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Reagan nominated for governor of California.
June 2017 
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July 4: Office Closed for Holiday
RansomwareProtecting Against Ransomware
In May, a new ransomware virus was released that exploited a vulnerability in Windows, putting data at risk around the world. Ransomware viruses corrupt a variety of files types, including database files and images, preventing users from accessing their data. These viruses then instruct users to pay a ransom to regain access to their data. 

Ransomware viruses are commonly spread through email via zip file attachments. You should never open an attachment that you are not expecting, even if it seems like it is from someone you might know. Once a ransomware virus has been downloaded, it can spread across networks and infect files on other computers and backup devices.

The devastation caused by these types of malware is catastrophic and heartbreaking, but it's not the only technical disaster that can strike; hard drives fail, networks drop, and computers crash. Following the steps below will help keep your hard work safe.
  1. Make daily hard drive backups on multiple network computers as this greatly decreases your reliance on any one computer. Disconnect external backup drives when not in use so they cannot be infected.
  2. Make backups to CDs or DVDs weekly. Once files are written to a disc they cannot be infected by viruses.
  3. Keep your antivirus and malware software up to date. New types of ransomware viruses are being created frequently; staying current with your protection software is a must.
Watch our webinar-on-demand to learn how to safeguard the thousands of dollars and countless hours you've spent creating a robust and accurate database.

If you have any questions about your backup procedures or need assistance, call us at 1-800-562-6080.
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SpotlightOnline Collection Spotlight
The Crile Archives collects, preserves and presents relevant artifacts to provide educational opportunities commemorating veterans' battlefield and home front experiences, focusing on the awareness, appreciation and historical significance of health and healing.

View the Crile Archives at Cuyahoga Community College's Online Collection.
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