June 2012




Happy June to you!  Can you believe we are already at the half way point in the year?  
With lots of things completed and lots more to accomplish, I have to admit I am excited and a little nervous about getting everything done this quarter I planned to complete.  Thankfully I have a wonderful coach and mastermind group that support me in achieving everything that I want, in the timeframe I set my mind to.

In this issue I share Insights from May - Mastering Your Mindset, feature a book that is about mastering your money mind-set AND showcase a Massage Therapist that has provided excellent service.


Additionally, I share upcoming events and changes to my website that bring additional resources and opportunities to my clients and all who are in the Kim Miles coaching community.


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Blessings and gratitude,

Insights from May 2012 - Mastering Your Mindset


The month of May was quite interesting for me and my clients.   I personally experienced a flux in my cash-flow that was a bit unnerving.  It ultimately required my coach, Melanie Benson Strick, to really push and stretch me.  Thankfully, she did a fabulous job!


As many coaches experience, what shows up in our own businesses shows up in our client's as well.  I truly believe it is God's way of teaching coaches to relate to and thereby coach clients much more effectively.


As I pondered why this issues had come up now, and what I could do for my clients to support them into success, I realized the feeling that was most prominent was that of "not enough".  I felt a real sense of less than and questioned if my skills and experiences were enough to pull me through this rough spot.


Now, I have been in business for 5 years and have certainly experienced the ebb and flow of business, cash, and clients.  I have developed tools and programs specifically from those experiences to support my clients so they could move through that part of the learning curve much more rapidly.  I have even, at times, felt that I had a good grip on the challenges of being a business owner.


I was reminded that the negative mindset that can dramatically impact our self discipline from time to time is that very feeling of "not enough".  It can be flat out debilitating if you let it.  It is a mindset that must be overcome, not just by positive affirmations or wishing the feeling would go away, and not just by implementing a "just do it" approach.  The fastest way to overcome this mindset is by actual proof that you are indeed enough and that you are an arsenal of experiences, accomplishments, skills and learnings that warrant you being proud of you.


Several months ago I created a tool, The Accomplishments Timeline, that allows you to see for yourself all of your accomplishments in one place so you can prove to yourself that you are indeed enough.  


My clients and I found that having this information in one place, not only allows us to acknowledge our accomplishments, but also use it as a tool box that holds all of the the tools, skills and experiences that are most helpful in overcoming our challenges today.     


Here is how to create an Accomplishments Timeline:

  • Take out a large piece of paper and draw a time line of 10 or more years. (Leave plenty of room between each year tick mark)
  • Include both personal and professional data on the timeline.
  • List degrees, certifications, trainings received.
  • List major events that have occurred in the timeframe of your timeline (new jobs, moves, marriages, divorces, new baby etc)
  • List skills acquired and lessons learned for each of the events.
  • For each year list specifically how you have growth and "ah-ha's" that you have experienced.

With this Accomplishments Timeline complete, you can now see all of the tools you have at your disposal to support you with all situations you're experiencing now or will experience in the future. 


Keep adding to the time line because every experience is one of great value, even if you don't see it until later. 


Coaching Question: How could your business be transformed by having a positive mindset each and every day?

Upcoming Events and Programs

90 Day Success Intensive - The Action Plan you NEED to Accomplish a BIG GOAL!

Date: June 19, 2012

Time: 10:00am - 1:00pm

Location: Webinar

Time Investment:

June 19 - 3hr (Coaching/Training Call)

August 4 - 1hr (Group Coaching Call)

September 18 - 15min (Individual Coaching Call)

Financial Investment: $197  Register here


In this webinar you will...

