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June 18, 2013
The numbers 18 and 46 are very important today. On June 18,1967, 46 years ago today, Dan Gurney drove the #36 All American Racers Eagle Weslake V-12 to victory in the Belgian Grand Prix at Spa. It was the first Grand Prix victory for an American driving an American car since Jimmy Murphy won the 1921 French Grand Prix at LeMans in his Duesenberg 46 years earlier. 
Jimmy Murphy wins French Grand Prix 1921
Jimmy Murphy wins French Grand Prix 1921

Dan Gurney and the Eagle at Spa
Dan Gurney and the Eagle at Spa

Also on this date, America's first World Champion, Phil Hill led a Ferrari 1-2-3-4 sweep of the 1961 Belgian Grand Prix at Spa (sorry, couldn't find a video), making June 18 and the Belgian Grand Prix a very special combo for two of the most accomplished drivers in American racing history.

June 18 American GP Champs
Both Phil and Dan's victories have been commemorated by Limited Edition prints published by The Motorsport Collector and hand signed by these great drivers many years ago. 

Numbered copies of 'The Eagle Flies' (left) by Michael Turner are now sold out but a few A/P copies remain ($175.00 Order HERE). A few copies of 'American Champion' by Graham Turner are still available ($195.00 Order HERE). 

And, in a very timely trade made over the weekend, we are offering this 'mint in box' 1/18 scale Carousel 1 model of the Spa winning Eagle.  ($425.00 Purchase HERE).

C1 Eagle 6/18/13

46 years is a long time. I wonder how many more will pass before an American car or driver climbs to the top of the Formula One world. We can dream, can't we?


A few interesting new arrivals have landed this week. Kyosho's 1/18 scale Mecom Racing Ferrari 250 GTO is in very short supply already. We also have the red road car version of the GTO in stock for immediate delivery.


For those of you who remember the great American concept cars of the 1950's, check out our photo set of the new 1/18 scale 1955 La Salle Roadster Concept from Minichamps.

Watch for additional listings from The TWM Collection starting tomorrow! We hope to add about 70 1/18 scale models from the Collection by the weekend.

- Paul
PS - Thanks to Paul C. for the heads-up on the Murphy / Gurney / 46 relationship!

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