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Stephen Leacock Collection.
(new material added)
LEACOCK, Stephen [Butler] [1869-1944]

Stephen Leacock Collection. Featuring Sunshine Sketches 1912, 1st American issue with the very rare dust jacket
and five items unknown to Leacock's bibliographer.

Collection further includes Leacock 5 books (three signed) and 11 pieces of ephemera including; 6 signed letters; broadsheet; 2 signed advertising leaflets; 3 B&W photos

Sunshine Sketches of a Little Town. New York: John Lane, 1912. First American issue, first printing, in jacket. Brown cloth with cream lettering. The lettering is faint on the spine, and there are a few flecks missing from the upper board. Otherwise in very good condition...   Click for much more information and over 60 photos On consignment with LDRB.

Price: $ 16,000 USD OR $ 21,570 CDN        #7394

Jerome K. Jerome [1859-1927]
Jerome K. Jerome Collection includes 6 Ephemera and 21 books.

Jerome K. Jerome was an English author best known for his comic masterpiece Three Men in a Boat. He had a number of occupations then including journalism and school teaching, and a number of disappointments with the rejections of many short stories and satires he wrote.
This collection covers the period dates from 1888 to 1929.

a) Two pictorial cigarette cards (Ogden's Guinea Gold Cigarettes).
b) B&W photo of Jerome skating at Murren, Switzerland, 28 November 1925, Bain News Service, New York.
c) Autograph passage from The Diary of a Pilgrimage, 10 July 1891, to Miss A. Bragg, with envelope.
d) ALS to Mr. Compton, n.d. "You are plunging courageously into an enterprise as difficult as it is fine. As a lover of the drama my hopes & prayers go with you."
e) ALS to Mr. Lewis, 21 January 1892, Thanks him for the story sent and asks him to write another piece.

21 BOOKS: ...
Click for full details of all Jerome K. Jerome's collection & photos.
On consignment with LDRB.

Price: $ 2,800 USD or $3,760 CDN       #7618
16 BOOKS...

1961. Toronto, Hawkshead Press
First Edition. 5 x 6-3/4 inches. [16] pp. in white illustrated card covers, wire-stitched. A fine copy. However, the third leaf is not original and is a cream-coloured facsimile. Signed by Atwood on a slip prepared by Nan A. Talese / Doubleday, the slip affixed to the verso of the front cover.
Author's first book. A collection of seven poems published when Atwood was only 19 years old.

Atwood handset the book herself with a flat bed press, designed the cover with linoblocks. It was the first publication ever released by Atwood, and comprises seven poems: "Formal Garden", "Pastoral", "Iconic Landscape", "Persephone Departing", "Chthonic Love", "Her Song", "and "Double Persephone". Light scuffing to cover, otherwise near fine condition. The booklet  was the winner of the E.J. Pratt Medal... Click for more details and photos.

Price: $ 950 USD OR $ 1,280 CDN     #7623     

SERVICE, Robert W. [1874-1958] & BERTON. Pierre (1920-2004) (provenance)


1956. NewYork, Dodd, Mead
5-1/2 x 8 inches. (12), 192pp. Red plum cloth in dust jacket. Tiny mark on the spine, the jacket re-backed and slightly chipped at the top and bottom of the spine panel. Good condition overall.

Inscribed by Service on the front free endpaper: "To Pierre Berton - | Hoping we will | have another | happy visit from | him - | His sincere friend | Robert Service | Monte Carlo. 1958"
In May 1958, Pierre Berton interviewed Robert W. Service at his home in Monaco, Villa Aurora, for the popular documentary series on the CBC called Close-up. Service died on 11 September 1958... Click for more details and photos.

Price: $ 1,500 USD OR $ 2,000 CDN     #7624   


HERIOT, George [1766-1844]

1807 London, Printed for Richard Phillips, no. 6, Bridge-Street, Blackfriars
First edition, first printing. 8-1/2 x 11 inches. xii errata, [ 1]- 602pp., [10] plate list & 9 ads. Likely early 20th century contemporary 3/4 brown leather and marbled paper boards. Leather spine with five bands, gilt type and for gilt decorations and  slightly worn at corners and high points otherwise very good condition. Inside hinges reinforced.  Scarce deckled (untrimmed) paper on edge and bottom with large margins, plates, sepia aquatints on heavier paper. Plates in very good condition. Offset from plates on text next to the plates as usual and very sporadic text page spotting. Previous owner's  armorial bookplate on front end paper. As well a small old  label "supplied by the Museum Book Store 45 Museum Street, London W.C.". 
Condition overall is very good.
A very nice copy...   Click for more details and photos.
On consignment with LDRB.