  • Discover the critical thing that has been missing from your GOAL setting.
  • Design an Action Plan that guarantees RESULTS!!
  • Utilize a simple BUSINESS MODEL and plan to accelerate your results.
  • Understand your daily BUSINESS DRIVERS & communication style by utilizing the CORE Map assessment tool.
  • Apply a VALUES-BASED PROCESS for critical decision-making to reduce stress and conflict in your business
  • Understand where your BUSINESS ACTIONS are ineffective, and identify what you can do about it to fill the gaps...NOW!
Business Achievement Self Study

Date: July 9, 2012

Time: Self Study

Time Investment:

4 hrs (Audio)

4+ hrs (Homework)

Financial Investment: $97 Register here


The Business Achievement Self Study is for business owners who want a solid plan for growth and goal achievement in their business.

The program is designed to help you develop your strategic business plan for achieving success in 1 and 5-year time frame.  It is divided into 4 separate calls with associated assignments.


The work required to complete your strategic business plan involves introspection, reflection, research, and putting pen to paper.

Participants will receive...

  • Solid business content from expert resources.
  • Fieldwork exercises and action items to fully develop a strategic business plan for GROWTH!
  • Coaching support by an ICF Certified Business Coach.
...and walk away with a SOLID business plan created for achieving growth and prosperity in their business!


Issue: 11
Kim L. Miles

Quote of the month

"Success consists of getting up just one more time than you fall" ~Oliver Goldsmith

Featured Business: 

Parker Massage and Wellness - Jake Freedle CMT


I recently experienced an amazing massage by fellow networking colleague, Jake Freedle and must say, it was an amazing experience.


Jake utilized his reflexology skills and worked on my feet in a way that brought me to complete relaxation. 


Jake worked out the tightness in my upper back, where I am ALWAYS knotted up, such that I felt more comfortable and ready to take on the rest of the day and week, revitalized and energized.


Finally, Jake provides a professional and customer service experience from the time of scheduling to completion of the massage.


If you haven't experienced a massage by Jake Freedle, you really need to get in and see him soon.


Parker Massage and Wellness is at 10841 S. Crossroads Dr. Suite 9

Parker, CO 80134

and Jake can be reached at 303-841-7121.


Featured Book: 

Overcoming Under Earning

by Barbara Stanny  


As a business coach and life long learner I am constantly reading personal and professional development books.  Many I find on my own and many are recommended by colleagues.


One of the "issues" I have experienced in my own business as well as what many clients are experiencing is that of cash-flow or finance management aka money mindset.


My coach recently sent me the book Overcoming Under Earning by Barbara Stanny and since I have read it, have incorporated it into my own practice as recommend reading.


This book not only gives you the tools to develop a great money mindset, if provides the coaching questions and exercises to dig deep to the root of the money issues.


Whether you are experiencing cash-flow issues, overspending, not changing enough or not making enough, this book is a true life saver when it comes to developing a healthy money mind-set.


Overcoming Under Earning can be purchased at www.amazon.com .or your local book seller.


Behind the Moon - Parker 
Tuesday, June 12th
9:30 - 11:00am
Panera Bread 640 S. Colorado Blvd, Glendale, CO


DTC CBW Luncheon
Wednesday June 13th
11:00am - 1:00pm
7401 S. Clinton St
Englewood, CO 80112

Women, Wine and Wellness
Thursday, June 14th
3113 Soaring Eagle Lane, Castle Rock, CO 80109 
7355 East Orchard Rd #400, Greenwood Village, 80111 
More info here

90 Day Success Intensive - The Action Plan you Need to Accomplish a BIG GOAL!
Tuesday. June 19th
10:00am - 1:00pm
Register here 


Women, Wine and Wellness 
Thursday, June 20th
6:30 - 9:00pm
3113 Soaring Eagle Lane,
Castle Rock, CO 80109

Website Changes: 
In order to better serve clients and site visitors, I am excited to announce that I have made some changes to my website.

*Video content - Video Blogs and Home page welcome

*New Opt In Free Audio - A great tool to creating power partnerships.

*Event Registration - Register for events and programs right from the website.

*Products - New self study products for professional development.

*Client Login - Allows clients to access materials and information on their programs.


Please check out the new features and enjoy!

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