MCC Academy News
June  2017
   From all of us at MCC Academy   


Thursday, June 8 - Last Day of School - Since we did not need to use all of the allotted snow days this school year, MCC Academy administration has decided to close the school one day early. Also, the original date was scheduled as a half day, making pick-up difficult for a lot of parents. Thus, the last day of school at both campuses will be Thursday, June 8, 2017, and we will operate on regular schedule on this day with regular drop-off and pick-up timings. 

Thursday, June 8 - PSG Board Election - the PSG Board Election committee (consisting of non-PSG board members) will be holding election on Thursday, June 8, from 8-10am at Morton Grove campus and from 3-4:30pm at Skokie campus.  Each parent will be able to cast their vote for the candidate of their choice.  No absentee ballots will be issued. All voting must be done in person at either campus. Stay tuned for more information. 

Friday, June 9, 5-7pm - 8th Grade Graduation - Our 8th grade students will have their graduation ceremony on Friday, June 9, 2017, from 5-7pm at Parkview Elementary School's gymnasium, located at 6200 Lake St., Morton Grove, IL. We will start promptly at 5pm so that we can be finished promptly by 7pm, in time to make Asr salah.  

Saturday, June 17 - Eid Bazaar - Hosted by the MCCA PSG, stay tuned for more information about the Annual Eid Bazaar that will be held at the Skokie campus. 

Report cards will be sent home with Early Childhood and Elementary students on Thursday, June 8, the last day of school. Please make sure to check your child's backpack or ask him or her for their report card. Along with the report card, students will be given their IOWA Basic Skills and MAPS Test results. If you owe outstanding tuition and fees, you will need to settle your accounts with the school before we can issue final report cards. 

For Middle School students, parents can pick up their student's report cards on Wednesday, June 14, 10am-2pm, at the Morton Grove campus. 

Skokie campus office will be closed during the summer. 

Morton Grove campus office will remain open from 10am-3pm


Alhumdulilah this school year is almost to an end.  I just wanted to recap the year and notify you of the deadline for next year medical documents.  

Incident and Illness
This year the nurse office was busier than ever.  February was the busiest month with over 630 visits.  On the busiest day this school year, over 50 students visited.   On average, 96% of the time students were able to return to class.  In Sha Allah, next school year, you will be able to view your child's nurse office visits in the Mazik school management system.

Medical Requirements
Reminders have been sent out this school year, in regards to the 2017-2018 school year.  This is the final notice.  Please allow this to serve as a final reminder for medical documents (physicals/vaccinations, dental and vision) for the 2017-2018 school year.    Here is the health forms schedule, it indicates the  2017-2018  grades in which children will need to have these forms  resubmitted . The deadline is June 16th, 2017  Note: 2nd grade vision is done at school.


It has been a pleasure serving the students and staff this school year.  May Allah (SWT) keep us safe and may we see each other again next school year.


Mrs. Hadessa Plummer
MCCA School Nurse



A Note from the School Council

Salaam alaikum MCCA Families,
This is the last time I will be addressing you as MCCA Council Chair.  The past four years have been quite full and rewarding for me.  We moved from having one campus to having two campuses, went through the AdvancEd school re-accreditation process, received some large grants, added additional classrooms in some grades, and expanded our sports and after-school programs. We were only able to do all this with Allah's blessing and your cooperation and support.  We also lost a very dear friend and support in our school, Mrs. Farisa Hussain.  May Allah grant her Jannat-al-Firdaus.

This past month, we have had incredible performances by the Drama and Performing Arts Clubs. Students did an amazing job!  We are indeed blessed to have Mrs. Bergeson's talent and dedication. Thank you Mrs. Bergeson. Our PSG organized another fantastic Fun Run for Education fundraiser that the entire school enjoyed. 

This year, our 8th grade graduating class is the largest it has been since the inception of our school. The first 8th grade class was 8 students. This year. 52 students will be graduating. Most of these graduates are moving on to area high school's honors and AP classes.  Three of our students, who live in the city, are going to the top selective enrollment schools in the city of Chicago. Mabrook, graduates!

