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It's Grads and Dads time!!
If you have a graduate in your family, the month of June may be filled with a whirlwind of activities.  Ceremonies, proms and family parties serve to celebrate this lovely milestone...graduations are harbingers of possibility as to what the new road ahead entails.  Such an exciting time! 
June is also the month where we honor fathers. Did you know that Father's Day was initially declared for the third Sunday in June by President Johnson in 1966? Dads reading this might be successful in using this as leveraging to put their feet up this Sunday, too!  But no matter when we recognize it, Father's Day is a day to honor all of the special dads in our lives. Jim Valvano, the beloved basketball coach at NC State, said this about his own dad, "My father gave me the greatest gift anyone could give another person - he believed in me."  Of course, our hats are off to all our "EPS" dads who believed.  Powerful and so beautiful is the legacy of a great dad!

From the EPS perspective, June is a GREAT time to think about minor home improvements.  Read on to learn how we can help protect your property and valuables from power surge damage... Check out our power washing before and after pics below. Using our Generac Pressure Washer transforms old and dingy to sparkly and like-new!! 

As always, we thank you for reading this month's issue.  As your Generac dealer and/or electrical contractor, we look forward to being of service to you whenever we're needed!    


Mike & Barbara Gromwaldt

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Summer Spiff Up - A Picture's Worth a 1,000 Words!!! 
If you've gathered estimates for having your house exterior (patio, deck, walkways, and more), you may have been shocked by the price!  
We now stock  Generac Pressure Washers (model 6598) in stock and at competitive pricing (starting at $399).  We also offer a home delivery, set up AND demo service!!  For additional information about this model and others, check out Generac's reference chart

Affordable and easy, we used our own Generac pressure washer to spiff up our place in advance of hosting a graduation party.  Check out the before and after photos...

This took us 10 minutes and was done using only water -- no solvents or cleaners!!
Here is a customer's photo...impressive!!
Before and After (photo used with permission)
Interested??  Call or email today for more information!! 
Essential Power Systems, LLC...did you know?
Did you know that we have over 40 years of electrical contracting experience?

Essential Power Systems, LLC, provides the same award-winning service and expertise that have earned us Generac� PowerPro Elite status to all of your home and commercial electrical contracting upgrades and repairs. From initial consultation to final sign off, we make it our business to provide industry-leading service and expertise -- ON BUDGET, ON TIME and with the HIGHEST LEVEL OF PROFESSIONALISM.

Call us at 845-227-0514 to schedule an appointment or consultation/estimate.


Not sure you need a licensed electrician?
This Old House website sheds some light (pun intended!) on the reasons why you should hire  a professional, licensed and insured electrician.  
Click here to read.
In This Month's Issue:
Save Money and Peace of Mind
Whole house surge protection !!

With summer thunderstorms a part of living here in the Hudson Valley, protecting your home electronics and systems from power surges makes sense.  

However, the truth is that power surges can happen in any kind of weather due to a variety of causes. In fact, the majority of power surges come from within your house! The damage these cause is often extensive, leading to expensive repairs/replacements, loss of important records and irreplaceable photos, and business interruption. Even factoring in insurance coverage, deductibles and inconvenience make this a costly event!

One way to add protection against this kind of loss is to install a whole house surge protector. If you're thinking that the surge protectors you purchase at local home improvement stores are enough, please read this article from HouseLogic:

Essential Power Systems can install a whole house surge protector for you (prices start at $265).  Isn't it worth a small investment now for added peace of mind (not to mention not having to negotiate with your insurance company, deal with electronics/appliance repair personnel, shop for costly replacements, and overall major inconvenience)?

Call 845-227-0514 or email us today to schedule your installation!! 

Not convinced that this is a worthwhile enhancement to your home?  Check out this short article from This Old House magazine.

On our June to-do list...
It's Farm to Table Time!!
There is nothing quite like fresh, locally-grown produce and products from our lovely Hudson Valley. We'll be visiting area farmer's markets from now until the fall to stock up on ingredients for cook outs, picnics and home-cooking! Check out this list of Hudson Valley Farmer's Markets:


Business Owners: How much does a power outage cost you?
Not being able to work or operate your place of business because of a power outage can result in thousands of dollars of lost income...quickly! 
Generac offers a free risk assessment to understand how power loss can impact your bottom line here:

Essential Powers Systems is ready to help you select the right generator for your needs, while providing our platinum-level installation and maintenance services - the reason why we're a leading Generac generator dealer!

Give us a call at 845-227-0514 today!!

Getting a Generator Just Got A Little Easier...

To provide a convenient budgeting alternative for our new Generac customers, we are proud to announce expanded payment options:  

  1. Generac's GE Consumer Credit - With 4 rates including the NO MONEY DOWN 0% "365 Same as Cash" plan.  Apply now via our web site
  2. All Major Credit Cards Accepted 
  3. Direct Payment via Cash or Check

Real Generac Stories of the Hudson Valley 
Thank you to one of our valued EPS customers for sharing
their experience...Generac Standby Generators provide comfort, add peace of mind, and protect your home and your family during power outages.  To schedule your complimentary estimate, call us at 845-227-0514 or email us.  
"After experiencing 5 consecutive days without power during the February 2010 snowstorms, we were determined not to experience another winter without we had a standby generator installed by EPS. Our generator has gotten us through the customary winter outages, but {also} through the long outage that the area experienced after Tropical Storm Irene came storming through in August 2011.  Again, we lost power for 5 days, but we were still able to cook, have access to running water (very important!!!), watch the news, stay cool, vacuum water from the basement and do work from home because our generator was running like a champ. Even during that time, EPS contacted us to make sure we were ok and that our generator was running the way it should be and reminded us of maintenance tasks that we would have to take due to the length of the outage and time that the generator had been running. With our generator, we no longer have to stay with family over 75 miles away and go back and forth checking on our house during outages while waiting for the power company to get to our area."

Share your Generac story with us and receive an Essential Power Systems T-shirt! Email it to us or share it on our Facebook page.
BILLINGS PLAZA EXPO - Save the Date!  Saturday, 7/12/14 - 10AM-2PM
Our business neighbors have joined together to host a fun expo day!
There will be games, food, giveaways, displays and more!! Participating businesses so far include, Essential Power Systems (of course!!)Antonio's Pizza and Restaurant, Salon SabrinaThe Brothers That Just Do GuttersParty With UsMcGuire's CleaningCindy M. Smith, CPAGreen Apple Learning Center
(new tutoring center, site in development), Family Martial Arts and special guests.

              Click here for more information!
Referrals are the best compliments we can receive! EPS proudly participates in the Generac� Refer A Friend program.  If you refer friends, family or colleagues our way and they purchase and install a Generac� standby from us, you can both earn a $50 rebate. Details are found on the referral rebate form.
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