Price: $ 2,232 USD OR $ 3,000 CDN  #7478 

CASSON, A.J. (Alfred Joseph) [1898-1992] (artist) & DUVAL, Paul (1922-?) (editor)

[1990]. Toronto, Abbott Mill Press
First edition, first printing. Casson's Casson [volume one]  Square Regal Format. 13 x 14 inches. Pagination (34), (4), (100), (1) pages. Limited edition book this being No. 18 of 300 . This volume consists of 50 images (49 + "White Pine" frontis) with the last plate #50, [South Portage] lacking. Approved and signed in pencil in the white margin, the title and the artist name of each page. Each limited edition print has a heavy paper separator with gilt plate number printed on it and a separate tissue guard.  All working materials and plates destroyed. Volume includes ephemera of a separate certificate of ownership. Near fine condition for container box and near fine condition for the full leather bound book with blind stamped medallion in the middle of the front board and blind-embossed titling on the spine. All inside pages and plates inside in fine condition...   Click for more details and photos. On consignment with LDRB.

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Price: $ 2,850 USD OR $3,845 CDN   #7474 

LEMIEUX, Irénée [1931-2005] (artist) & FONTAINE, Dany [1950-] (text

[1982]. Quebec, Editions la Minerve


Irenée Lemieux was a Quebec musician, writer, painter, sculptor, researcher, conductor, violinist, and pianist.
First edition, first printing. Text in French. Folio, 9-1/4 x 12-1/2 inches. Black cloth hard backed special binding with a clown holding a small gold chain with small hand-colored ceramic dog on the end of the chain. End papers front and back custom printed 3 colour (red, green, yellow) flannelette fabric material patterned with juvenile images. Fine condition overall. A beautiful unique (no two copies the exact same hand-colouring) object d'art book which is housed in a custom plain, no type, black container box. Unpaginated. There is one blank sheet and 15 custom sheets specially bound in with each sheet have the front side with a paper frame to hold a printed sheet.

The first three sheets are the half title, title page and the limited edition sheet. Printed on the limited edition sheet is: Album d'art tire a cent exemplaires numerotes, signes et illustrated avec des graphiques peitns par Irénée Lemieux. Also on this page is hand-written in pencil, by artist, Irénée Lemieux, 1/100 , signed and dated June 1982...   Click for more details and photos. On consignment with LDRB.

Price: $ 360 USD OR $485 CDN        #7479  

LEMIEUX, Irénée [1931-2005]


Irenée Lemieux was a Quebec musician, writer, painter, sculptor, researcher, conductor, violinist, and pianist.
1985. Quebec, Éditions la Minerve, 5 du Pont Scott Quebec G1N 3S3
First edition, first printing.  Text in French. Folio 9-3/4 x 12-3/4 inches. No. 7 of 50 copies. Some cover markings, otherwise fine condition. 52 sheets (104 pages). Unpaginated. Plain olive suedene like fabric book cover with front and back with end papers of  white simple patterned fabric. Signed, numbered and dated 24 June 1985 by Irénée Lemieux. 38 hand-coloured figurative illustrations, one per page and 15 pages with handwritten text including the title and listed edition pages at the front... Click for more details and photos. On consignment with LDRB.

Price: $ 420 USD OR $565 CDN        #7477     

Pankhurst, E. Sylvia (Estelle Sylvia) [1882-1960]


E. Sylvia Pankhurst was the daughter of the English suffragette Emmeline Pankhurst (1858-1928), and founder of the Women's Social and Political Union (WSPU). Sylvia  was an aggresive campaigner, and wrote extensively for women's suffrage and for Ethiopian independence, socialism, international and domestic issues.

