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Sometimes a book comes to us heralded by publishers and it doesn't necessarily catch fire with our booksellers. Not the case with There There! Everyone who read this fierce book has given it high praise. Tommy Orange will be in our Manchester store Saturday, June 9th at 6PM. 

Our buyer, Stan Hynds, had this to say, " Tommy Orange has written a brutal and beautiful novel about the Native American experience in contemporary America that will open eyes and minds. It will simultaneously break and expand hearts. Most readers will not have heard a voice like his or a story like this."

Bookseller Maeve Noonan comments, "There There is the telling of the grit and the girth of the urban life of Native peoples. Alexie, Erdrich and Nerburn have company on my bookshelf now with the arrival of Tommy Orange."
Tommy Orange

For me, while the subjects of the stories were tough, the writing was so searing and pow erful that I found myself compelled forward. Sometimes the naked truth is better than a beautiful lie - so it is with There There

Chris Morrow

Featured Review
Convenience Store Woman by Sayaka Murata

Rebels tend to be outlandish, extroverted, opinionated, and brassy. 36-year old Tokyo resident Keiko Furukura, working half her life in a convenience store, defies expectations, spurns relationships, irritates her family, ignores social pressures, and inadvertently, and joyously, flips rebellion on its head. - Mike Hare

New Releases
by Fatima Mirza

Mirza evokes with equal skill and nuance the specifics of the first and second generation immigrant experience, and the universal themes of family unity and discord. In A Place For Us she captures the complicated dynamics of one family's relationships with one another with astonishing insight.
 I found it tremendously moving in a way that only the most authentic stories and voices can be. The last seventy pages buckled my knees. How can a story about characters who in many ways are so unlike my own be so hauntingly familiar? - Stan Hynds
by D avid Sedaris

David Sedaris returns with his most deeply personal and darkly hilarious book. If you've ever laughed your way through David Sedaris's cheerfully misanthropic stories, you might think you know what you're getting with Calypso. You'd be wrong.

When he buys a beach house on the Carolina coast, Sedaris envisions long, relaxing vacations spent playing board games and lounging in the sun with those he loves most. And life at the Sea Section, as he names the vacation home, is exactly as idyllic as he imagined, except for one tiny, vexing realization: it's impossible to take a vacation from yourself.

by Meghan Weir

The daughter of an Evangelical preacher, Essie Hicks has grown up on reality television.
 When Essie becomes pregnant the handlers of Six For Hicks need to decide what will be best for ratings, not what will be best for Essie. However, Essie has a plan of her own. 

An eye-opening novel in this age of the Kardashian's and Dugger's that will cause the reader to question if reality TV is in fact real. - Sarah Donner

by Graham Robb

Two years ago, Graham Robb moved to a lonely house on the very edge of England, near the banks of a river that once marked the southern boundary of the legendary Debatable Land. 

The oldest detectable territorial division in Great Britain, the Debatable Land served as a buffer between Scotland and England. It was once the bloodiest region in the country, fought over by Henry VIII, Elizabeth I, and James V. 

After most of its population was slaughtered or deported, it became the last part of Great Britain to be brought under the control of the state. Today, it has vanished from the map and its boundaries are matters of myth and generational memories.

This is a twisty, unique and entertaining take-off of the classic British mystery.
 Uniquely told from the author's often ironic point of view, this delightfully witty romp follows him as he unwillingly plays Watson to Detective Hawthorne's Sherlock while the detective attempts to solve the mystery of the murder (or was it suicide?) of a woman who had just planned her own funeral. 

Because of the unusual perspective, I felt like I was right there with them, drawn into the twist and turns all the way to the surprising conclusion. I LOVED it, and can't wait for Horowitz's next mystery! - Tambra Johnson Reap
Independently Published 
at Northshire Bookstore  by ShiresPress. 

By Nancy Snow, Norma Montaigne (Illustrator)

The author's exciting eventful experience with the birth of her grandchild has been put to story. She vividly recalls a real dream she had following the night after her granddaughter's birth,
who was a high risk baby needing help for survival from the expert staff at a Medical Center many miles away from her local community hospital.

Told through Baby Ella's words, the story unfolds at her start of life as she is greeted by Magi-cal Elephant Doctors. This is followed with a rollicking ambulance ride over the mountains, and then continues in a dreamy fantasy of fun and frolic, all the while Ella is treated at the Special Care Nursery.

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June 15 at 7PM
Saratoga Springs

When Wallen's southern, blue-collar, peripatetic family was transferred from Ely, Nevada, to Lagos, Nigeria, she had just turned seven. From Nevada to Nigeria and on to Peru, Bolivia, and Oklahoma, the family wandered the world, living in a state of constant upheaval. 

"When We Were Ghouls" follows Wallen's recollections of her family who, like ghosts, came and went and slipped through her fingers, rendering her memories unclear. Were they a family of grave robbers, as her memory of the pillaging of a pre-Incan grave site indicates? Are they, as the author's mother posits, "hideous people?" Or is Wallen's memory out of focus?


A woman inherits a beloved bookstore and sets forth on a journey of self-discovery in this poignant debut about family, forgiveness and a love of reading.

Miranda Brooks grew up in the stacks of her eccentric uncle Billy's bookstore, solving the inventive scavenger hunts he created just for her. But on Miranda's twelfth birthday, Billy has a mysterious falling-out with her mother and suddenly disappears from Miranda's life. She doesn't hear about him again until sixteen years later when she receives unexpected news

Yvonne Daley

Manchester Center

Yvonne Daley has written a clear-eyed analysis of the counterculture movement in Vermont.  This movement brought hippies, back-to-the-landers, political radicals, sexual libertines, and utopians to a previously conservative state that led us to farm to table, Bernie Sanders, and the progressive politics of today.  

Yvonne Daly is a professor of journalism and Director of the Green Mountain Writer's Conference.

Lauren Groff

Manchester Center

Highly acclaimed author and finalist for the National Book Award for her novel FATES AND FURIES, named 2015 American Booksellers' