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June 2013
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Mission of the PRA

The Mission of the Pensacola Runners Association is to promote, support and develop running and racing along the northern Gulf Coast. Our objective is to provide information, education, training, social and sporting events for competitive and non- competitive runners and walkers of all ages, races, genders and abilities.


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PRA President, Lewis Reddoch

There are so many good things happening with the PRA that it's hard to know where to start!


On behalf of the PRA I would like to thank all of our new and    

returning Board members. Thank you for giving your precious time and talents to the PRA. I am very excited about this new Board and look forward to another terrific year for our organization. Thanks also to all of our outgoing directors and officers for a job well done.


The 2013 Gary McAdams 5K is in the books and what a success it was. Courtney Peterson and a large crew of volunteers made this a quality race for a very good cause. We registered 100+ more entrants than last year and everyone had a good race, and a good time. Thanks to everyone that volunteered and raced!


Mark your calendars for July 17th 6:30 pm - 8:30 pm! Your PRA is putting on a membership social at Apple Annie's in Seville Quarter. There will be hors d'oeuvers , beverages, door prizes and more. All current members in good standing are invited. Haven't renewed yet? Remember our memberships all renew on July 1st of each year. You can renew at the entrance to the social. This is a good chance to meet new members and mingle with your friends. See you there!


More good news! The first time that I volunteered to work a race I was totally amazed at the amount of planning, permitting, marketing, and hard work that it takes to put on a quality event PRA style. We have some volunteers that are always ready, willing, and able. Your Board unanimously approved a motion to establish a Volunteer of the Year Award to be presented at the Don McCloskey Seafood 5K Run/Walk.


Thank you for giving me the opportunity to serve as your president; I am looking forward to another superb year for the Pensacola Runners Association. See you out there!


Lewis Reddoch 

Runner's Night with the Blue Wahoos


The Blue Wahoos and the PRA are putting on a one mile fun run which loops the Maritime Park and Wahoo stadium on Wednesday June 26th. Mark your calendars and be there for what surely will be a good time. We will meet by the PRA flags on the west side of the stadium and run or walk at 6:15 p.m. Then stick around and enjoy a great night of baseball and food. General admission tickets are only $5. See you there!





Runners enjoy our first "Runner's Night" in May


It's even a family event!


PRA Membership Social

Mark your calendars for July 17th 6:30 pm - 8:30 pm! Your PRA is hosting a membership social at Apple Annie's in Seville Quarter. There will be hors d'oeuvers , beverages, door prizes and more. All current members in good standing are invited. Haven't renewed yet? Remember our memberships all renew on July 1st of each year. You can renew at the entrance to the social. This is a good chance to meet new members and mingle with your friends. See you there!


Race Report - Bear Lake Trail Challenge

By Angelika Cope


On a sunny Saturday, 141 runners thoroughly enjoyed a 4-mile trail run around Bear Lake in Munson, Florida. Many of the runners proudly wore their Bear Lake tanks, which were provided to all registrants - the first time in a long time! After a challenging run, the runners relaxed in the fresh air as they enjoyed hamburgers and hotdogs with all the fixings and a few sweet treats to round out a scrumptious meal. Many wooden medallions with the Bear Lake Trail Challenge emblem etched into them were awarded to the fastest runners in each age group.


During the post-race party, the 2012-2013 board members were recognized for another successful year under the leadership of Laura Harris. In addition, the members voted in the 2013-2014 Pensacola Runners Association board, which is bound to be just as successful with Lewis Reddoch as our President!


Diane and Angelika, the directors of the 2013 Bear Lake Trail Challenge, appreciate each and every runner and volunteer that came out to support this event. Without each them, the event wouldn't have been as great as it was! The Pensacola Runners Association is looking forward to another great trail challenge in 2014, so keep your trail training up!

Race Report -- 18th Annual Gary McAdams

Scholarship 5K Run At Pensacola Beach


By Charles Gheen 


The Gary McAdams Scholarship 5K Run at Pensacola Beach on June 8th was again a great success. Over 500 participants registered and 421 runners and 57 walkers eventually crossed the Finish Line in nearly perfect weather as a strong breeze helped keep the athletes cool. Danny Goodman (16:45) and Maria Sandstrom (19:15) were the overall champions for the event.


Afterwards, the Sandshaker Lounge co-hosted the post-race celebration with the PRA. Lots of food and refreshments were served to the runners, walkers and volunteers while a live band provided entertainment. Cecilia McAdams thanked the crowd for participating and contributing to the McAdams fund.