Ramdaan Kareem.  May Allah shower His blessings on the Ummah.  Have a great summer.   REMINDER:  Don't forget we will be having summer classes and camps after Eid. 
Mrs. Musarrat Khan
MCCA Council Chairperson

PSG Update


PSG Board Election 
The MCCA PSG Board election will take place on Thursday, June 8, from 8-10am at Morton Grove campus and 3-4:30pm at Skokie campus

You will need to come into the school to vote. Absentee ballots will not be accepted. Each MCC Academy parent will have one vote.  Information about each candidate has been emailed to all parents.  Following are the individuals who have accepted the nominations for the uncontested board positions: 
Belinda Tibayan - President
Tahani Taweil - Vice President
Amira Kashif Puthawala - Recording Secretary 
Shabnam Mahmood - Corresponding Secretary

Following is background on the two nominees for Parent Representative:
Thazneem Faiz - Nominee for PSG Parent Representative
I've been an MCC Academy parent for about seven years now. I've been part of the  PSG since our family joined the school. I've been the  PSG Vice President in the past, and I'm currently finishing the term of a previous  PSG Parent Representative, so I've been part of the school council for one year. I bring to this position a background in education, as I'm a former Montessori teacher. I hold my Bachelor's in Elementary Education. My work on the council is incredibly rewarding as I strive to connect parents with the school administration to help to promote causes important to them. I hope to continue to be that bridge and make impactful decisions on behalf of our parents if I am re-elected to this position. 

Asif Syed - Nominee for PSG Parent Representative
I am a physician and health executive by background with extensive experience in patient care and leading, convening and managing large multinational groups, projects and products, including planning and facilitation, which will be a great asset for bringing  PSG's focus and intended direction to the MCC Academy Council, which is best for students, parents and staff to help take MCCA to the next level with excellence.

Following is background on the two nominees for Treasurer:
Shafaq Qureshi - Nominee for Treasurer
My name is Shafaq Qureshi . I have three children here at MCCA. I have been an active member of  PSG this year, Alhumdulillah. Many of you know me as the Pizza Lady. Prior to starting my family,  I worked in a few major retail stores. I have two years experience working in a cash office. I worked in accounts receivable/payable at Vogue Fabrics, and also handled accounts at a Early Childhood Education at Oakton Community College. I am extremely reliable, and I am very committed to PSG and volunteering. 

Patty Torres - Nominee for Treasurer
I have two children who attend MCC Academy, one in 3rd grade and another in 5th. I have dealt with accounts in previous jobs and I have the potential to be part of the community. I have strong social skills and I would like to be more involved in the community to be more a part of this family. 

Teacher Appreciation Week
Alhumdilallah, thanks to all of the contributions from so many MCCA parents, the Teacher Appreciation Week festivities were a hit! Teachers and staff enjoyed three days of amazing food and beautiful decor along with special gifts delivered to their mailboxes. Our tireless volunteers who helped with set-up and clean-up were outstanding. Thanks to everyone who helped make this a fabulous week for our MCCA teachers and staff. 

5K Family Fun Run & Walk for Education
MashAllah, we ended up having a beautiful morning for our 5K event. Many of our students actually were able to run the full 5K, and some of our parents and teachers, too! JazakAllahkhairun to Epic Burger, IFANCA and UIF for their sponsorship. 

June 2  - Last PSG meeting of the school year
June 8 - PSG Board election 
June 9 - 8th Grade graduation ceremony decorating
June 17 - Eid Bazaar TBD

For more details, feedback or comments, please email

MCC Academy Ushers in Ramadan

The spirit of Ramadan came to life early at MCC Academy. It's been nearly a decade since we've had the wonderful opportunity to welcome Ramadan during the school year and all of our teachers and staff were so excited to see the Ramadan program come to life again at the school last month. This special event had always been a tradition at MCC Academy when Ramadan fell during the school year and to be able to celebrate with this student performance once again is just spectacular. 

