June 2016

"When you're surrounded by people who share a passionate commitment around a common purpose, anything is possible." -Howard Schultz
In This Issue
How to Partner for Impact: The Nuts and Bolts of Aligning Collective Impact Efforts

Karen Pittman, from the Forum for Youth Investment, writes about how  "alignment is essential to success" in collective impact. Her essay explores the questions of "how to align" efforts  when implementing collective impact in the community.
Bellevue: Welcoming the World

Bellevue is a city that has grown over the years with citizens arriving from all over the world. In 2016 it has hosted many events that highlight the City of Bellevue's commitment to equity, access, inclusion, and opportunity. Learn more about how the City of Bellevue is celebrating its diversity.
Partner Testimonial: Building A Stronger Community

Patrick Foran, from City of Bellevue Parks & Community Services, talks about collective impact and what drew him to the concept and the value and effect it has had in his work and on his department. 
Partner Profile:  India Association of Western Washington

The India Association of Western Washington exists "to provide a common identity to the Indian community and facilitate cultural, social and educational services and opportunities for cultural integration from young to old of the community; as well as to foster those activities that enhance mutual understanding and appreciation between the Indo-American community and mainstream American community."

Eastside Pathways News
Communications Update

Last summer, the Eastside Pathways Backbone began to look at creating consistent messaging statements that would facilitate staff and partners' ability to speak about the work we do. In doing so, we realized that we needed to step back and also look at refining Eastside Pathways' vision, mission, and goals.

We are happy to share Eastside Pathways' new tagline and vision and the Backbone's refreshed mission: 

Every child thriving, cradle to career
A community where every child is happy, healthy, and successful.
Eastside Pathways mobilizes our entire community to support every child, step by step, from cradle to career.

Spring All-Partner Meeting

Eastside Pathways held the spring All-Partner Meeting on May 12th at Highland Community Center. There were over 50 partner executive leaders in attendance. This was a continuation of what was begun at the January meeting, reflecting on the commitments each organization made.

Putter Bert hosted the meeting and talked about the importance of collective impact.   "Eastside Pathways helped us get to know other organizations; what we do and what we can do together as a group. They helped us be smart collaborators," she said. Putter believes that collective impact is not about "what can we get out of it", but "what can we add" and "where can it go."
Stephanie Cherrington, Eastside Pathways' executive director, shared that she had met executive directors of over half of partner organizations to talk about the 'how' and 'what' of being an Eastside Pathways partner is and how they can effect deep systemic change together while having their own independent roles. The conversation also covered the need for role clarity for the staff working in collaboratives as well as the role and responsibility for each organization in the Partnership. "W e come together then go back to our organizations and talk about how to stay in our lane of expertise while doing something different," said Stephanie.  She will continue to meet with the remaining organizations in upcoming months.
The next All-Partner Meeting will be on October 20th and will continue to focus on what the Partnership is keeping, adding, and improving. 
Welcome New Partners!

The Partnership continues to grow! Since March, the following four organizations have joined Eastside Pathways. 

Thank Y ou City of Bellevue!

The City of Bellevue has printed and hung banners in the City Hall concourse and on the overpasses on 148th and the one by the Bellevue Library from May 23rd through June 10th. The banners share the strong partnership that Eastside Pathways has with over 50 community organizations who are working collectively to support children cradle to career. Eastside Pathways acknowledges and appreciates the City of Bellevue's contribution to highlighting the Partnership.

Are you interested in learning more about Eastside Pathways? Do you have questions about collective impact? 

Eastside Pathways says THANK YOU to all the donors who gave generously during the Seattle Foundation GiveBIG sixth annual event in May! We participated for the first time and received over $32,000 "Stretch" dollars from the funds that Seattle Foundation adds have not yet been determined. The funds raised will be used for the Backbone to continue to convene Partners that participate in the Collaboratives that are helping our children to become more successful in their education journey.
Collaborative Updates

Most Eastside Pathways collaboratives meet monthly. If you have been out of the loop for a while, you can stay up to date here . Find out what happened at the last meeting and when the next one is! If you would like to attend a collaborative meeting and are new to the collaborative, please email the facilitator to let them know you will be attending. The facilitator will then send you any documents in advance and let you know about any location or time changes.