1911. London, Gay & Hancock Limited, London. Copyright by Sturgis & Walton Company. Published May 1911.
First UK edition. 19cm x 12.5cm, (7-3/4 x 4-3/4 inches), (18), [3]-517pp. including index. Our copy signed & dated by E.  Sylivia Pankhurst, 19 June 1911, on the front free endpaper. Original faded purple cloth, faded spine lettered in gilt, with front cover lettered in white and blocked with a superimposed triangular Suffragette's badge or medal of honour, also referred to as the "Holloway Brooch" Designed by Sylvia Pankhurst, the brooch was awarded to members of the WSPU who had been imprisoned.  Described as 'the Victoria Cross of the Union' the design is of the Portcullis symbol of the House of Commons, the gate and hanging chains and the superimposed broad arrow (the conflict symbol) is in purple, white and green. Errata and acknowledgments pages plus two  prefaces by the  author, (one dated January, 1911 and the other May, 1911), thirty-one b & w photographs, Index at the end. Gilt decorated cloth, black and white frontis photograph of Ms. Pankhurst... Click for more details and photos.

Price: $1,750 USD OR $2,360 CDN       #1407  


TRAILL, Catharine Parr (Strickland Mrs. Traill C.P.)  [1802-1899] & TRIMMER, Sarah (1741-1810)

[1840]. London, Harvey and Darton
3-1/4 x 5-1/4 inches. Two books bound published circa 1840 as one. Original leather spine and marbled boards, very worn and top 1/2 inches right side of side lacking.
The first story, Easy Lessons has one sheet, page 111/112 with a missing piece on the bottom corner with loss of text.
* Sarah Trimmer, Easy Lessons for Young Children ... the 10th edition. Paris: J. H. Truchy, dated 1840 (originally circa 1790).  142 pp.
* The second story is [C.P. Traill], The History of a Field Mouse. London: Dean and Monday (n.d.; ca. 1832, originally circa 1822).  [3]-102 pp. + [vi] pp. ads. A variant later published edition of the circa 1832 edition but excluded is the title page but with the six pages of publisher's advertisements to the rear. Appears no title page ever inserted in this variant edition.
[Engraved Frontispiece]: W. H. Brooke, del.t. J. Engleheart, Scul.p. / Mrs. Clifford Relating / To Alfred The History of The Field Mouse. / Vide Page 11. / London. Published by Dean & Munday, Threadneedle Street, Feb.y. 1, 1832. Date of publication assumed from the date on the frontispiece.
 (Another circa 1832 edition written by  Miss Black was also published in London by Dean and Munday with same frontispiece but 144 pages) Osborne, I, page 312. Click for more details and photos.  

Price: $ 290 USD OR $ 390 CDN        #7563      

Rittinger and Motz publisher

1880.  Berlin (Ontario); Kitchener
First edition. 6-1/2 x 9 inches. Soft cover booklet. 40 pages self cover with old worn  and broken green spine. Complete but in fair condition only. German language.

An annual publication containing information pertinent to each day of the year such as the time the sun rises and sets, weather predictions, holidays, seasons, astrological and astronomical data, sayings and proverbs, poems, short stories, cartoons, advice for farmers and tips for family members. Click for more details and photos.

Price: $ 42 USD OR $ 55 CDN        #7559        

ROLAND, Arthur & MCCARTHY, D'Alton (Dalton) [1836-1898] (provenance)

1880. London, Chapman & Hall Limited
First edition, 5 x 8 inches. viii, 194, 24 pp. Green cloth with black and gilt type. Section out of the bottom spine. Insides pages, many uncut or unopened. At head of title page: Farming for pleasure and profit. Fourth section. - With a 24-page advertisement for works published by Chapman and Hall.
Ownership signature  by Dalton McCarthy, 8,8 (18)84 very clear.
D'Alton (Dalton) McCarthy [1836-1898] was a lawyer, farmer, politician, parliamentarian and businessman. He was the leader of the "Orange" or Protestant Irish, and fiercely fought against Irish Catholics as well as the French Catholics. He especially crusaded to crusade abolition of the French language in Manitoba and Ontario schools. He also defended Emily Stowe in the 1879 abortion trial of Emily Stowe.
Book itself is in poor condition however, the provenance and rare signature of one of Canada's most important 19th century lawyers makes this a very special collector's item. Click for more details and photos.  

Price: $ 500 USD OR $ 675 CDN        #7556        

TRAILL, Catharine Parr (Strickland Mrs. Traill C.P.)  [1802-1899]

1836. Lodon, Library of Entertaining Knowledge. Charles Knight
First edition, second printing. Page 326 printed with Appendix B thus only 351 total pages in the second 1836 printing.  4" x 6 1/2", viii, 313pp [1], [315]-351pp including appendix, with half-title, 21 wood-engraved plates & illus. (incl. frontis.)
Contemporary 3/4 green calf, and marbled boards. Leather spine with elaborate embossing on a dark red leather label with gilt type. Edges with very minor rubbing. A couple of smudges on the first couple of preliminary pages otherwise very clean inside.  A very sound, a very good+ and attractive copy of this book.
Composed of letters written by the author to her mother and friends in England, the Backwoods includes much useful and interesting information on home-making under pioneer conditions, pioneer recipes for making maple sugar, vinegar, &c... Click for more details and photos.