From our Arabic, Quran, and Islamic Studies teachers down to each of our classroom teachers from preschool through 5th grade, this was a true group effort to usher in the Holy Month of Ramadan. Many thanks to Mrs. Ilham Wahdan for leading the efforts among the staff and to Mrs. Sanaa AlQudsi  and Mrs. Sikandar for decorating the school with lovely Ramadan decor, including unique artwork made by students. 

Early childhood and elementary students performed Ramadan nasheeds both in Arabic and English. The fourth and fifth grade teams took a unique take on the Ramadan program by having their students create their own unique poems as a tribute to this beautiful month. Students spent many days preparing and their efforts produced such a beautiful program for their parents to enjoy.  

MCCA Annual Quran Competition Results

Our Middle School students participated in their all-school Quran Competition last month, organized by Mrs. Musleh and moderated by Mr. Mubeen Kamani. With so many accomplished students participating, it was definitely a tough competition. We appreciate the support of many parents who donated toward this competition and gave of their time as well. Our judges selected the top winners in both memorization and reading from among both Middle School and Hifdh Students. Mabrook to  the following winners:
For Middle School reading: 
1st: Aadil Patel 
2nd: Hajirah Syed
3rd: AbedrRaman Ibrahim
For Middle School memorization: 
 1st: Mohammad Isoev and Zaid Vahora
2nd: AbdelHaq Isoev
3rd : Otman Jbara
Middle School Huffazh
1st : Umer Khan
2nd: Laiba Navaid 
3rd : Zubair Faisal
Hifzh Department Juzu' 26-30 
1st: Taha Akbar
2nd: Zubair Ahmed
3rd: Safura Surangiwala
Hifzh Department Juzu' 1-5
1st: Rayyan Ahmed
2nd: AbdurRahim Rana
3rd: Ansar Khan
Hifzh Department Juzu' 1-15
1st: Zakariya Siddiqui
2nd: Sami Ahmed and Sayed AbdusSamad Aqeel
3rd: Muhammad AbdulMuiz

We also held our MCC Academy Annual Quran Competition for students in grades 3rd-5th last month. We had 43 students competing among the categories of memorization and reading. Kids made it to the school competition based on how well they did in classroom competitions. We are pleased to announce the winners in each category: for memorization, 1st place was a tie between Mustafa Aziz (4th) and Jadulhq Isoev (3rd); 2nd place went to Asma Ghamrawi (4th); 3rd place went to Mariam Patel (5th) and for reading, 1st place went to Nabiha Asif (4th), 2nd place to Ayesha Naveed (4th) and 3rd place to Aisha Syed (4th). All of the children's recitation was incredibly beautiful, mashAllah, and a delight to all in attendance. Many parents came out to support the children in the competition. Students competing in memorization had to recite randomly from among 11 surahs from Juz Amma and for reading, students read from Surah Al-Ankaboot. Many thanks to the following individuals who spent the morning judging our competition: Sheikh Hisham Shabara, Sister Jahida Mabrook, and Sister Rahma Bahri, all have their ijaza in teaching Quran. And, we are especially thankful to Mrs. Ilham Wahdan for managing the Annual Quran Competition and to all of our Quran teachers for their guidance and teaching throughout the year.    

HifzhulQur'ann Department Holds MCCA Hifdth Alumni Gathering

Last month, our department had its first MCCA Hifdth Alumni get together. We joined with the previous graduates to play some basketball, eat and pray. Alhamdulillaah, ten graduates were able to make it as well as thirteen students from our current program. We met up in front of the gym at the Skokie campus and then the students got together and played a few games.

Alhamdulillaah, it was really nice to see everyone together in this way. Afterwards, we all sat down toge ther to eat pizza and then pray SalaatuzZhuhr as well. Then Haafizh Ikhlas and I spoke to the group about the importance of spending time wisely while in the program and how to do their best to preserve the Qur'aan they have memorized even after they have left. We gave each a hand-held size Mus-haf as a gift so that they could benefit in Ramadaan.