Community Happenings
SVP Fast Pitch applications are now open!
SVP Fast Pitch is a business pitch competition that supports nonprofits and social enterprises addressing critical needs and making a positive impact in the Puget Sound region and beyond.  Since its inception in 2011, SVP Fast Pitch has connected change makers with over $2 million in grants, investments, and prizes and has helped hundreds of social innovators build and strengthen their social change organizations.
SVP Fast Pitch connects social innovators and entrepreneurs with leaders from the local business, philanthropic, government, nonprofit, and social impact investing sectors who want to help amplify their impact. Over the three-month program, innovators hone their business model concepts and messaging through workshops, pitch clinics, networking events and mentoring. At the same time, they build relationships with advisors, donors, investors and partners. The program culminates in an inspiring pitch competition and Final Showdown at McCaw Hall before a panel of judges and nearly 1,000 audience members.
Applications are accepted from these five categories:
  • Startup Nonprofits
  • Established Non-profit
  • High School Student Ventures
  • College Student Ventures
  • For-Profit Social Innovators 
Here is the  link to the application. There are no application fees!
Key Deadlines:
Applications Close (nonprofits and students).................................July 8, 2016
Applications Close (for-profit social enterprise).............................September 1, 2016
Final Showdown.............................................................................October 25, 2016

Mark your calendar for the Finals Round on Tuesday evening, October 25th, 2016 at McCaw Hall. For more info, visit SVP Fast Pitch.
Bellevue College to Launch Technology Service-Learning
College Is Looking for Non-Profit Partners
Bellevue College (BC) is hoping to partner with many members of Eastside Pathways on an exciting new IT program next year. The program will offer non-profit partners a chance to upgrade their technology infrastructure in a thoughtful and cost-effective fashion-and it will give IT students valuable experience on significant projects.
From January to March 2017, about 30 IT majors will take part in a service-learning program called TIM, Technology Internship Management. They will work in teams of two to four students, and each student on the team will contribute about 100 hours of skilled labor to a project at a local non-profit. This will be true service-learning, and the non-profit partners will not pay labor costs.
In the summer of 2015 BC piloted the TIM model in collaboration with Jubilee REACH. Four BC students, under the direction of two BC faculty from the Network and Computing Services program, built a complete computer classroom. They installed, cabled, and configured 28 Chromebook workstations. Jubilee REACH wanted to ensure that youth could not access inappropriate internet content, so the BC students researched, selected, and installed a low-cost but effective content filter. They also made sure that each workstation automatically imaged back to its original configuration every time a user logged out; this prevented students from inadvertently downloading malware. 
From now until November 2016, non-profit partners may contact BC to discuss possible IT projects that could be implemented in early 2017. Possible projects could include Office 365 migrations; automated software deployment and maintenance; network mapping, repair, and expansion; enterprise-level imaging solutions; and many more.
If you would like to discuss the scope of a potential project or projects, please contact Michael.Reese@bellevuecollege.edu and  Thomas.Lee@bellevuecollege.edu .  
Bellevue Essentials Recruitment
The City of Bellevue is beginning the recruitment process for its 2016 class of "Bellevue Essentials." The program for emerging neighborhood and community leaders offers participants a unique opportunity to learn about local government and how the city operates. An information meeting will be held Thursday, June 9 at 6pm at City Hall where prospective students can meet Bellevue Essentials alumni who will share their insights about where the program has led them since graduation. 

Apply now for the 2016 Bellevue Essentials class (due July 15). For more information about the program, contact Julie Ellenhorn at 425-452-5372 or jellenhorn@bellevuewa.gov.
PSE Evaluates 'Bypass' Route Options in Bellevue for Energize Eastside
PSE recently announced that there are two new route options in Bellevue for the Energize Eastside project. Based on recent events, PSE determined it was necessary to develop "bypass" routes to avoid the East Bellevue Community Council's (EBCC) boundaries. PSE submitted these routes as a scoping comment so that the bypass routes, along with their preferred route (Willow 2), are studied in the Environmental Impact Statement process.
Please feel free to share this information with those in your community who might be interested. For background information about the project, please visit pse.com/energizeeastside or refer to the project's Frequently Asked Questions
University of Washington Institute for Learning & Brain Sciences

UW I-LABS has done ground breaking work on how babies learn and how their brains develop. They have set up learning modules that you can use when working with families.  They have redesigned their website to more fully integrate the modules and rollout several user-friendly features. The new module platform allows you to download discussion guides for each module and for the first time, Spanish-speakers can view module content in Spanish! Within each module, you will have constant access to a list of vocabulary terms as well as a progress bar to show you how far along you are. We hope these features, among others, make the modules even more useful for you!
Support the City of Bellevue's Youth Camp Scholar ship
Participate in The Lake to Lake Bike Ride!  

The BELLEVUE STRAWBERRY FESTIVAL is presented by the Eastside Heritage Center, in cooperation with and support from the City of Bellevue.

The festival is a revitalization of an old Bellevue tradition, dating back to when strawberry farming was one of the region's most famous activities. The festival has been held in various places around Bellevue, starting (in its recent incarnation) on Main Street in Old Bellevue, moving to the downtown park, and most recently in the Crossroads Park.