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Come and join us at the ballgame on July 23rd!  If you'd like to spend an evening with our awesome lobbyist and watch some Royals baseball!  If you want to come, please RSVP to with your name and the number of tickets you want!  Let us know by July 5th!
First Female Court Reporter in Missouri in 1892
Did you know that the first female court reporter began working in 1892?  She worked in Hannibal, Missouri.  Read the article to find out more about her!
Survey Results from May
Topic:  What happens when a freelancer is brought in to record proceedings in a courtroom with an official reporter present?

Officials responses 74%  Freelancers responses 26%
Are you a freelance reporter who has ever been hired by an attorney to report in a courtroom where there is an official reporter also present making a record? 
A.  Yes, 17.3%  No, 13%
Are you an official who has ever had a freelance reporter brought in to report proceedings while you are also present?  
A:  Yes, 17.3%  No, 48%  Other 8.6%  (The total equals 104.2 due to crossover responses.)

�Does your court have a local rule regarding having more than one reporter be present and report the proceedings? �If so, could you please cite the local rule.
A.  Yes, 8.6%.  No, 60.8%, No response 21.7%

There were comments given and in every case that there was more than one reporter present, the reporters indicated that they were able to resolve it in a professional manner.  When both did report a proceeding, the official reporter's transcript was the official record.  Thanks for the lively and respectful discussion!
Issue of the Month: Providing Audio

Lately, there have been multiple requests across the state to freelancers and officials for their audio.  We like to know what's happening and what you want us to do as the association that represents you.  Please take a minute to take this survey and let us know your thoughts or experiences.

 Click here to take the survey!
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