Alhamdulillaah, it was a great opportunity to meet with them again and be able to spend time together once more. I pray that Allaah Subhaanahu Wa Ta'aalaa gives them all success and gives our current students the ability to use whatever time they have left, wisely. I ask that you pray for all our students and teachers so that we can all serve our responsibilities to the best of our abilities. JazaakAllaahu khair!

Qazi Muhammad Faaizuddin Biabani
Director, HifzhulQur'aan Department
MCC Academy

Senator's Advisor Visits MCCA

US Senator Tammy Duckworth, Democratic US Senator for Illinois, sent one of her advisors, Mr. Leif Anderson, to interface with MCC and MCC Academy teachers, students, administration, board members and volunteers on May 3, 2017. Mr. Anderson visited all three of our facilities with the purpose of getting to know our community better and advising on tough issues we are facing. First, he toured the MCCA Skokie campus and spoke with teachers and staff there. Then, he headed to MEC in Morton Grove where he had lunch with MCC President Dr. Sarwar Nasir, MCCA Principal Mr. Habeeb Quadri, and Interfaith Outreach Coordinator Mrs. Dilnaz Waraich. He also spoke to middle school students about combatting Islamophobia, refugee and immigrant rights, and opportunities for federal funding of religious institutions. He also talked about the importance of becoming active in politics. He ended his tour at MCC-Elston where he met with Imam Nazim Mangera, who talked with Mr. Anderson about our Muslim faith and practices. 

PSG Treats Teachers and Staff to Outstanding Teacher Appreciation Week 

Our Parent Support Group (PSG) really goes above and beyond every year for Teacher Appreciation week. Last week when we celebrated, MCC Academy teachers and staff enjoyed a week of festivities from our amazing PSG with brunch on Monday, lunch on Wednesday, a sweet-and-savory buffet on Friday along with special gifts for each delivered to their mailboxes. Our parents worked tirelessly throughout the week to make our teachers and staff feel appreciated. They certainly achieved their goal, mashAllah!

Students Earn Top Awards at State Science Fair

The State Science Fair, held on May 6th at Northern Illinois University, was the final destination for all middle school attendees. MCC Academy students proved how amazing they are by bringing home some top awards, mashAllah. Congratulations to Haroon Salahuddin, Omar Siddiqui, Umaimah Ansari, Fatimah Syed, and Ashira Johara who received the top award of Gold among approximately 1,000 students across the region.  And, congratulations to Zahrah Ahmed and Wafa Choubkha for winning Silver Awards. 

Teens and Social Media Seminar Very Informative for Parents

Our thanks to all the parents who attended the "Teens and Social Media" seminar. Our guest speakers from Khalil Center shared a lot of great information concerning monitoring teen's social media experience and limiting time spent on digital devices. MCCA School Counselor Ms. Latifi shared with parents her perspective on working with middle school students both at MCC Academy and across the country and how, based on her experience, social media use is a large contributor to social issues that arise among this peer group. Mr Quadri announced the school policy that students will not be allowed to bring cell phones on campus at all next school year. He also asked parents to please not give their children cell phones, especially during the middle school years.

5K Family Fun Run & Walk Brings Together Students and Families for a Beautiful Morning

PSG organized another fun running event this year to raise funds to help continue to fund our STEM program and for a future running track. Students and many of their family members enjoyed a beautiful sunny day while running together outside. Many thanks to our sponsors including Epic Burger, University Islamic Financial, and IFANCA.

Bait-ul-Intibaah Takes the Win!

Clear eyes. Full hearts. Can't Lose

It was announced on May 19, 2017, that Bait-ul-intibaah won first place in our Middle School quarterly house competition. What a sweet way to end the year! I am proud to say that this is the FIRST win for intibaah since it's birth. Throughout the 2016-2017 school year, students of intibaah displayed its true meaning (awareness) with their ongoing effort in seeing and understanding the bigger picture through following the sunnah of our beloved Nabi (sas). 

In times of hardship, we held our chins up high and displayed patience.  In times of need, we donated or prayed for others who needed more. In times of challenge, we tried our best and supported one another. 

