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My Sugar Chapters!

As I reflect on activity at the office over the past few weeks, I realize how truly impressive my clients are. One of the biggest challenges facing many clients is metabolic syndrome, overweight and obesity. This challenge is not just in my office, it's worldwide. The western diet is wreaking havoc on our health. FYI metabolic syndrome is the distended abdomen that disfigures so many bodies. Pre-diabetes is another name for it according to Mark Hyman MD, in his book The Blood Sugar Solution. Hyman focuses particularly on the diabesity population meaning diabetic and obese. Dr Hyman is a member of the Institute for Functional Medicine where docs deal with the cause of an issue rather than just treat the symptoms.


 More and more clients are combining their cleanses with the colon hydrotherapy. The product that seems to work best with the overweight, obese population is Dr Schulze's bowel detox products, specifically formulas #1 and #2. These products work best on the most difficult cases. Some clients use the formula #2 on a regular basis and are seeing a transformation in their overall health.


Many who are into preventive health continue to use the Arise and Shine 7-Day Cleanse and do 3 colonics on this program, before, during and after.


Once again, more and more people are doing the Andreas Moritz liver and gall bladder flush. He suggests 12 to start. His book is the guide. Colonics are done on day 6 and then day 8 or 9 after the big flush. One client has informed me about another liver gall bladder cleanse site that I actually found over 10 years ago and promptly forgot about it. Julia Chang has some excellent articles and products at her site plus she tells her personal story.


Now that summer is here, some clients are doing raw vegetable juicing. It keeps the body temperature cool, allows the loss of a few pounds and it gives the digestive system a break. There is something for everyone. The idea is to evolve in your health consciousness through internal cleansing. I encourage you to take the next step on your health path!


I am now a published author thanks to my brother Michael Shea PhD. I wrote the first 4 chapters in his fourth volume of Bio-dynamic Cranial Sacral Therapy. The subject of the chapters is SUGAR, it's a hot topic now.


Sheila Shea, Director
Special of the Month 1
Starter Pack
7-Day Cleanse Kit by Arise & Shine & 3 Colonics


7-Day Kit:
3 Colonics:
Your Discount Price:

The Starter Pack was the most successful offer in our last newsletter. Clients took advantage of cleansing, lifestyle change and feeling a whole lot better about themselves. I encourage you to take the journey whether this is your first cleanse or  you want to get back on track after gaining weight or loosing track of your health goals.

My suggestion for the best results is to have a colonic before, during and after the 7-Day Cleanse.

Email me at or call 520-325-9686 to initiate your program.

Expiry: July 15, 2012
Special of the Month 2

5-Day Bowel Detox, 5 Colonics!  


The 5-Day is a powerful cleanse for the highly motivated to cleanse deeply and quickly, move the mountain, so to speak. If you are tired of being sick and tired this super cleanse is for you. It requires 5 shakes daily and a modified diet. You buy the 5-Day Bowel Detox at Dr Schulze's site and take 5 colonics during the week, on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday.


5-Day Bowel Detox $64 plus tax/ship


5-Day Colonic Blitz  $299 (regularly $369) 


Your new total with discount is  $363


If this program is for you, please email me at or call 520-325-9686 to initiate your program.


I want to bring something to your attention. Dr Schulze, the formulator of his famous bowel, liver and kidney detoxes, categorizes people who desire to do his cleanse in 3 ways. What category do you fall into?


BEGINNERS, start here if:

  • You don't want to change what you eat
  • You're too busy to make lifestyle changes or commit to a more involved program
  • You do not have any serious illness and just want to clean out

 INTERMEDIATE, start here if:

  • You are willing to eat a clean food program during the DETOX
  • You feel a bit run down, out of energy and toxic and want more powerful results

 ADVANCED, start here if:

  • You are willing to eat only raw foods and do some juice flushing
  • You are sick and tired of feeling sick and tired or you have a serious illness

 We are all in a different place when it comes to making changes in our intestinal and overall health. Some are barely hanging on; others are ready to jump into the raw food and juices.


My clients who have done the 5-Day Bowel Detox Program are doing very well with their health progress. I tried the #2 formula with great success. My arthritis declined and my abdomen felt flat and light. However, the Bowel Detox needs to be repeated many times to be effective. Five days does not change a lifetime of habits. Five days is a beginning. The Special I am offering this month is for those who are highly motivated, willing to go for it and who want to dig deep and make a change.

Expiry: July 15, 2012
What's in the Bag! Be Prepared!
bag contents
What's in the bag?


I took a picture of my client's bag that was sitting on the chair in my colonic room. It intrigued me. Anyone who is returning to health is returning to the kitchen and natural food preparation. Plus, plus, plus! Read on.


My daily lunch bag:

I carry about 80-100 oz of water from home to work every day in a variety of stainless steel bottles.  I use some of the water to make herbal teas at work (I use a 4 cup coffee pot), drink my raw/vegan protein powder supplement and my Formula 2 when I am performing a full day of intestinal cleansing. The Blender Bottle (pink lid) does an amazing job at blending any powder supplements I am taking throughout the day.  I was hesitant to buy one when I first spotted them because my recycled glass jars work just as well.  I broke down when I flew out of town and could not take my glass jar with me; now I can't imagine not having one! I make sure I have at least 30oz of H2O left at the end of my workday that I take to the gym and drink during my workout. It's hot in Tucson so I make sure I am very well hydrated!


