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Chairman's Corner
By Howard Katz
JUNE, 2017 
Three rings used to be the size of a big circus, such as Barnum and Bailey, but the Republicans have added many.  Their circus ring count passed three long ago and there is no end in sight:
1.   Trump investigations by the FBI, the Special DOJ Prosecutor, House of Representatives Committees, and Senate Committees
2.   Repeal of Obamacare by the House of Representatives and the Senate
3.   White House environmental rules rollback
4.   White House endangered species protections rollback
5.   Dodd-Frank financial protections rollback
6.   EPA protections rollback
7.   Consumer Protection Bureau rollback
8.   National monuments, forests, and parks rollback
Our Democratic responsibilities to our cities, counties, state, and county have never been more important.  We need to unite as one party to defend our county and our constitution.  We no longer have the luxury of fighting amongst ourselves.  Our intra-party squabbles only distract us from our goals and attract negative national attention.  We need to speak with one voice and as one party.

---Howard Katz
In this June Issue:
Special thanks goes to the following people who submitted articles for this DemNews:
  • Bob Warburton, ADA and the Riverside County Democratic Party
  • Suji Fox, RCDP 2017 Golf Tournament Fundraiser a Huge Success
  • Doris Foreman, Pass Democratic Club on Parade...
  • Lanny Swerdlow, Democrats Hitching Props. 215 & 64 Together - Better than Same-Sex Marriage?
  • Marie McDonald, Did you know?
  • Marie McDonald, Truth Bytes
The articles in the DemNews are the opinions of the authors.  The Riverside County Democratic Party may or may not agree with or endorse the opinions expressed in the articles.
ADA and the Riverside County Democratic Party
by Bob Warburton
I am the Chair of the Americans with Disabilities Act Committee of the Riverside CountyDemocratic Party.  I believe our Committee's main purpose is to facilitate participation in the political process for all people with disabilities and to advocate for our community.  Now that is MY belief, and part of the reason I have been asked to write here is that most everyone has a differing idea of what we need to do.  In order to explain myself, I am asking our editor's indulgence, and will submit this in 2 parts, because what I have to say is that important.
For you all who have a disability, pardon my getting personal, but I am going to discuss my journey.  For me accessibility is a right along with other civil rights.  I was born in a segregated hospital, went to segregated schools, and hated Jim Crow laws. The reason I became a Democrat was a speech made by President Johnson on TV where he said, "and we SHALL overcome."  My parents were Lincoln Republicans from the North living in the South, and even though I was but 10 years old, I advised them that I was now a Democrat.  If the President was for civil rights, and he was a Democrat, then I was a Democrat.  

I soon saw my situation in the same way.  From the age of two I walked differently, and not very well.  I got to know the anguished look of parents who do not know what is going wrong with their child, but know something is.  Luckily for me my diagnosis evolved into something more benign, CMT.  That would mean I would lead a fairly normal life, with the exception it would be filled with weak limbs, operations, and being different.  I could not do many of the things others my age could.   I would be different.  There would be obstacles.

Add to this was the realization that I was a Gay adolescent.  All in all I had some doubts about this thing called life.  It was the 1960s, my body was not supporting me in the manner I wished it would, and most of society actually believed I was sick or evil.  But my parents and the Civil Rights Movement gave me hope as both told me I had value and the world was wrong.  I picketed George Wallace as he ran for President in 1968.

I was doing fairly well in college and as a Democrat serving as President of the Wyoming Young Democrats, when I had a severe stroke leaving me completely paralyzed on the right side.  This led to months of rehabilitation and surgeries in hospitals and a re-evaluation of life.  No one knows why a 20 year old had such a terrible Cerebral Vascular Accident, but it happens.  After all that I decided to live life as an out Gay and as an activist for those living with differing abilities.  My union activism joined logically with my love of people.  This led me to become a Vocational Rehabilitation Counselor helping people find ways to thrive in the world of work.