Price: $ 500 USD OR $ 675 CDN        #0460           

BARTLETT, W[illiam] H[enry]  [1809-1854] (after) & WILLIS, N[athaniel] P[arker]  [1806-1867] (text)

First edition. 2 Volumes. 8 x 10-5/8 inches. [2],iv,[1]-140pp.  68 plates, including frontispiece portrait, and engraved title; iv,[1]-106pp. including  53 plates including engraved title. Contemporary blue leather with blue cloth and gilt type and 4 gilt symbols on each spine.  Some light wear to corners and top and bottom spines otherwise very bright and handsome covers. Gilt edge pages. Blue endpapers. No foxing to plates in Volume 1 and virtually no foxing to plates other than some very light sporadic spots in border area only. Near fine condition internally.

Probably rebound circa 1900 when all plates have been protected with "Excelsior Superfine" watermarked paper as tissue guards. A very nice handsome set of early American views... Click for more details and photos.

Price: $ 875 USD OR $ 1,180 CDN     #7614    

WHITE, Joshua


1806. London. James Cundee, Albion Press
3rd UK edition. 4 x 7 inches, pp. x, [13] 419pp. [17]; bound with: Supplement. The Funeral, 77pp. [1 ad], additional engraved title with vignette, portrait frontis. Total five folding plates, (the one of Lord Nelson before Copenhagen from another 1806 edition, darker and with paper repairs) 

Original covers (green straight grain morocco) have mellowed to a pleasing rich green colour. The covers are ruled with a single gilt-line border; the spine is ruled across in gilt, and lettered "Life of Nelson". The gilt is bright; the binding is in very good condition; the contents are tight, but have the odd finger mark in the margins, otherwise clean and complete. A very attractive book to look at and display... Click for more details and photos.  

Price: $ 1,000 USD OR $ 1,350 CDN        #0942    

BURKE, Sir Edmund [1729 - 1797]

1760. London, printed for J. Dodsley in Pall-Mall,
Second edition. 5 x 8-1/2 inches. vii, [1], [1]-494, [8 contents],[8 blank]
The Annual Register for the Year 1759, printed in 1760, and  in it's original rough-edged paper between marbled paper boards, just as it was sold in 1760. The paper is clean , unspotted, and no foxing. This book has been professionally rebound with leather spine and gold type. Last page at back uncut. Chapter 6 & 7 deal with North American campaigns.
The 1759 Annual Register tracks this fourth year of the Seven Years War, known in America as the French Indian War faced by England: after years of reverses, Britain takes Quebec from the French; British General Wolfe & French General Montcalm are killed in action... Click for more details and photos.

Price: $ 195 USD OR $ 260 CDN        #0085        

[DONALDSON, Joseph (1794-1830) attributed author]


1827. London, Henry Colburn, New Burlington Street printed by J. Moyes, Took's Court, Chancery Lane.
First UK edition. xiii,[1]-344p. 4-1/4 x 7-1/4 inches. Rebound in blue cloth with gilt type on spine, thick new  plain end papers and occasional very light soiling, otherwise very good condition.
Rare. Less than a handful of copies in UK institutions. Excellent account of the Peninsular War written by a soldier of the 71st.

Attributed to J. Donaldson (Ms note on title-page of Durham University copy) and Joseph Donaldson indicated as author by the British Library)... Click for more details and photos.  

Price: $ 750 USD OR $ 1,000 CDN        #0768      

CONANT, Thomas [1842-1905]

1903. Toronto, William Briggs
First Cdn edition. 7-1/4 x 5 inches, xi, (1), 13-290 [2]p. ads.  Later decorated maroon cloth with gilt type to spine and cover, in fine condition.  Frontispiece of Conant and 26 other half-tone & line drawn plates and illustrations.
Conant was an Oshawa native. Worked in his father's business and wrote articles. Same author who wrote "Upper Canada Sketches".
From the Preface...
In the following pages will be found some contributions towards the history of Canada and of the manners and customs of its inhabitants during the hundred years beginning October 5th, 1792. On  that date my ancestor, Roger Conant, a graduate of  Yale University, and a Massachusetts landowner, set  foot on Canadian soil as a United Empire Loyalist... Click for more details and photos.

