July has been about teaching and change.
The biggest satisfaction I experience as an author and coach is watching the transformation of my clients as they learn how much power they really have over how they experience their life. I have used the phrase "learn how to reach your goals with the least amount of effort, in the least amount of time and without as sense of struggle" so many times. But when I see clients experiencing the payback from present moment functioning for the first time it is so much fun.

While out in Sacramento in early July I began my joint mastermind with Brooke Castillo and a group of her certified life coaches. We are meeting every week online. Watching them eagerly learn the concepts from The Practicing Mind and apply them both to their lives and their clients is such a thrill. But these concepts are applicable to every area of your life and while there I was treated to a week of working with Brooke's son Christian, an extremely talented young golfer.

I have worked with numerous junior golfers. Taking someone who is physically very talented and showing them how to focus that energy by managing their mind is really great fun to watch. They don't need to practice longer, they just need to learn to think differently and as they do they begin to feel a sense of control over themselves that transforms their performance. Christian and I spent hours on the course and the driving range while I was working with him and then I was rewarded by watching his ability to manage his game, his mind and the course mature as he performed in several tournaments. As if that wasn't enough the weather was absolutely amazing every day.

My first mastermind opportunity for you is in the works for this Fall. More on that in the next newsletter.

Peace Always and a Quiet Mind.

-- Tom
Fully Engaged is off to the printer!
Writing a follow-up to The Practicing Mind has been fantastic. So many readers just like you let me know there were so many things that they wanted elaboration on, specific guidance, and more. I'm really excited to be able to fulfill all these requests in the follow-up book, Fully Engaged.

After lots of writing, rounds of editing and many late nights, it's off to the printer, and our pre-order date in October is coming up fast. Look out for book signings in the future!
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Tom Sterner