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July  2017

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Quick Links
Welcome to our newsletter.  We hope to keep our members and friends up-to-date on current happenings at the Library and to share genealogical information of interest.
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Ample Free Parking

A Note from the President

     One of the most exciting and gratifying result of this monthly newsletter is the response that I receive from you, dear Reader.

    Your  commentaries,  ideas, suggestions and collective wisdom are all  evidence of your interest and sense of proprietorship embraced by the members of this Society.

     In last month's missive, I communicated to you our nascent efforts at establishing a web presence, bringing new technologies that match our aspiration of enhancing your library & research experience. 
     Your response to the appeal for volunteers to fill critical positions was nothing short of amazing.  Some sent their interest via the link provided.  The enthusiasm of others was evidenced when their eagerness compelled them to contact me directly.

     Now taking center stage is the necessity for a new position to examine these responses, flesh out the talents, initiate contact and depending on the skills and preferences listed, explore the available opportunities.

     Fortunately for us the essential characteristic and qualifications required,  I am pleased to announce, are inherent in one of our long-time member, Norma Boyce. Not a  stranger to the mission, vision and culture of ACGS, she has  devoted countless volunteer hours - from desk duty to serving on the  Board of Directors.  Her enthusiasm for genealogy reaches beyond the confines of ACGS. She also holds membership in the New England Historic Genealogical Society and the Vermont Genealogy Library.

     As a professional Tax Accountant with a degree from SNHU, Norma has generously given of her time and expertise by preforming our yearly audits thus ensuring that we, as stewards, maintain  sound business practices and remain in full compliance with all applicable laws and regulations.  She currently serves as secretary to the New Hampshire Chapter of the National Association of Tax Professionals.

     Other beneficiaries of her generosity include the Granite State Ambassador program and  OLLI (Osher Lifelong Learning Institute). 

     Norma's  compassion and sensitivity for the  needs of  others finds expression in her involvement in the NH AARP Fraud Watch Network. She has appeared on numerous TV and Radio programs, sharing her knowledge and alerting the public to the various fraud and scams and how to protect against them.

     She brings a tremendous depth of critical business acumen and people skills with  a passion for achieving success in whatever she undertakes. 

     As we  welcome Norma in her new Volunteer Coordinator role, we are off and running, building upon the strength of our past, to create a future - a future aligned to the current realities.

Bernadette D. Meunier #9489

Be sure to check the Bulletin Board and Used Books for Sale
When you visit the Library!

At ACGS, Volunteers are the Heart and Soul of our Society

Our Greatest Need
No Front Desk Volunteer = No Library Opening
  • Volunteer on the Front Desk and/or Provide assistance to Library Patrons
    • Duties include:
      • Basic Computer skills
      • Meet and Greet Members and Visitors
      • Basic Knowledge of the Library
      • Ring up sales
  • Training Provided!

Do you have another skill you believe will benefit ACGS?  Please tell us!

Interested members or inquiries please send email to ACGS@ACGS.ORG,  attn: Norma Boyce with  Volunteer  in the Subject line.

R E P E R T O I R E     N E W S  

Keep an eye out for our new Publication Sales Catalog that will appear on our Website, and in the next publication of The American-Canadian Genealogist.
In addition to the reprinted Repertoires that we advertised last month, the following popular books were reprinted in June:

RP012 St-Basile-le-Grand, Madawaska, Marriages 1791 - 1977 $45.
St-John Baptist, Allenstown, NH, Baptisms 2 Vol. 1873-1999
$ 100
St- John Baptist, Allenstown, NH, Burials 1873-1995, Marriages 1979-1999 $50.
Our Lady of Perpetual Help, Manchester, NH Baptisms, 1911-2006 $50.
Our Lady of Perpetual Help, Manchester, NH Burials 1911 -2006 $45.
St-George, Manchester, NH Marriages 1890-1975 $45.
St-François-Xavier, Nashua, NH Marriages 1885- 2002 $60.
St-Louis-Gonzague, Nashua, NH Baptisms, 3 Vols. 1871-2001
St-Louis-Gonzague, Nashua, NH Burials, 1873- 2001
St-Joseph, Salem, NH  Burials 1914-1997
St-Patrick, Troy, NY 2 Vols. 1872-2004 $100.

These books are available for sale right now.


A great addition to your library!


New Info: 
When i t appeared that it was not going to be economically sound to do a 2nd edition of the Captives book,  we printed a supplement  to be adhered to the inside back cover. We are therefore offering the supplement to all who purchased the Book before July 2017. 

