I'm excited about re-launching my newsletter! This month includes details on the  Instruction Membership  Program, as well as a tip on How to Ease Back into Play After a Layoff. If you know someone who would be interested in reading it, please  forward this email to them.
Instruction Membership Program
Works like a gym membership: open 4 days a week (Tues, Thurs, Fri, Sat), 8 AM-12 PM
Come as often as you want; Stay as long as you want. You Get:
  • Coaching and supervised practice by one of the top teaching professionals in Southern California
  • Digital video swing analysis
  • One on one teaching range at Cross Creek
  • Unlimited range balls
  • Short game coaching
  • Special Rates at Embassy Suites for out-of-town members
$ 99 per month  
The most efficient way to improve your game 
       Call, email or text me and we'll discuss details (951) 326-0161
                   or, Talk with me at the range                    
Why I Love Cross Creek
Recently, someone asked me why I'm so fond of Cross Creek, I thought for a moment, and told him, "I love a golf course that challenges my skill, forces me to make good decisions and, of course, is in beautiful condition". Add in the outstanding practice and teaching ranges; and I have so much 

Beyond that, I appreciate the dedication and pride of the course maintenance and service staffs; and I experience a warm and welcoming atmosphere whenever I'm there. 

Many of you reading this know exactly what I mean; it's a very special place. 

How to Practice After a Layoff
Vijay Singh used to say missing a day of practice costs him a week. Sound a little extreme? The point is, we all go through periods of not playing or practicing, and shouldn't expect to immediately get back to our normal game after the layoff. So, how can we avoid the frustration of wayward drives, 3-putt greens and duffed pitch shots? I suggest the following:
  • Take a day to just practice. Concentrate on the basics. Don't expect to feel totally comfortable with anything in the beginning. Do some stretching before you start and don't practice too long; perhaps an hour or two at the most. Spend most of your time with shorter irons, putting and chipping.
  • It will be really beneficial if after a couple of days you have another practice session. Work your way up to the longer irons and driver. Make sure you work on your short game also.
  • Now you are ready to play. It may take you a few holes to get back into the groove; so don't give in to frustration. 
Talk with me about the  Instruction Membership Program; and see how quickly your game comes back, and keeps getting better.