Through genuine acts of good character and teamwork this year, it is without a doubt that these kids won for the sake of Allah (sw). I am so incredibly proud of and inspired by my house.  In the wise words of intibaah member Abdurraham Ibrahim, "We will protect our house!"  May Allah (sw) continue to bless our students in developing their minds and character.

Mrs. Gomaa
Intibaah House Leader


MCC Academy's STRIVE TOGETHER Saturday School for Special Needs Celebrates End of the Year

MCC Academy's new Strive Together Saturday School for children with special needs had their last day of class last month! It's been an incredible year full of joy and excitement, mashAllah. Our thanks to both Anwar Abdallah and Neha Iqbal for their leadership of this new program and to the many volunteers who come each week to teach and support each student. We are so happy you all enjoyed representing Strive Together at the Annual Autism Walk with the MUHSEN team last month as well. Following that fun event, s tudents and volunteers from the MCCA Special Education Saturday program, Strive Together, enjoyed a fantastic and fun End-year party!

Cooking Club Serves Up their Final Meeting

Last month, the MCCA Cooking Club had their last session for the present school year. They ended with a sweet celebration making a quick, easy and delicious no-bake dessert called "cheesecake nachos." At the end, students were surprised with a gift - their own cookbook featuring a cover with photos from all of the past cooking club sessions and all of the recipes they made. Students had a blast making all of the recipes and eating all of their meals together. We look forward to continuing cooking club next year inshallah!

8th Grade Farewell Festivities!

8th graders enjoyed the Annual MCCA 8th Grade Farewell Party on May 18th. Each of our 54 graduates were honored with unique poems written and read aloud by their teachers. The poems truly reflected how much their teachers know and care for each of these students. 

PSG, along with our 7th grade class, took special care in decorating the entire banquet hall, which included a photo booth and candy table. The 8th graders each walked into the hall with the Chicago Bulls introduction song playing in the background while 7th grader Zubair Faisal announced each graduate's name. Mrs. Ahmed surprised staff and audience members with a lovely poem about all of the teachers. 

The event ended with socialization, food and a fun photo reel of that included each graduate's baby picture along with some of the teachers' baby photos as well. Mufti Mangera gave a beautiful closing dua to this fabulous event. 

Earlier in the month, students enjoyed a field trip to Six Flags Great America as part of their graduation festivities! 

Middle School Students Revel in Field Day Fun!

MCCA Middle School students had a blast Friday May 19th during the 2017 Middle School Field Day. Students bought house color t-shirts and decorated them to get in the spirit of competition, house allegiance, and fun! They formed groups of 5 with house members to compete against groups from other houses to earn house points. House points were earned by playing games such as tug of war, basketball free throw contest, and sack relay race. The games were spread out throughout the school, and students traveled with their teams and friends. Students moved from game to game, snacking on granola bars, veggie chips, and orange juice to gain energy to compete against more teams. The teams that won games in the fastest time were able to compete in the Ultimate Tournament Finals. The whole school gathered in the gym to watch the best teams compete for 50 house points! MCCA Middle School staff also got to play against the winning team for the basketball free throw contest. The students won!

The rainy weather outside forced the games to be played indoors, but that didn't damper the spirits of the students. The fun day wrapped up with an assembly that made history, Baitul Intibah's first quarter victory! They worked hard all quarter to earn house points by donating to their house coin jar, memorizing surahs, and being caught following the value of the month. Mrs. Gomaa pushed her house to do the best they can do, and the Field Day games earned them enough to take home a victory.

-- submitted by MCCA Teachers Maria Basith and Zeenat Umar

MCCA Parent Belinda Tibayan Recieves Special Girl Scouts Leadership Award

Our very own MCCA parent and PSG President Mrs. Belinda Tibayan received a very special award from Girl Scouts regional leaders at their annual dinner in May. Mrs. Tibayan was recognized for going above and beyond to give outstanding service to the Girl Scouts organization and her Girl Scouts troop. MCC Academy is incredibly thankful to Mrs. Tibayan for bringing the Girl Scout experience to so many MCCA students. We have nearly 70 girls participating in three different troops between both of our campuses all thanks to Mrs. Tibayan and her tireless efforts.