T o receive your copy, please send your name, address, phone number and email address 

Or you can get an even more detailed version of the McClure captive's story in Issue #148, April 2017, of the American-Canadian Genealogist.



Their story of capture and survival in Quebec
Professor Roger W. Lawrence #1
Publication Date:  Summer 2015

For more details and order form, please click here.
This volume is currently being reprinted with delivery scheduled for sometime early in the new year.  

 Back in Stock!

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Please send an email with revisions, corrections, additions or omissions to and put "Captives" in the subject line.

Save the Date!!

Annual Meeting and Fall Conference
Saturday, September 30, 2017

Annual Meeting

 3 Speakers: 
Jeanne Douillard
Lucie LeBlanc Consentino
Leslie Choquette

 Buffet Luncheon, Raffle

Watch for email with program and details. 

St Mary Bank Mural 
Did You Know?  All members are invited to all Board Meetings!

Mark your calendar for the third Sunday of the Month
10:00 - noon
Coffee and donuts
Excluding July and December. Call ahead when there's inclement weather.
The Library is not open for research during the meeting.

Benefits of Membership!!

  • Unlimited access to one of the largest French-Canadian Research Libraries in the United States
  • Individual assistance and training in using the facilities of our Research Library
  • Discounted use of our Research Department services (see Research Update and What Can We Do For You below)
  • Free publication of three single-event queries in the American-Canadian Genealogist
  • Subscription to the Society's journal, American-Canadian Genealogist
  • Invitation to attend semi-annual conferences
  • Classes presented at ACGS Library  

An Individual Membership is only $35.00.
Family Membership is $45.oo - includes one additional member in the same household.
Student Membership (elementary, high school, college, under age 22) 50% of Individual rate.
Overseas Member - $50.00 (US) per year.

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Give Membership as a gift.

Your recipient can become a new member or renew their present membership.   

 Call 603-622-1554
or visit the Library during regular hours.



              Some of our members have signed up to  receive our journal, the American- Canadian Genealogist, electronically in  Adobe PDF format. If you are currently  receiving a paper copy, please consider

switching over to the electronic format.  The electronic version is not only very environmentally friendly it's friendly to our finances! Over three dollars per member is spent printing and mailing every issue of our journal. 


              Want to give it a try? You can download a sample issue at . If you like it

and would like to switch your subscription to the electronic version, send an email to and put Genealogist in the subject line.

The Research Department

      Recently, t he nature of queries sent to our researchers has evolved tremendously.  With the availability of myriad genealogical records available from various internet portals, the queries we receive are from members and clients who have hit the brick wall and can no longer proceed on their own. In addition, the requests are no longer limited to French-Canadian connections.  We have been asked to research such names as Smith, Jones, Rawlings, Kelly, and Matheson, primarily those that emigrated to or from Canada.
     This type of advanced research requires many hours of searching various records, discussing hypotheses amongst the staff, visiting or corresponding with other libraries and historical societies, etc.  Fortunately, we have been very successful at working around some of these brick walls. If you have finally given up looking for that elusive ancestor, think about giving our Research Team a crack at it. You may be pleasantly surprised.

*NOTE*  Revisions to the pricing structure occurred on May 1, 2017.  Click here for details. 

     Send research requests to:
Muriel  Chabot Normand, #5706
American-Canadian Genealogical Society
PO Box 6478
Manchester, NH 03108-6478
E-mail:      Phone: 603-622-1554

 New on the Shelves

Beaubassin and the Beginning of the Acadian Tragedy, by John G. McKay
Call # AC 49 (Acadia)

St-Joseph de Carlton: les registres catholiques 1759-1795, by Marcel Dugas
Call # NB 2-5

L'Heureux (Family Genealogy) Call # FG810

Dupere (Family Genealogy) Call # FG809

Winfree - LaPointe - Granger - Michell: Triumph of the Human Spirit
Compiled by Sharon A. Winfree Granger, Call # FG 811

Hyde Park, Montgomery, Richford, VT - Marriages & Baptisms
Call # VT6-14, Franklin & Lamoille

Notre-Dame de l'Assomption, Arichat, Cape Breton, NS
Births/Baptisms 1839-1849, Marriages 1839 - 1934, Deaths and Tombstones
Call # NS 15-8

Preserving the Past: A History of Cascumpec-Fortune Cove 1779-1979
by J. Arthur Hudson and S. Jean Meggison
Call # F1049.5 C38 H84 1979

Les Acadiens du Quebec by Pierre-Maurice Hébert
Call # F1053 .H43 1994

 When you visit the Library

Reading Nook
For members or their "drivers" to read a book or take a nap.