During my work day I consume at least one pint of fresh juice, 8-10oz of yummy green smoothies, fresh fruit (hence the banana), and on this day I was treating myself to a yummy quinoa salad which had diced up bell peppers (all colors but green...I don't like green), green onion, organic soybeans, and a simple homemade dressing made with organic/cold pressed EVOO, raw/organic apple cider vinegar and pressed garlic (oh so good).  If you look under the Blender bottle you will spot the soybeans.


This is my lunchbox therefore I carry it around every day to work with all my goodies and take all my empties back home every night (much lighter LOL).  On this day I stopped to see Sheila for my colonic before work so I brought my lunchbox with me because I was not about to leave it my car since the Tucson weather turns cars into ovens. 


I started my journey into a mostly raw vegan diet about three years ago and I quickly learned to carry my food around on a daily basis because I know it will be healthy and I won't have to struggle with trying to find something to eat while I am out and about.  I have become very picky and I only purchase organic produce that limits my eating out options.  This may sound strange but carrying my own food around has become second nature. Even when I am on vacation I look for farmers markets, fruit stands, or chain super markets (e.g. Trader Joes, WholeFoods, Sunflower, etc). I stock up on fresh produce that's readily available to me.  All I have to do is wash, peel and enjoy!


I do eat out on occasion (my boyfriend loves steakhouses) and I usually stick to baked sweet potatoes with nothing on it (other than black pepper).  If the restaurant has organic greens or fruit then I will venture out. 



Life on the Fat Side! One Client is Honest!

profile metabolic syndome
Kamala's Profile


Yes, I want to share with you my life on the Fat side. Only it's not easy to write about what is so painful and has such a negative impact on every waking moment of my day.


Detox Not Re-intoxicate


by Kamala


Kamala is not my real name. A yoga teacher gave me this name in 2000 during a retreat in Italy. She promotes spiritual and physical health. She gave me all sorts of advice and re-named me Kamala, a Hindi word signifying the lotus that would arise from the mud. Read a beautiful person that will arise from underneath all that blubber.


The Sugar Addiction

Believe me, at 58 years old with a height of 5' 5" and a fluctuating weight around 200 pounds, I've heard of about every diet and healthy lifestyle, good versus toxic food, exercise and good lifestyle books plus everything I've read or heard everyday about health from multiple outlets. Plus I am a collector of about 35 plus diet books.


One problem only, every year I still add 2 to 3 pounds to my 90 plus pound overweight body. How I did manage to get here? Easy. Starting every day, every Monday, every month and every January first, I commit myself to health and good eating. Uh, uh uh. I forgot a little thing. I AM ADDICTED TO SUGAR and I love it or better I feel like I need it.


But, I am not stupid and I know very well that I can live without it.  I did more than once but it was short-lived. I always had an excuse: the BBQ this weekend, it's cold, it's hot, it's my birthday, my neighbor's birthday or the buffet is so inexpensive. I was never short of excuses, plenty of them as plenty as my consumption of food that bypassed the commitment I made in the morning just before lunchtime.


Lack of understanding, NO!

Lack of willpower, NO

Lack of resources, NO

Lack of critical thinking, NO


I consider myself an educated person with a very good appetite for knowledge and very well traveled to more than 70 countries. So why can't I keep control of my body? Addiction, Addiction, Addiction. The worst feeling I have is being out of control with my diet day after day.


The Disability Aspect of Overweight

Today, I have to plan any trip long or activity way in advance because of my excess weight and how it affects me. Gone are the days that I could pack a suitcase and fly to exotic destinations on a short notice. I am not ready for anything; my clothes do not fit, my health is poor, my ability to concentrate is diminished. My mood is not good even for a vacation.


The addictive eating is a revolving door that interferes with my ability to do the things that I love. I'm too tired to keep my affairs in order and my house clean the way I want it. My joints ache. I do not want anyone to take my picture. I am procrastinating my life way too much!


I do manage to control my food impulses successfully sometimes however sometimes I do not. One day I got such indigestion I ended up in the emergency room. The docs believed I was having a heart attack, an infarction. However, it turned out to be excessive gas, a big fart! I know that good diet would have prevented this. Natural foods might cost more however they have positive health benefits!


I only want to live a simple life. I want to be able to wear my beautiful clothes that are in the closet, sizes 14, 12 and 10 and probably back to the size 8 I used to wear so beautifully when I was 40. Now, I wear size 40 most of the time.


So, one more time I will try to detox. I will try to keep from Re-intoxicating myself again. In the meantime here is a profile of my midriff, not my face. I will keep you posted on my progress! I am going to reorganize my diet and do colon hydrotherapy and cleansing. I am highly motivated right now.


Note: Kamala is a classic case of metabolic syndrome. She is making great progress. I don't think going back to our old eating patterns is a choice anymore. It is one day at a time for the rest of our life heading toward a healthy body, mind and spirit.
Final Words

I am back on my annual theme of return to nature, return to the kitchen. I have given you many good ideas of cleansing for this coming month plus I have given you stories of Mary who 'packs it in' and Kamala who is disabled and unhappy because of her weight. Where do you fall on this spectrum of health? Where do you want to be, how do you want to feel? I am more than happy to work with you on a health and detox plan. Have a great summer.

Enjoy and be in touch,
Sheila Shea, Director
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