It is then my contention then that the ADA is a way to advance the Civil Rights of individuals.  Democrats have become a force advocating the civil rights of  Seniors, Latinos, African Americans, and Women.  We also must welcome everyone no matter the disability one might have, and we must advocate for our Civil Rights.  In next month's article, I will try to show how each club might try to be as welcoming and as accessible as possible under our guidelines and the law.
---Bob Warburton 
RCDP 2017 Golf Tournament Fundraiser a Huge Success
By Suji Fox
The RCDP held its 2017 Golf Fundraiser at Morongo Golf Club's Tukwet Canyon Champion's Course on Sunday, June 4th.  As golfers braved the heat and the difficulty of the course, they enjoyed the camaraderie of a day of sport.
During the luncheon, nearly 100 golfers and luncheon guests gathered for a delicious Italian buffet. Tickets for prizes were offered, and over fifty winners claimed prizes from wine and spa baskets to gift cards, golf bag  and range-finders.
Trophies were awarded for first- and second-place foursomes; additionally, winners were announced for closest-to-the-pin and putting contests, and golfers received their photos taken earlier in the morning.
The purpose of the day--to raise funds for our Democratic candidates, campaign headquarters and some administrative costs-was fulfilled by numerous individuals, Democratic clubs and other organizations. All volunteers and financial sponsors, plus the golfers and luncheon-goers are greatly appreciated!

---Suji Fox

Pass Democratic Club on Parade...
By Doris Foreman

The Pass Democratic Club participated in the Beaumont Cherry Festival Parade on Saturday, June 3.  The theme for the parade was Fun For All and All for Fun. The float with Rusty, the club mascot and butterflies featured a poster "Guaranteed Healthcare for All Californians".


---Doris Foreman 

Democrats Hitching Props. 215 & 64 Together - Better than Same-Sex Marriage?
Contributed by Lanny Swerdlow

Find out the answer at http://www.marijuananews.org/hitching21564. 

Did You Know?
Contributed by Marie McDonald
The purpose of "Did You Know?" is to bring to your attention a wide selection of articles that represent our Democratic values. It is our hope that you will follow at least one of the links and read one or more of the articles. They will broaden your understanding of current events and strengthen your commitment to our democracy.
  • A Black Woman-Owned Company That Employs Youth and the Formerly Incarcerated Will Replace Flint's Corroded Water Pipes. The Flint water crisis has dragged on for over three years now, leaving residents to rely on bottled water for drinking and cooking while they await clean water. But one black woman and her business may finally end the injustice.  Read more.
  • Six Things Trump's FCC Chairman Doesn't Want You to Know About Net Neutrality.  Under its Trump-annointed chairman, Ajit Pai, the Federal Communications Commission decided last Thursday to revisit its net neutrality ruling. The agency has reopened a docket for public comments on Pai's proposal to undermine the safeguards needed to protect people from having their internet service providers block, throttle or de-prioritize the online content they want to see.  Read more.
Truth Bytes
Contributed by Marie McDonald
TRUTH BYTES are news items that either refute or correct articles or rumors that have been published or aired and that are either false or include inaccurate facts. We always give the source of the correction.
  • Greenberg: The Democrats' 'Working-Class Problem' It's not only with whites. It reaches well into the party's base.  Democrats can't retake Congress without more white working-class votes. The Democratic Strategist and The American Prospect are presenting the 2017 Roundtable on the White Working Class and the Democrats, including 13 articles on why the Democrats should, and how they can, win those votes-progressively. The following article by Stanley B. Greenberg, founding partner of Greenberg Research and Democracy Corps and author of America Ascendant: A Revolutionary Nation's Path to Addressing Its Deepest Problems and Leading the 21st Century, is part of this roundtable:  Read more.
  • Trump's Climate Withdrawal Is an Impeachable Offense. When President Donald Trump withdrew the United States from the Paris climate agreement, he acted in concert with 22 Republican senators, who collectively receive $10,694,284 in contributions from the coal and oil industries.  Read more.

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