Price: $ 45 USD OR $ 65 CDN        #0797       

London Magazine (publisher)


1759. London Magazine
First UK edition. Coloring: Uncolored, was folded now frames flat
Image: 6-3/4 x 9-1/2 inches
Mat Size: 13-1/2 x 16-5/8 inches
Frame size: 19-1/2 x 22 inches
Condition: Very good condition

The first map of the Siege of Quebec in 1759. Gives detailed operations of the siege and shows key battle sites and encampments. An inset shows the Plan of the Action gained by the English near Quebec, Sep. 13, 1759... Click for more details and photos.
Price: $ 475 USD OR $ 640 CDN        #0097

BRADFORD, Thomas G(amaliel). [1802 - 1887] & BOYNTON, George W.

1838. Boston, Wiley and Putnam. Wells, Jordan & Co.
First US edition. Copper-engraved map, hand-colored. 28x37 cm. (11 x 14-1/2 inches). The Upper St. Lawrence, Lakes Ontario, Erie and Huron, and adjacent lands. Scale 1: 1,900,800 Left margin dampstained lightly intruding lightly into map, a few very small brown spots, else very good.
Shows districts (Western, London, Gore, Niagara, Home, Newcastle, Midland, Johnstown, Eastern, Ottawa, Bathurst), cos, a few places..."
1st edition. This is Bradford's best atlas, far superior to the smaller and more crudely drawn Comprehensive Atlas. Each map was accompanied by text description as does this one...
Price: $ 250 USD OR $ 335 CDN        #2529

DENNIE, Joseph [Oliver Oldschool] [1768-1812]       


1816. Philadelphia, Port Folio Magazine
First US edition. Paper: 8-1/2" x 16-3/4".   Image: 7-1/2" x 14-1/2" Black aquatint engraved print. Drawn by D. B. Douglass ... U.S. Engineer and Engraved by J. Vallance
Map was folded but now flat with paper reinforcements behind the previous folds in three places. Uneven trimming around border edges with no loss, otherwise, very good condition which is unusual for this battle plan map.
Plan of Fort Erie showing fortifications, bastions, and battle plan. Includes scale and some topographical details. Items in the image are lettered for identification however no legend  on the map. BONUS: Full text article form the Port Folio magazine with this item. Over 20 pages including the index for this map!... Click for more details and photos.

Price: $ 500 USD OR $ 670 CDN        #3094

MACDONALD, Sir John A[lexander]. [1815-1891]  

Autographed Letter Signed, "John A. Macdonald", dated Ottawa, May 7th, 1878 on House of Commons stationery as he was at this time Leader of the Opposition, addressed to William Grey, Woodstock. 34 lines on 2 octavo pages, folded vertically and horizontally, fine condition. Written on the last day of the last session of the Third Canadian Parliament. MacDonald would in a few  months become  Prime Minister of Canada again from 1873 until his death in 1891.

Macdonald is plotting strategy for the upcoming election in September of 1878. One can clearly see that he was not above working with other candidates to defeat a Grit incumbent. Near Fine condition.

Macdonald writes: "My dear Sir // I have your favour of / the 6th about North Oxford. / It is of importance to beat / Oliver* no matter by whom. // If you can defeat him / with a Conservative, of course / do so. But of that I fear / there is no chance. The / next best man to vote for / is a Grit Protectionist and / and from what you say I fancy / Samuel Burgess is your / man... Click for more details and photos.

Price: $ 2,750 USD OR $ 3,715 CDN   #7603

ABBOTT, Sir John Joseph Caldwell [1821-1893]


1876. Montreal. 8 x 10 inches, was folded now flat. Sir John Joseph Caldwell Abbott, 1821-1893, was the third Prime Minister of Canada, 1891-1892.  Letter signed, "J.J.C. Abbott," dated Montreal, Sep. 28th, 1876, on the letterhead of Abbott's law firm "Abbott, Tait, Wotherspoon & Abbott," and text of letter written in clerk's hand. Addressed to Henry Archibald. 16 lines on one sheet, near fine condition.
Abbott writes clarifying a legal position regarding the estate of one of the children of the late Judge Gale: "Dear Sir / After further consideration / I am unable to change the opinion / which I prepared for you in July / last... Click on for more details and photos.

