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June  2015                                                                         Louise Reichlin & Dancers 


The Baggage Project
(photo by Paul Antico)


June E-News

- Free performance at 
Lummis Day

- Auditions for our Company
Dancers wanted

- Applications for the
      TriArt SP Festival continue.
Companies wanted-
Deadline June 30.

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Free Performance Sunday June 7, 2015 at Lummis Day
The 10th Annual Lummis Day begins today, and we are performing Sunday at 2:50 on Stage 2. We will be doing The Ballerina/Clown from the Rose Cafe, an interactive Multicultural Dance from 3 cultures, Wedding (from Urban and Tribal Dances) Selections from The Tennis Dances, and Brandenburg (from Tap Dance Widows Club.

See the complete schedule for free performances and free parking at

Dance and music alternate all day! 
Auditions for Louise Reichlin & Dancers/ LA Choreographers & Dancers

2015-2016 Season

When:  Tuesday, 6/9/15 at 10 am.

             E-mail with resume.        

Where:  Live Arts LA, 4210 Panamint St,(corner of Eagle Rock), Los Angeles CA 90065   


Paid performances and associated teaching activities. Rehearsal honorarium.   
Professional modern/ contemporary, strong ballet and jazz background, strong stage presence, expressiveness, musicality, and technique. Floor work important and the ability to improvise helpful. Tap is useful if other areas are strong, but not required.  All ethnic types.


Rehearsals times are 10-1 on Sun,Tues,Thurs when in full rehearsal. To see some of the styles look at, then the name of the production. For more information call 213-385-1171 or e-mail Also see our web site or facebook site.  Performances next season include local and some touring. We will be starting a new work later this month. See below for more about repertory. If unable to attend, please contact us for appointment.



Kistina Pressler at Walk On the Edge Festival, San  Diego. Photo: Sue Brenner

Roman Bykov & Elizabeth Ann Poinsette at HH11 Festival, Santa Barbara.
Photo: Heidi Bergseteren  


Louise Reichlin & Dancers burst into the public eye in 1979 with their first performance at the Anson Ford Theatre when "Reichlin created a sensation with "The Tennis Dances" (Dance News). Over the years she has continued to examine our society from its most primitive nature to the emergence of the information age with "The E-mail Dances"
in 1996. Through multiple performances for the 23rd Olympiad, a summer series at the LA Zoo, touring the US and Mexico with "Dreamscapes" and "The Patchwork Girl of Oz"
Some of our earlier works when they were first done.
Some of our earlier works when they were first done.
Reichlin has consistently created "probing and provocative" works. (Dance Magazine)


We recently did a complete revival of "The Tennis Dances" and added new material to "Tap Dance Widows Club" at the Bootleg Theater in April (please see a brand new review from Explore, and created new dances for a poetry project with Linda J. Albertano at Beyond Baroque in May, as well as completing residencies at Taper, Rosemont and Hillcrest El. Schools.  We currently have many performances and residencies at schools in the Los Angeles area, both curriculum based and after school. The company, a performing unit of Los Angeles Choreographers & Dancers, was founded by Louise Reichlin.  

Applications Continue for the TriArt SP Festival - Sept.19-20, 2015
The SAN PEDRO ? TRI ART Festival is a free family event featuring Dance, Music, and Visual Arts/Crafts Booths in the Ports O'Call Village on the waterfront. This will be its 9th year, and the 5th at this beautiful outside location. Founded by Joe Caccavalla, we have been curating the event, but on Joe's passing in 2012, Los Angeles Choreographers & Dancers began producing it. As a non-profit, we began applying for grants at that point. We are delighted that we have just received another Department of Cultural Affairs, City of LA, Festival Grant. The main performances are September 19 and 20, and some companies will also perform in previews including one on August 29 at Alvas. The deadline to apply is June 30.

Last year the Dance component included 14 professional and 6 pre-professional companies from all over the Southland. You can see more about the last three year's festivals at web-site TriArt SP 2014. There is an interest in all dance forms performed by professional companies including traditional ballet and modern as well as ethnic dance forms and hip-hop. Most of the works were traditional in their presentation last year, but several companies did interactive pieces that involved audience members, and this is another area of interest. This is for an outdoor marley covered stage approximately 32 x 28 feet. Each set will be 10-30 minutes. The programs open with 2-3 pre-professional groups each day, so we'd like to hear from schools also. The turn out on each day was several thousand over the days events. We anticipate good coverage for the event, both before and after.

Last year we received many more applications than there was room for, so if you were not selected before, please try again, perhaps with a different piece. There is always great diversity in the programming. To apply, email
what you would like to perform, including a digital press packet and video link. Professional companies- 10 to 30', pre-professional under 10'. If it is a new work, include projected music. If you were in it last season, please let us know if you are interested this year, and what work you might like to do. There is an honorarium for all professional companies.

This year, as last, the festival is produced by Louise Reichlin, Los Angeles Choreographers & Dances in conjunction with Jan Kain, People's Place San Pedro. More news about our partners to follow. We are currently looking for a Music Producer Partner, and for Volunteers.  Please email us.

Just 3 weeks left to contribute to our 2014-2015 Season  

Special thanks to you for your support to date.

We hope to share our dances and teaching with other areas, and new funds from you can also take us to any location in LA and much further.  If you donate, you can help us get to your location!! Please visit our website to make your donation.



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Videos of Louise Reichlin & Alfred Desio:


click here for Reichlin on You/Tube 


click here for Desio on You/Tube 


Please contact us if you would like more information about anything you see here.





Louise Reichlin, Director

Louise Reichlin & Dancers/LA Choreographers & Dancers



Free performance photo: Alfred Desio 

Patchwork Girl photo: Sallie DeEtte Mackie