P.E. Update from Ms. Umar

As we are winding down an eventful school year full of many engaging and exciting activities, games, and workouts, students are enjoying the last of their sports and fitness units. We wrapped up soccer with tournament games, which earned the winning teams first place ribbons. Students have also been staying fit through fast-paced strength and endurance circuits as well as recently participating in fun, competitive, and challenging team-building relay races that they have never played before. At the MCC 5K and fun run all of the cardiovascular strength and endurance exercises and games paid off!

CABA League Going Strong in its 3rd Year!

This year is the third installment of the MCC Academy CABA league for middle school boys at the Morton Grove campus organized by Coach Kadir. The 6th-8th graders get the chance to select and draft their own teams and compete in a six week league against each other. Stats are recorded and the players compete for a league championship, along with an MVP award. The teams do not have a coach but the team captain represents their go-to for leadership. This allows the student athletes to be more independent and gain more confidence on the court and amongst their teammates. Also, substitutions take place every 5 minutes to ensure fair play and proper player development. The boys play every Friday from 4 to 6 PM at the Morton Grove campus. The CABA playoffs will be Friday, May 19th.

8th Graders Perform Their Islamic Scientists Play at Morton Grove Library

Each year, MCCA Science Teacher Mrs. Saleh has eighth grade students break out into small groups to brainstorm and write unique plays incorporating the knowledge they've learned about history's most important Muslim scientists and their discoveries. The plays often times include the scientists themselves and tie in scientific revelations within the Quran. This year, students asked a few of their teachers to play a role in some of the plays and the results were fantastic...the plays were all entertaining and enlightening!

Library Update from Mrs. Bergeson

Asalaamu alaikum Parents and Families,
Ramadan Mubarak! It's hard to believe how fast the year has gone and that the Holy month of Ramadan is already upon us, Alhamdulillah! 

In a NSLA - National Summer Learning Association study done a few years ago, 500 teachers were interviewed and 66% of those teachers said they had to spend three to four weeks re-teaching material from the previous year, while the remaining 24% of the teachers said they spend five to six weeks re-teaching material from the previous year. That is a lot of time spent reviewing!

But there are fun ways to help prevent the "SUMMER SLIDE" and keep your child's education in tact! Some ideas include:
  • VISIT YOUR PUBLIC LIBRARY - Sign up for free activities or just check out books!
  • Sign up for online reading programs, such as the one with Scholastic: or look into these FREE Summer Reading Programs:  
  • HOST A SUMMER BOOK CLUB - Choose some books appropriate for your child's age and invite friends or family to join you. Get together and discuss the story and choose a fun activity to do that relates to the theme!
  • READ WITH YOUR CHILD - It doesn't matter the age of your child, KG-8th, find a book or novel you both can enjoy. Read aloud to each other before bed or separately. Discuss the chapters, set goals, and reward yourself at the end!
  • LET YOUR CHILD HELP PLAN YOUR VACATION - Vacation planning requires preparation and some research. Have your child help you "read up" on some of the educational opportunities at your destination and come up with your vacation plan!
Any or all of these ideas can help your child stay on the right track for the start of school next fall!

All students will need to settle their library borrowing privileges before they can receive their report cards at the end of the school year. If your child still has a library book, they need to turn it in as soon as possible. If they have misplaced or damaged a book, they will be responsible for paying for the lost or damaged book as soon as possible. Thank you!

I hope you all have a blessed Ramadan. May Allah SWT purify your heart, reward your fasting, and answer your duaa this Ramadan. Ameen. Jazak Allah Kharyn for your support this school year and I look forward to seeing the kids back next fall!