Price: $ 1,860 USD OR $ 2,500 CDN   #7608

LAURIER, Sir Wilfrid [1841-1919]

Autograph Letter signed, "Wilfrid Laurier," dated Arthabaskaville, 2 Oct. 1875, addressed to Henry James Morgan. 43 lines on 3 octavo pages, fine condition.
Laurier is writing his friend Morgan confirming requests made to Laurier and confirming positive results on these requests. As well, Laurier is profusely thanking Morgan for the present of "state trials" (most likely the Report of the State Trials on the 1838-39 Canadian Rebellion). Laurier writes "It is a precious work in every respect, which for me, is of so much use that you cannot imagine [how helpful it is]"

Laurier was elected for the first time in 1871 to the Legislative Assembly of the Province of Quebec, and was re-elected in 1874, this time to the House of Commons, where he would spend the rest of his career, nearly 45 years (1874-1919)... Click for more details and photos

Price: $ 1,780 USD OR $ 2,400 CDN  #7605

  BORDEN, Sir Robert Laird [1854-1937]

Paper size: 17-3/4 inches ; Image size: 11-7/8 x 16 inches. Duotone with dark brown and black printed  image of  Robert Laird Borden.
Condition: Agetoned paper with some wrinkling in background.  Otherwise, overall condition is good.

Imprinted in brown type at the bottom of the print:
R.L. Borden (printed signature, not personally signed) ;
Robert Laird Borden, L.L.D., K.C. Prime Minister of Canada
Hough Litho Co. Limited.
Borden was the last Canadian Prime Minister to be knighted (in 1915) since, due to The Nickle Resolution, no others have been.
He is depicted on the Canadian $100 bill...  Click for more details and photos 
Price: $ 225 USD OR $ 300 CDN  #7535

  JAMESON, Mrs. Anna Brownell, (née Murphy) [1794-1860]

Black & white steel engraving print of an older Anna Jameson.
Image size = 7 x 5-1/4 inches with printed signature below engraving.
Paper size = 10-3/4 x 8 inches.
Printed on heavier paper. Very faint few spots in border only. Condition is very good+.

This B& W steel engraving of Anna Jameson is from a 1873 published Portrait book.
Anna Jameson (1794-1860) was an Irish art critic and author. Click for more details and photos 
Price: $ 40 USD OR $ 50 CDN  #0161

  WEST, Benjamin [1738-1820] (after) & FALCKEYSEN, Theodor [1768-1814] (engraver)

Image: 49.5 x 63 cm. Paper: 50 x 63.7 cm. Print deacidified. Very minor marks showing on border. The top left corner with a small piece of paper missing. Tear repairs and one can be seen on front  on right side of the flag. Overall condition good+  

circa 1789. Uncoloured engraving by Theod. Falckeysen after the painting by Benjamin West. This image depicts distraught Grenadiers standing and kneeling by the side of a fallen General Wolfe at the Plains of Abraham, Quebec. The on-going combat can be seen in the background. Uncommon engraving...Click for more details  and photos 
Price: $ 750 USD OR $ 1,000 CDN  #2606

  ST. LAURENT, Louis Stephen  [1882-1973]

4.5 x 6 inch Black & White photograph affixed inside a Galry Portraitiste Montreal 7 x 9 inch folder.
Below the Photo on the folder, inscribed "Cordial greeting to Mr. Jim Schendel  (signed and dated) Louis St. Laurent, Québec March 3rd, 1966." 
A very nice St. Laurent collectable in fine condition

Louis Stephen St. Laurent, was the 12th Prime Minister of Canada from November 15, 1948, to June 21, 1957.
Prime Minister Louis St. Laurent was ranked #4 on a survey of the first 20 prime ministers (through Jean Chrétien) of Canada done by Canadian historians, and used by J.L. Granatstein and Norman Hillmer in their book Prime Ministers: Ranking Canada's Leaders. He died on July 25, 1973 at 91 years of age...Click for more details  and photos 
Price: $ 185 USD OR $ 250 CDN  #7597

NOTMAN, William [1826-1891]

