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Don't forget to stop by and pick up your topical anesthetic which can be applied 1 hour before your appointment. If you are concerned about bruising it can be helpful to begin taking Arnica Montana tablets prior your appointment which can be found in health food stores. 

Alternative Sun Protection

Blog by Julie Miller, R.N.


We have discussed sun protection using sunscreen but I thought I would touch on a couple of other ideas to protect your skin from the sun.  Of course, before heading outdoors you should apply approximately 2 tablespoons of sunscreen.  Be sure to use sunscreen that is appropriate for your activity and exposure level and reapply every 2 hours or more.

Research also points to the benefits of additional sun protective actions.  In a Switzerland study, vacationers interviewed said they were most likely to use sunscreen and less likely to seek shade or wear protective clothing.  Of those vacationers, 44% had gotten sunburned! 

If you have ever been to a child's soccer or baseball game in the heat, about 50% of the observers get the whole shade concept.  You will see pop up tents and umbrella's.  However, when it's not that hot the UV exposure remains the same, but the protection level doesn't go up.  The umbrellas and tents stay in the trunks.  This is one of the reasons why the NW has some of the highest skin cancer rates.   We seem to be part way there:  just remember your shade.  However, I do remember one soccer game where I was sitting on aluminum bleachers, had my umbrella up, (my husband refuses to sit by me) but the reflection off the bleachers was awful, thank goodness I also had my sunscreen on!

Hats are another way to protect yourself.  It is recommend that they are tightly woven, breathable fabric, broad brimmed with mesh venting and have at least 3 inches overhang.  

A light colored wet T-shirt is only an SPF #4, not much protection.  However, you can soak your favorite top in SunGuard to add some UV protection and it is good for several washings.  It is usually available in stores with the laundry soap.

Sun protective clothing is becoming more popular and many more options are available. There are styles for golf, biking, walking, hiking, swimming and for children.  Depending on your intended use, you can choose options for: moisture wicking, weight of the fabric, cooling, softness, and quick drying.  There are even sleeves you can add to your T-shirt that will protect your arms and hands.

So my 23-year-old son just graduated from college and lives at home and when it was really hot recently I was looking for something cool I could wear around the house that wouldn't gross him out.  I found a nylon /spandex top with a built in bra at Freddies and I was surprised to see that it was sun protective, however it basically only covers my chest, stomach and lower back, so sometimes you wonder what is the point.  I am happy to say it is quite comfortable but not sure my arms and shoulders would fair very well in the sun.

Bottom line, there are a lot of ways that you can play in the sun and protect yourself.  Think beyond sunscreen - also remember shade, limiting sun exposure and sun wearing protective clothing and hats. 

Sun screen tip:  Use your SPF lip protection for around the eyes and ears. 

If stinging eyes are a problem, SkinCeuticals has a new sunscreen just for the eye area, which provides broad-spectrum SPF 50 protection without migrating into and irritating the eyes. It also has a nice tint, which enhances skin tone while moisturizing and creating a smooth base for makeup application. We carry SkinCueticals Physical Eye UV Defense 50 in both of our offices.


Sun protective clothing:

Eclipse Sun Products
Sun Day Afternoons

Many other sport-clothing lines now also have protective clothing.


All that said -  Enjoy this great weather!!


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He was great!  Not only is he a talented Dermatologist, he can also sing and act.  Make an appointment with Dr. Bremmer and let him entertain you.
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