Get a Move on for Fall Grants! 
Did you know that your chances of receiving a grant increase with feedback from staff?-That a CNN small grant can be a great match or fit for other proposals you are working on? Want to know what community activities may be suitable for our fall cycle? Be in touch about your ideas and get a head start this summer!  Visit our grants page /   
Support Stricter Air Quality Rules
Local air quality has been on the radar and our neighbors who live and work close to industry and congested areas are the most impacted by poor air quality. CNN leaders worked with the Cully Air Action Team to provide written testimony in the State's rule making initiatives for all to breath cleaner air. More action is needed! 
The Multicultural Cully Community Stands Together
Join the unified response that grew out of helping Trinity Lutheran remove hate tagging they received the morning of the Cully neighborhood cleanup event in April. On July 8th from 11 to 3p- twelve Cully groups will come together to show its strength with the community. There will be food, performances and fun for kids! Please bring something to share with your neighbors.

Map Out Free Concerts & Movies 
Five neighborhood parks, five opportunities to walk or bike and meet your neighbors and enjoy music and films under the trees and stars--way cool! Click on to Wilshire, Glenhaven, Khunamokwst, Wellington, and Rose City Park for showings. Hollywood and Rose City Park concerts are featured below.
Know your Neighbors with NNO!
When neighbors know and look out for one another, they create connected, safer and more resilient communities. Getting involved in National Night Out (NNO) brings neighbors together for block parties and neighborhood events in the spirit of creating community. Plan your own party or join an event. Register your party here
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Support the Building of  Cully Park on 7/27 

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  • July 12 Public Safety Action Committee
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