disease is most commonly spread by infected pruning tools. However, it is also found in the soil.  So if you lose a palm to this disease, you cannot replant a new Canary Island date in that spot because it will also succumb.  This disease kills in a lopsided way.  The leaves on one side of the palm will start to die.  It will quickly spread until it reaches the center of the palm, killing it.  There are fairly obvious brown streaks on the stem of the palm leaf as it starts to die. 

It is caused by a fungus, but most fungicides are ineffective at treating it.  Because it is soil borne as well as transmitted by pruning tools, it is a good idea to dispose of any dead palms in such a way that the soil or infected leaves are not used as mulch on another property.  The best way to stop the spread of the disease is to disinfect pruning tools and dispose of dead material properly.  


Lethal Yellowing (LYD)

This is another disease caused by a phytoplasma.  It affects a variety of palms including Chinese fan palms and many date palm species.  It is spread by an insect like TPPD and has similar symptoms.  Symptoms start with premature fruit drop and continue with yellowing or browning of leaves.  The discoloration of the leaves continues moving from bottom leaves up to the central growing point.  Once it kills that center, the palm is dead. 

This disease is also incurable, but can be treated with antibiotic injections like TPPD.  There is some debate as to whether or not some of the large die-offs in the valley were a result of LYD or of TPPD. 



If you think your palm might be diseased, you can bring us a frond to look at to try and visually identify the disease.  However, the most definitive diagnosis is by submitting a frond to the extension office in LaMarque.  Let's all work together and try and keep our palms alive and our little island disease free.  




Galveston County Extension Office ~ 4102 Main Street LaMarque, Texas  ~  (281)534-3413





Charlie says.......
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In the Garden   










 Garden Statuary, Fountains and Pottery




Around the Gift Shop

Beatriz Ball   fine metalware.   made by hand.   easy care.   never tarnish.  

Flower & Leaf Dip

Starfish Long Tray

not just for napkins 
boxes and weights

Coral Tray

Shell Triple Dip

Laminated Placemats
Greeting Cards & 
Cocktail Napkins



Floral Accents
by Judy Moran





Beach Tent set up instructions

Beach tents can be erected quickly and easily by one person by following 3 simple steps.


STEP 1:Lay down center cross bar pole on ground where you want to set up your tent. Place 2 yellow pole holders at each end of the cross bar and hammer in with mallet. Then insert 2 vertical poles into pole holders. Lift center cross bar pole and attach on top of spikes of vertical poles. You now have a freestanding structure.


STEP 2: Place tent over structure and insert spike of 

vertical poles through desired tent rings.


STEP 3: Insert peg in sand at 45 degrees of tent corner with mallet then loop through corner tent rope through peg and attach clip back on rope. Repeat for all corners. Then revisit each corner and slide the clip further up the rope to fasten until taut.



Beach Tent features
  • 99% UV protective
  • Only beach tent that can be put up by one person
  • 100 % cotton canvas material 
  • Canvas Size 3.6 x 1.8 meters
  • Folds out to give 3m² of sun protection enough for your whole family
  • 2 x upright poles and 1 top cross bar pole matt silver aluminium
  • Poles are 23 mm diameter for extra strength and stability
  • 2 x Pole stays - Lightweight polycarbonate cylindrical sand stay that holds the tent post in place on the sand whilst you set up your tent. 
  • 4 x Ropes - already connected to the canvas by swage and crimp for ease of erecting on first occasion.
  • 4 x Guy rope clips that are quick and easy to use
  • 4 x polycarbonate sand pegs
  • 1 x Lightweight polycarbonate mallet
  • 10 heavy duty double stitched eyelets for maximum strength
  • Quality Reinforced edge webbing around the entire canvas
  • Easy to carry with matching carry bag with hand or shoulder straps


Gift Shop Sale Items


25% off Michael Healy Door Knockers




July 4th Wreaths

July 4th 
flour sack towels

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Select wine glasses 
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