A nice circa 1900 albumen photographic view of the fort (Citadel and Quebec City from Point Levis circa 1865 view). Silver salts on paper mounted on card - Gelatin dry plate process  rounded corners at top left and right.
Card size: 13-7/8 x 17-5/8  inches
Card size:  6-5/8 x 9-1/4  inches
At bottom right of photo number id in photo of 17305.
Some minor spots on photo, otherwise very good condition.
...  Click for more details and photos

Price: $ 580 USD OR $ 780 CDN  #7459

LAURIER, Sir Wilfrid [1841-1919]

8 x 10-1/4 inches, was folded not flat. Typed Letter Signed, dated Ottawa, 9th June, 1910, on stationery of the Prime Minister's office, addressed to W. F. Alloway, Winnipeg. 6 lines on one sheet. Minor  3/8 inch open tear in black border fold long open separations, W in Wilfred signature smudged, otherwise in near fine condition.
Response letter to Alloway regarding two senior Canadian Pacific Railway management executives very positive.
Laurier was a major supporter of Railway expansion in Canada. In the early 1900s, Laurier's government financed a second transcontinental railway, whose construction was entrusted to Grand Trunk Pacific. Laurier would later finance a third transcontinental line built by Canadian Northern Railway, in direct competition with Grand Trunk Pacific.Click for more details and photos

Price: $ 1,300 USD OR $ 1,750 CDN   #7604


First UK edition. 2pp. 8 x 12-3/4 inches.
Earl of Durham. Correspondence relating to the Establishment of the Earl of Durham as Governor General of British North America and Her Majesty's High Commissioner. (Presented by her Majesty's Command)
Ordered by The House of Commons, to be printed, 28 March, 1838

Only 6 copies of this important document located confirming Lord Durham's appointment as Governor General of British North America and Her Majesty's High Commissioner. Quite scarce. Click for more details and photos

Price: $ 375 USD   OR $ 500 CDN     #7600

GLENELG, Charles Grant, Baron [1778-1866] & DURHAM, Lord John George Lambton Earl of Durham [1792-1840] (subject)

1838. London
Ordered by the House of  Commons. H.M.S.O.
First UK Edition. 4pp.,  8-1/4 by 12-3/4 inches.
Lower Canada and Upper Canada. EXTRACT of a DISPATCH from Lord Glenelg to the Earl of Durham, G.C.B., dated Downing-street, 20th January 1838. (Presented by her Majesty's command)
Ordered by the House of Commons, to be printed, 23rd January, 1838.
Correspondence relative to the affairs of Lower Canada and Upper Canada - the Canada's Insurrection.
Many dispatches were sent to Lord Durham on his mission however, this dispatch is important as it was given to him after he was appointed and shows the focus and guidelines from  the Government not provided to Durham and agreed before he accepted the position... Click for more details and photos  

Price: $ 175 USD   OR $ 235 CDN     #7594

Items circa 1876. Both items in Very Good condition overall.

1) Pamphlet for The Miller & Brundage Coach Co., Limited. Four pages, 3-3/8 x 4-1/2 inches. The pamphlet offers Advice to Patrons and provides a list of Places of Interest in the Niagara Falls area. Image of Niagara Falls on cover.

2) Pamphlet for Clarke's Observatory and Burning Spring. Falls View. Four pages, 3-3/4 x 5-1/2 inches... Click for more details and photos

Price: $ 95 USD   OR $ 125 CDN     #7585

circa 1967. 3-1/2 x 2-1/4 inches card on "Leader of the Opposition Canada" light card, signed by John Diefenbaker. In very good condition. No date but 1967.
Accompanying letter associated with the card is dated 1967 and some marks with overall letter condition being good.

John George Diefenbaker,  was the 13th Prime Minister of Canada, serving from June 21, 1957, to April 22, 1963. A criminal defence lawyer by profession, he established the Canadian Bill of Rights, the Royal Commission on Health Services, the Agricultural Rehabilitation and Development Act, played a large part in the cancellation of the Avro Arrow, the National Productivity Council (Economic Council of Canada), and extended the franchise to all Aboriginal peoples during his six years as Prime Minister. Click for more details and photos.
Price: $ 100 USD   OR $ 135 CDN     #7564

4-1/2 x 3-1/4 inches. Signature clip with a long salutation from a handwritten letter from the renowned early 19th century British writer Anna Jameson. Circa 1845.

The multi-talented Victorian Irish author and art critic Anna Brownell Jameson [1794-1860] was one of the few female writers in the late 1820s to gain notoriety as not only an amazing writer, but also as a strong supporter of the feminist movement in all genres of literature.