Ramadan Mubarak! Ms. Donelle Bergeson, Librarian

Middle School Social Studies - Mrs. Barkat

Alhamdulillah, students were really busy learning and gaining important skills during fourth quarter social studies. MCCA is proud to announce that the 8th grade social studies class is in the process of completing the world-renowned Toastmasters course to prepare our students for the public speaking they will face ahead. Students, once a week, learn public speaking from Dr. Sabeel Ahmed, a graduate of the Toastmasters program and a well-known Da'ee in the Chicagoland area. Each week, the 8th grade students are assigned specific roles and tasks which they complete within their class in order to better hone their oratory skills. Thus far, students have completed three sessions and have picked up some excellent tips on good speaking. Perhaps one day they too will participate in the Toastmasters World Championships. For now, however, they are engaging in the fine art of communication which is one of the most sought after skills in corporate and professional America.

In order to increase our communication with people of other faiths as well as engage them about Islam, the 7th grade students have embarked on a correspondence activity with seventh graders at Francis Parker School in downtown Chicago. The students at Francis Parker have learned about Islam in their class and they thought it would be a great experience to correspond with Muslim students who can answer their questions. Alhamdulillah, this is a fantastic opportunity for our students because they get to write to someone their age but of a different faith while simultaneously teaching that person about Islam and answering their questions. Our students get to hone their letter-writing skills and their dawa skills in a super exciting way. We plan on corresponding with the students by letter until the end of the quarter and perhaps set up a Skype session so that the students can see each other and their respective schools. 

The sixth grade students are also doing exciting things in social studies. As part of our Roman Empire unit, the 6th grade students participated in the Roman Forum simulation. Donning white sheets over their uniforms as makeshift togas, our students took on the roles of the most powerful people in Ancient Rome. The students became Roman senators, consuls, and tribunes. They got to come together, take on their respective roles, and make crucial decisions for the future of the Roman Republic. The students really picked up the skills of improvisational speaking, political nuances, and weighing consequences from the activity. They also had a blast wearing the togas and debating with their fellow classmates. 


Asalaamu alaikum, 
Alhamdulillah! Ramadan is here and I have had the pleasure of working with two FANTASTIC groups of students, who performed two Ramadan plays! On May 17th the 3rd-5th grade students debuted, "Salaam Scrolls: The Ramadan Quest."  On May 22nd, the MG Performing Arts Troupe presented, "Ramadan Chaos: Faith, Family, and Friends."  

Both plays went well and set the stage for future performances for Ramadan. A special thanks to all who attended for supporting the students and their hard work. Jazak Allah Kharyn! For each of you who have taken the time to read our bit of news, thank you and I pray you have a Blessed Ramadan! Ameen. 

Ramadan Mubarak!
Donelle Bergeson, MCCA Drama Club & Performing Arts Troupe Director

Middle School English - Mrs. Elmasri

Sixth graders are writing haikus, so we took class outside to be inspired by the sights, smells, and sounds of nature. And, c ongratulations to Zainab Ahmed for getting an honorable mention for the UIF annual Islamic Poetry Contest.

Hifdh Secular Studies - Mrs. Sherin

4th grade hifdh students had a chance to let their imaginations go wild! After reading a fictional story on extraterrestrial sightings, students had a chance to imagine their own out of this world creature and put their artistic talents to work. Some of these creatures were sighted in their own living rooms, bedrooms and back yards. One was even sighted taking over the Burj Khalifaf in Dubai. MashaAllah what an imagination these kids have! 
1st Grade - Miss Malik, Ms. Suad and Ms. Ahmed

We had a wonderful school year in 1A!  I am so proud of the growth you have made socially, emotionally and academically. Enjoy the summer.  I will miss welcoming you into class every morning but I can't wait to see you all as second graders Insha'Allah. 

1-C students are busy taking on the role of scientists by making their own versions of mini thunderstorms in a cup. They follow the scientific method and put their predictions to the test with a fun-filled activity.

Kindergarten - Mrs. Shariff, Mrs. Siddiqui, Mrs. Khawaja

Kindergartners have been very busy with our ABC countdown! Everyday there is something for our students to look forward to. Some of the days were, bubble day for B, C for chalk day, Flip Flop Day for F, G for game day and Kickball day for K.
All the Kg classes also went on a field trip to Paint N' Party. They got hands on experience to decorate their sculptures with paint and were then heated in the oven to later take home.
The Ramadan program was one of the best programs for us.  The kindergartens enjoyed practicing and presenting for our lovely audience. They were super excited and understood the meaning of Ramadan. 