Over the years, the PRA has been able to award tens of thousands of dollars in scholarships to worthy recipients from the race proceeds. Each year, at the Pensacola Sports Association Annual Awards banquet, a female and male athlete who has prevailed against adversity is honored with scholarship funds. Many thanks go to Race Director Courtney Peterson and his committee for providing a great experience for the athletes and for the significant contribution to this worthy cause. 


Announcing the Start of the Race!


A successful start! 



And they are off! 
Award Presentation to Cecilia McAdams
PRA Membership Renewals

It's Time to Renew Your PRA Membership!
Beginning now, we are transitioning to an ANNUAL renewal for all... meaning that everyone's membership will run from July 1st to June 30th of the following year.  Our prices are the same: $15 for an individual, $20 for a family.  If you have signed up in recent months, or if you sign up before July 1st of this year, you will automatically be an active member until June 30, 2014.  All other extensions will be handled on a case-by-case basis if you'd like to contact  We sincerely hope this reduces some of the confusion of the past couple years and hope you'll consider renewing today!

PRA Board Establishes

Volunteer Of The Year Award


The Pensacola Runners Association (PRA) conducts nine races annually along with providing equipment, support, advice and manpower to other area events. This could not be accomplished without the amazing efforts of our awesome volunteers who assist our Race Directors. 


They collectively contribute thousands of hours every year to provide running and walking opportunities for the community.  They perform their tasks in heat, cold, wind and rain and they do those tasks again and again.  They work long and hard to provide the best experiences for our athletes.


The PRA Board of Directors has voted to establish a new award to annually recognize a volunteer or volunteers for significant and long-term contributions to the mission of promoting running and racing opportunities for the Northwest Florida community.  You can submit your nomination of a worthy candidate to the Board by emailing  The award will be presented in September at the Seafood Festival Don McCloskey 5K.


TriGulf Coast

"Ain't nobody got time for that... Injury!"

by Mindi Straw

Every athlete wants to be healthy and injury-free. But, consistently pushing the body to the limit will inevitably result in a sports-related injury, just as I discovered this past March. I was stopped in my tracks by a stress fracture to the right 3rd metatarsal (foot bone).


I spent the entire 2013 Winter focusing on training for the New Orleans Rock 'n' Roll Marathon: ramped up my mileage, focused on speed work (i.e. tempo runs), pushed my other activities (bike, swim) to the periphery, and went tunnel vision at a 2014 Boston Marathon qualifying time. Proudly, I met my goal.


But, by the time the NOLA marathon came and went I was staring triathlon season directly in the face. I found myself driven to go "King Kong" as I call it -- basically back to high-intensity swim, bike, run, and brick workouts. I really didn't give myself much time after the marathon to recover. Rather, I quickly increased my workout intensity (too quickly as it would turn out).


After a few weeks of "King Kong" mode I decided to have a go at the storied Azalea Trail Run. Yes, one month following NOLA. I would run an EASY five miles before the event then RACE the 10K. Perfect plan. I had logged plenty of miles training for the marathon and with the last couple weeks of "putting it up to eleven" (name the movie, someone) this was going to be a test of my fitness leading into tri season. My chance to see if I had regained some top-end speed coming out of a Winter of long, slow distance.


During the race, I noticed my right foot was smarting a bit. With every impact it soon felt like a knife working around in my foot. My options: stop running or run faster (so as to make it to the finish line so the pain would stop). I opted for the later... and PR'd (pain is a great motivator). But, this pain was not going away. Something was wrong.


All I could think about was, "I don't have time for an injury." There are races to be raced and triathlon season is looming. Out of desperation, I scurried to see a Podiatrist. My original thought (wish) that I was suffering from a neuroma was quickly dashed when the X-ray revealed a stress fracture. My treatment fantasy of a simple steroid injection quickly transformed into six to eight weeks in a "boot," NO pressure, and ZERO impact.


I did not digest this well, I was steamrolled. "What was I going to do for exercise?" "What about all these races I registered for?" "I am going to lose my endurance." I was quickly reminded by many athletes and training partners that it was early in the triathlon season. Further, I was urged to follow doctor's orders so as to get well with hopes that I could participate later in the season. Once my initial psychosis (honestly, I had to be talked down a few times) subsided I decided to formulate a plan to maintain some endurance and hopefully accelerate the healing.


1)     Religious with wearing the "boot" - basically 24/7 with the few exceptions below.

2)     Masters swim class FIVE days a week (no impact on foot as I avoided "pushing off" the wall)

3)     Trainer bike 3-4/week, with one "long ride" weekly. Started off on very easy gears to avoid pulling/pushing. First hint of pain, I would stop.

4)     Gym workouts 2-3/week. This was tough with the "boot" but I managed to focus on abs/arms/glutes.

