July 2017 -  Experience The Intimacy You Are Longing For
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I Care About You and Your Life!
Summer here in Phoenix is hot, hot, hot! I have re-framed the heat and see it as burning away everything I longer need. If you are feeling stifled, frustrated or unfulfilled, you may need to burn out or release an old pattern or two that no longer serves you. Or, we may need to release what is stopping you from reaching your dreams and goals. Either way, let me know how I can continue to support you and those you love and care about. Thanks in advance for trusting me with your precious life! Your results are beginning!  

I am declaring 2017 the year to Heal Your Birth Journey - Heal Your Life. We will start the Monthly Repatterning Specials with your conception and completing in December with your birth. You have the opportunity to release the negative thoughts and beliefs at each stage of your gestation.  My July Special is, Feel Protected Within Safe Boundaries, healing your second trimester. I would recommend taking advantage of this opportunity every month. By the end of the year, you won't recognize yourself or your life! It is time to birth yourself newly! Whenever we start your Birth Process Repatternings, we will begin at conception and see what you need and progress from there. See details below.
The group focus for 2017 is Balance Your Meridians - Balance Your Life, held on the second Thursday evening each month.  On July 13th  we will balance the Heart Protector Meridian , Experience The Intimacy You Are Longing For. If you cannot make it in person, I can proxy you in. First group is Free.  See information below.
My method specials this year will focus to Heal Your Spiritual Journey - Heal Your Life! This month's special is Align Your Full Self with Compassion and Truth , using the Soul Memory Discovery process.  See opportunity below. 
One of the greatest gifts I have given myself is my participation with Raised Vibration. I have been involved for four years now and am now one of the Certified Coaches. See information below under Victoria's Recommendations. They have a free mobile app. It is designed to explore YOUR very own wishes, wants, and desires. 
My Facebook page for the Center for Extraordinary Outcomes is up and running! There are several articles there you may be interested in reading.  I would appreciate you 'liking' my page. Thank you for the opportunity to do what I love to do. 
I want to especially thank you for all the wonderful people in your life that you send my way. I have established a program of gratitude. For every person you send me who has an individual session, I will gladly take $25 off your next session. I will treat them with tender loving care.

Gift Certificates are available.  The gift of healing and transformation is one of the most precious gifts you could give someone you care about.
Have a great month!  :)
Heal Your Birth Journey - Heal Your Life

    Feel Protected Within Safe Boundaries
Heal Your Second Trimester Journey
The healed birth journey starts at conception, where it all begins. The feminine (egg) must surrender and trust as she chooses which sperm merges into her. The masculine (sperm) must move toward his goal feeling protected knowing he has the nutrients need to survive the long journey to be the first to reach the egg, burrowing in and merging. Of all the sperm orbiting the egg, the egg opened to the one sperm it wanted, which is YOU! Your Life Begins! You continue journeying down the fallopian tube and implant in the uterine wall, where you receive your nutrients from your mother through the placenta. You were then discovered! Your mother feels your kick. You continue to grow; feeling safe in the unknown; at peace within yourself; and protected--floating in a dream state of bliss.
Starting at conception you unconsciously responded to what you perceived was happening. In this Repatterning, we will identify and clear the unconscious negative thoughts and beliefs associated with your second trimester in the womb so you feel Protected Within Safe Boundaries

If this is something that speaks to you,
it would be an honor to facilitate this process with you.  
*Birth Process Repatternings in July are only $155. This includes any new clients as well, so if you know anyone who is interested, have them give me a call. I will treat them with tender loving care and the utmost honor and respect.
In person (North Central Phoenix) or Phone Sessions

*Whenever we begin your birth process repatternings, we will begin at conception and see what you need and progress from there.
Heal Your Birth Journey - Heal Your Life   
 Victoria Benoit, MC
Certified Resonance Repatterning® Practitioner
All through gestation you responded to your mother's thoughts, feelings, and perceptions. As you move through the birth canal on your birth journey you also responded to what is happening. Every event that occurred, including those things that were out of your control at the time affects you today; anesthesia, forceps, Caesarean section; even language and emotions at the actual time of your birth; even the Doctor's and Nurses attitudes, the sterile environment, the loud sounds and the bright lights.

       You were so dependent on someone outside yourself for your well-being. From these experiences, you may tend to repeat this same pattern and journey throughout your life. For example, if you were stuck in the birth canal and needed help and forceps were used; you may perceive that you need help getting out of situations. Then, for the rest of your life, whenever you feel stuck, you wait for help and as a result, can't accomplish your greatest goals.

       I did a Birth Process Repatterning over the phone with a woman who had what she considered an ordinary hospital birth. What we came to find out is that she felt ordinary and because of that, she needed to be different in order to get her needs met. If she could appear special she would then be treated as special. As you can imagine, she spend a lot of time an energy in her personal and professional life doing a lot of extra things just to feel special. When she visualized the birth she wanted, her father was right there saying, "You are a blessing. You are special, unique and loved. I'm so glad you are here." Since her session, her relationship with her husband has a whole new level of intimacy and romance, which is why she wanted the session and she has more satisfaction in her business.

