June 2014 
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The staff at the Centre for Studies in Aging & Health (CSAH), located in Kingston Ontario, welcomes you to our first issue of Linkages, a monthly newsletter designed to help you create, share and apply knowledge about seniors' health. 


 What to Expect from Linkages?


As a constantly evolving and dynamic Centre, Linkages will be the main channel of communication to you, our community of stakeholders.


Each issue will connect you to information and resources profiled on our website, sagelink.ca, to help you improve your practice, explore new research and join the conversation about older adults.




CSAH staff



Improve Your Practice
Access clinical resources, continuous learning opportunities and teaching material which support the care of elderly adults within primary care, hospital, community and long term care settings. 
Spotlight: Falls & Immobility
A fall is a sudden and unintentional change in position resulting in an individual landing at a lower level such as on an object, the floor, or the ground, with or without injury. Most falls are predictable and preventable: a fall can cause a loss in confidence which can lead to a decline in health and function and contribute to future falls.

Resources for Seniors & Caregivers

Explore New Research
View innovative research, projects and activities currently being undertaken by the Centre or one of its' collaborative partners in Ontario.

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Join the Conversation
Stay in the know about the latest and greatest information related to seniors' health. Take part in hot topic discussions, find related networks, and exchange ideas through CSAH's knowledge exchange platform.
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