5)     Eat a balanced diet, but ramp up high calcium-rich foods. Since I am not a huge fan of milk it was buckets of yogurt, leafy green veggies, nuts, flaxseed, and soy products. I also continued my normal vitamin regimen.


My plan was to return to the doctor EXACTLY one month following the initial diagnosis. During that month I would participate in the Red Hills Triathlon (swim only) and I would also travel to the Boston Marathon. Yep, I actually participated in the B.A.A. 5K (me and my "boot"). It would be my slowest 5K to date but I was happy to participate and experience all the excitement of the Boston Marathon weekend.


An eventful thirty days later, time for a follow-up X-ray. I was on pins and needles but had no expectations. The doctor's exact words: "That is some of the best bone formation in a thirty day time period that I have ever seen. Go ahead and start running, but take it slow." That very weekend I completed St. Anthony's Triathlon in St. Petersburg, Florida. Probably not what the doctor meant by "take it slow." I smiled the entire time despite some residual pain. Heck, I was just happy to be participating again.


Did I learn something from all this? Yep. Listen to the body, let yourself recover, and when an injury sets in formulate a plan and stick to it. Some have termed "nutrition" as the fourth discipline to triathlon, but I have to think that "balance and sensible intensity/volume" has got to be mixed in there somewhere!



Runner Profile
Jessica Barnett
By Erika Smith

In 2007, Jessica Barnett was a work-at-home mom caring for two beautiful babies. One day, she decided "to run a little" while out on a walk around her neighborhood pushing her children in their double jogger. She jokes that although she made it about one block on her first try, she tried again the next day and within a few months had worked up to 5 miles per day. She was loving every minute of it! Upon the encouragement of a close friend, she signed up for her first race, the 2008 Double Bridge Run. And, once she crossed the finish line, she was "hooked." Soon after, she found herself running her first half marathon and then signing up for Running Wild's popular Marathon Training Program. She's been running marathons ever since and will be running her first ultra next year!


Jessica explains that when she first started running in 2007, "I was at a place in life where I needed something healthy that was my own. Running made me feel strong and like I could do anything. Every marathon I have done has been more than just a run. They have been their own spiritual experiences. Those last two miles force me to a place of gratitude and awareness that there is something much bigger than me pulling me through life. And, I have met so many amazing people while running. Running really did change my life."

Now days, Jessica enjoys joining the group that meets at Running Wild on Saturday mornings to run the Bayou Loop. She also loves the freedom and peace that comes from running the trails at UWF. Her favorite local race "hands down" is the Double Bridge Run because of the amazing views of the water on a typically cool February morning. Her favorite out of town event is the beloved New York City Marathon, which she ran several years ago with her husband, Ryan, as her third and his first marathon. She explains that "crossing over the finish line" with her husband is what made the race extra-special for her.


Jessica's next race will be the Chicago marathon in October. Then, she'll be completing her first ultramarathon in March, the Oak Mountain 50k. Jessica adds that she's trying to talk her husband into running Oak Mountain with her. At this point, "He says no, but I know that he means yes!"  


Jessica's PR's include a 1:48 half marathon in New Orleans and a 3:59 marathon here in Pensacola last year. Additionally, she started swimming at the pool at UWF a few months ago. She laughs that she and a friend swim one mile and then "reward ourselves with the sauna. It really is all about the sauna!"


Jessica grew up locally in Pace. She earned her Bachelor's degree in Philosophy at UWF. She and her husband, Ryan, married in 2006 and have three wonderful children - Tayler (13), Bryton (8), and Gracie (6). Jessica explains that she is particularly busy these days, as she is currently homeschooling her two youngest children and "we are having so much fun." She also works part-time at Running Wild "keeping all of our training programs in order."  


Jessica is one of the kindest people you could ever meet. I love when she joins our Saturday morning trail running group because she is just such a joy to be around. You're sure to meet her out on the trails or on the Bayou Loop or start planning now for Oak Mountain 2014.




Boston Marathon Results


By: Dave Seiler


Boston made the news lately for the wrong reasons.  Marathoners owe a lot to Boston.  It not only popularized marathoning but is the goal for most runners.  Many runners from Pensacola have ran Boston.  We would like to compile an update to date list of these runners.  Please provide us with the following information:
  • the year(s) you ran Boston,
  • your name,
  • completion time and placement (if known),  
  • a brief comment on your experience.

A list of results will be compiled in a future edition of The Rundown. 

Please email your information to Dave Seiler:
We Want to Publish Your Pictures!

Please send us your photos from running and racing in the area for inclusion in the upcoming editions of The
Rundown.  Send comments, suggestions or articles to:

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