       I also started at conception with a new client and progressed over several Resonance Repatterning sessions to heal the journey from conception to birth. The results were outstanding! This is what I am offering every month this year.

Self-Healing Modality
The Purifying Breath 

Use this modality when you feel sluggish and need more energy.

How to: Inhale through your nose push air down into your abdomen. Hold your breath. Three times push the air up into your chest and down into your abdomen. Exhale slowly through your mouth.  Repeat three times.      

 Let me know the difference it makes in your life!
Balance Your Meridians - Balance Your Life 
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Victoria Benoit, MC
Certified Resonance Repatterning® Practitioner
    Experience the Intimacy You Are Longing For    
Group Repatterning - Balance Your Heart Protector Meridian
Thursday, July 13, 2017
 7pm - 9pm 
In-person (Phoenix, AZ) or
by proxy if you can't make it in person 
The Heart Protector Meridian is about the circulation of pleasure, joy and love. The Heart Protector needs to feel safe in its vulnerability - the safety to trust, to be intimate and to share deep feelings, joy and love. When your Heart Protector is balanced, you feel comfortable opening your heart and being intimate with others, which makes intimate, sexual, heart relationship possible. You also naturally exert a magnetic power of attraction. If you deny this magnetism, you may feel fragile and disconnected from your heart causing you to feel disconnected from others and alone.
In this Repatterning, we will identify why you do not have the intimate relationship you want or why you are not experiencing the intimacy you want in the relationship you are in. We will then determine how you have tried to find love in ways that have not worked for you, what sexual issues you have that need releasing, and what happened at an earlier time where you felt exposed, inappropriately vulnerable and unsafe causing you to not trust others. From here, we will verify the Heart Protector correlation that undermines the possibility of feeling protected and safe in your intimate relationships, the compensation you are using, and then the positive correlation that will support you in feeling protected and safe so you can
Experience The Intimacy You Are Longing For.
    For those interested who are out of town, or just cannot make it that evening, I can proxy you in, which means with your permission, I will include you in the session.
Come join us and bring your friends!
$25 - RSVP
First Group is FREE 

Heal Your Spiritual Journey - Heal Your Life

Victoria Benoit, MC
 Certified Soul Memory Discovery ┬« Practitioner 
Align Your Full Self with Compassion and Truth
According to Ellen Kaufman-Dosick, developer of Soul Memory Discovery, we are entirely a newer, wiser, and expanded version of ourselves. The divine has landed within us and we no longer need to go outside ourselves to find and experience the divine. This process allows us to release the blocks so we can experience this.
The theory of this process is that your body holds a memory of everything that has ever happened to you from conception until now.  All your experiences, conscious or unconscious are recorded somewhere in your brain. Every piece of matter in this world has an electric field around it, be it a chair, apple, a person, or the earth itself.  We call this electric field around your body, your auric field, which holds a memory of everything that has ever happened.
We will start this process by doing a Field Clearing to release anything that is preventing 'light' in your auric field to help you to live 'in the light.' We will continue by releasing times when you felt separate from the divine so you can learn your soul lessons. We'll complete the session by doing the Align With One Heart Process, so you live from your heart with compassion and truth. 
   It would be my honor to facilitate this possibility in your life!
Soul Memory Discovery Sessions in July are only $155. This includes any new clients as well, so if you know anyone who is interested, have them give me a call. I will treat them with tender loving care and the utmost honor and respect.
                In person (North Central Phoenix) or Phone                   
Victoria's Recommendations
I have been involved with Raised Vibration for four years now. It is an on-line  system that helps you identify your life purpose then supports you in making your dreams come true! It is based on the acronym V.I.B.E......Visualize-Intend-Believe-Experience. The on-line tools are amazing!!! I highly recommend you check it out!  We have a sacred circle group that meets every two weeks in Phoenix and a Zoom call monthly for those of you who live elsewhere. Any questions, call me.  
I attended Tom Bird's "Write Your Best Seller in a Weekend Retreat" in Sedona, AZ five times and finished five books. My first book, What Would Love Do Right Now? ,
which I am currently editing and will be available in 2017. What an experience! It is like a spiritual journey and at the end of the retreat you have your book written. If you have ever wanted to write a book, that is place to get it done. I highly recommend it. Please contact me if you have any questions. He is also starting a new program where you can attend from the privacy of your own home. His office number is 928-203-0265. 
Victoria's Books
I am excited to report that I have completed my fifth book, Three Magical Words at Tom Bird's "Write Your Best Seller in a Weekend Retreat" in Sedona, AZ.  What an experience! If you have ever wanted to write a book, that's the place to get it done! I am currently in the process of editing my first book, What Would Love Do Right Now ? It will be available in 2017. My second book, Relationship - A Sacred Journey Into Your Greatness, my third book, Conversations with the Fairy Realm as well as my fourth book, Living on the Skinny Branches of Life are waiting patiently to get in the cue. I'll keep you posted as to when they will be available! Thank you for your continued support of who I am and who I am becoming.
Blessings of Love,

Victoria Benoit, M.C.


July Specials - $155  for all individual (in person or phone) 
1. Birth Process Repatterning
2. Soul Memory Discovery

Gift Certificates Available    602-864-7662


Tell your friends and family. New Clients are welcome. Evenings available.