4C Islamic Studies - Ms. Farah

It has been an absolute honor to teach Islamic Studies to the wondrous intellectuals of 4C! We went from being teacher and students to a tight-knit family filled with love for each other for the sake of Allah. This year, we were inspired by the teachings of our beloved Prophet (saw), we learned the rights of Muslims upon one another, we learned stories of sacrifice, strength, resilience, faith, compassion, unity, and much more. Students build palaces in Jannah and fortresses in this dunya with the power of prayer and duaa. We even wrote a letter to Sheikh Omar Suliaman! 4C were a constant source of light and knowledge for me, and I pray I was able to return that gift to the best of my ability. I'm so proud of where we have come this year, and I KNOW it's only uphill from here! I pray you all have a blessed Ramadan and summer - please keep me and my family in your duaas!

2nd Grade - Mrs. Sheikh, Mrs. Baig, Mrs. Bozai

The school year is almost coming to an end. We made an ABC countdown calendar for the last 26 days of school and each day we have different activities.  I-Spy, chalk day, and mix match day were most fun thus far. We look forward for more activities to share. 

Students are very busy wrapping up the last quarter. In science, they learned about forces and motion and conducted an experiment to measure amount of force used to throw paper balls. In math, they learned about solid shapes and patterns and created their own patterns on construction paper. We will now begin math centers and use various manipulatives to review concepts from the year. We will also do mini book reports in reading class. 

Also, Botanic Garden's field trip was fun, especially the tram ride. They explored the different exhibits and enjoyed their picnic there. We would like to thank all parents who chaperoned the field trip.  The Ramadan program was a very big success as well and we thank all the parents who were able to come.   The second grade teachers would like to wish all their students and parents a safe and enjoyable summer. Ramadan Mubarak to everyone!

Preschool - Mrs. Malik

The preschoolers have been busy getting ready for summer. The preschoolers went on their last field trip of the year to the Morton Grove Fire Department. There they met the fire chief and got to sit inside the firetruck. They also learned about fire safety and the job of firefighters. After that, we had a picnic at Austin park. The childrens' parents also joined us at the park for some fun.

The preschoolers learned about different types of careers. We talked about what jobs they saw and what they did. The children also learned about their parents' jobs and had to do a presentation. The children came with a picture and three bullet points about their parents' jobs. The children also talked about the different careers they wish to pursue. 

The preschoolers previously learned about 'Healthy Eating'. They made a new healthy snack each day of the week. The little chefs made milkshakes, fruit kabobs, veggie monsters, butter, pasta salad, and pizza.   The preschoolers are looking forward to the summer break and, more importantly, their move to Pre-k. In honor of this, they celebrated this big move at Chuck E. Cheese. The children enjoyed some yummy pizza, fun, and games with their parents. They each received a diploma, goodie bag, and two keepsakes.

PreK - Mrs. Fayyaz and Mrs. Metovic

PreK students had a busy month with the Ramadan Program,  Student of the Month Assembly , working on  Letters, "Y" and "Z" and  Numbers, "24" and "25", learning the  5 Senses  and  Planting Units and doing the  A-Z countdown (last 26 days of school). 

4th Grade - Mrs. Patel, Mrs. Aziz-Khan, Mrs. Iftekharuddin

4th graders raised over $300 to donate to the Inner-City Action Network (IMAN). IMAN is an organization based on the south-side of Chicago. Through various programs, including a free clinic, a farmer's market, and an employment program, IMAN improves the lives of individuals living in underprivileged parts of Chicago.  

Students created limericks about Ramadan and performed them for family and friends at the Ramadan Program. They also  took an architecture tour along the Chicago River to sum up their unit on Chicago History. The tour was filled with information about how Chicago was formed and how it became the thriving city it is today. After the tour, they explored Navy Pier, taking advantage of the beautiful weather and the amazing views the city has to offer.