** Acadian Corner **

It's never too early to begin following CMA2019 on Facebook!

What Our Members are Reading: Issue #148, Volume 43, Number 1, 2017

Catherine de Baillon's Emigration to New France: The Key Role Played by Louis-Théandre Chartier by Jean-René  Côté and Anita  Seni

John Mack Cluer and Janet Finn: Two of Saratoga's Forgotten Captives  by Jacqueline Dinan

L'Etoile d'Acadie: Time Passes, Memories Life On: A Lehuédé from North America Discovers Ancestral Roots in Brittany, France by Barbara
LeBlanc, Ph.D

ACGS Spring Conference Details

Along with the President's Letter, Editor's Page, What's New on Our Shelves, From Other Publications, Queries and Answers, New Members, Important Notices, and Publications for Sale.

Have you listened to the Maple Stars and Stripes Podcast yet?

Sandra Goodwin's Maple Stars and Stripes Podcast
introduces French-Canadian researchers to language and cultural lessons along with interviews with different French-Canadian genealogical societies and researchers.  It is a great way to learn about the big, great Franco world of North America.  

Here's the link to Maple Stars and Stripes.  Enjoy!

Spotlight on Journals and Periodicals

Cover of one of the e-journals received by ACGS.

Where to find the link on the computer screen.

Folder where
e-Periodicals reside.

 ACGS exchanges periodicals with other societies.  Many societies have moved to send their periodicals electronically, especially our Canadian cousins.  A folder has been established on our computers so that patrons can access these resources.  One advantage of .pdf documents is that they are generally searchable, so you may be able to find your family more easily.  But do take the time to browse, you never know what you'll find.  

Keep checking the folder - the Periodical Coordinator is in the process of double-checking our exchange list to update any periodicals that may have been overlooked.  A list of e-Periodicals in our collection will be published in a future newsletter.

Most of our shelved periodicals are indexed in PERSI.    Our member, Larry Autotte #3505, continues to report articles from this and other journals in the From Other Publications section of American-Canadian Genealogist

Family Association Newsletters           

Under the Mural

On the Left.

Family Association Newsletters by Name

      The next time you're at the Library, check to see if your family is represented in the Family Association Newsletter files.  They're a great way to learn more about your French-Canadian/Acadian cousins, history of your family and find out about family reunions you may be interested in attending.


Tree of Life Images at ACGS 

To Thank, To Honor, To Remember


The Society is always thrilled to honor new ancestor leaves on our tree, and this month we welcome the addition of leaf in memory of Raymond Gravelle.    


All donations are gratefully accepted and our thanks go out to those members who faithfully tack additional dollars onto their membership dues.  No amount is too small.  The building and computer inventory take much of our budget, luckily our staff is all volunteer.  Just as your desktop and laptops at home need upgrades, the computers at ACGS need to be at the ready for our library visitors, members, and research team. 


A great way to make a contribution to ACGS is to memorialize or honor someone important on your Family Tree with a leaf on the Tree of Life.  Here are some examples of leaves on the tree.  For more details: Tree of Life




There are lots of empty leaves waiting for your memorialization.  


   Or send any tax-deductible amount to:

ACGS Building Fund

P.O. Box 6478

Manchester, NH 03108-6478


Does your company have a Matching Donation Program? 

You may be able to increase the size of your gift if they do. 


The first floor of the ACGS Library is occupied by Girls at Work, a non-profit where girls in Manchester are taught carpentry skills.  You may have noticed the aroma of fresh cut lumber in the hall. 

To check out the great work they do, visit their Web site:  Girls at Work  

If you live in the Manchester area, they offer classes for adult women.          

Don't forget to apply for your certificate and pin for the 350th Anniversary of the Arrival of the 'Filles du Roi' (King's Daughters) from the AMERICAN-FRENCH GENEALOGICAL SOCIETY (AFGS) in Woonsocket, RI. 



Are you a descendant of a Filles du Roi who married a Soldats du Carignan?
You might also be interested in the VERMONT FRENCH-CANADIAN GENEALOGICAL SOCIETY's "The VT-FCGS Filles and Soldats Research Program" and add to your pin collection.

________ _________________________________________________________________________ 

There is also a Filles du Roi organization that offers an annual membership and certification.

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