Anna Maria Hall née Fielding, was an Irish novelist and playwright. who often published as "Mrs. S. C. Hall". Click for more details and photos.
Price: $ 80 USD   OR $ 105 CDN     #7562

Four pages folio, flat size: 20-3/8 x 16-1/2 inches, folded size: 8-1/4 x 10-1/4 inches, folded into quarters (was folded smaller). Indenture for the sale of land from  Ogle Gowan to A.A. Riddell. Dated 31st March 1854. Between Ogle Robert Gowan of the city of Toronto in the County of York, one of the united Counties of York, and Peel and Province of Canada. gentleman of the first part and Archibald Alexander Riddel of the said City of Toronto, Printer, of the second part...of the sum of Seventy-five pounds...lying and being in the Township of Enniskillen in the County of Lampton and the Province of Canada...one hundred acres...the West half of the lot number nine in the Tenth concession of the said Township of Enniskillen...signed by Gowan and Riddel both with a red seal next to signatures. Signed by Riddel and twice by Gowan... Click for more details and photos.
Price: $ 105 USD   OR $ 140 CDN     #7464

1846. Toronto, The Canada Company
15 x 19 inches, was folded now flat, typed and handwritten manuscript Canada Company land transfer document dated November 20, 1846 with docketing information handwritten on verso. Minor wrinkling from folds with much faded seal, otherwise very good condition.
Some content and detail...
We the Thomas Mercer Jones of the Town of Goderich in the County of Huron District and Province of Upper Canada and Frederick Widder of the City of Toronto and the County of York Home District and Province.... William Eyres of the Township of Manvers in the County of Durham Newcastle... The East Half of Lot Fifteen in the Tenth Consession of of the said Township of Manvers... 100 Acres... [50 pounds]
Signed TWICE by: Donald MacDonald, Thomas Collier, Frederick Widder, Thomas Mercer Jones. ..Click for more details and photos.
Price: $ 245 USD   OR $ 330 CDN     #7462

NORMAN, Richard Edward (1891-1961)


Folded multi-panel promotional brochure meant for mailing (folded size 11 inches long and 3-1/2 inches wide). Opens up to a size of 21-7/8 x 14 inches.  With orange, blue, and black poster cover with photographs showing scenes from the movie with text as follows:  Coming To This Theater. (This Is An Exact Reproduction Of Window Card).  The Norman Film Studios . Presents Black Gold.  Thrilling Epic Of The Oil Fields With All Colored Cast... Click for more details and photos.  
Price: $ 395 USD   OR $ 530 CDN     #7428

ROMNEY, George [1734-1802] (after) & OGBORNE, John (1725-1795) (engraver)
  & JORDAN, Dorothy  (1761-1816) (subject)

1788. London, John & Josiah Boydell, No. 90. Cheapside.
Stipple engraving in red/brownish ink. Paper size: 19-3/4 x 15 inches ; Image size: 12 x 9-1/2 inches. Printed signature painter George Romney in the lower left edge, and the engraver John Ogborne on the right inside bookplate and outside image. Fine condition.

(Mrs Jordan)  as 'Peggy'' in David Garrick's 'The Country Girl.
Dorothy Bland (1761-1816) was an Irish actress, courtesan, and the mistress and companion of the future King William IV of the United Kingdom for 20 years while he was Duke of Clarence. When she left for England she  first started using the name Jordan. It's a reference to her escape across the Irish Sea, likened to the River Jordan. She took the stage name "Mrs. Jordan" as it was slightly more respectable for a married woman to be on the stage. There was no Mr. Jordan and Dorothea (Bland) Jordan never married... Click for more details and photos.
Price: $ 225 USD   OR $ 300 CDN     #7461

TOWNSHEND, George 4th Viscount and 1st Marquess [1724 -1807 ]

Free frank dated 16 October 1803 signed by  1st Marquis Townsend from Rainham to Capt Powell of the Old Buckingham Volunteers at Attleburgh, Norfolk.  Cover has a clear black mileage mark ROUGHAM 103 (boxed).  Tear on top - once stuct down on a red page. In addition than a famous Canadian historical person, Field Marshal George Townshend,  signature the added interest is the extremely rare good impression of the ROUGHAM 103 mileage mark. Click for more details and photos.
Price: $ 195 USD   OR $ 260 CDN     #1458

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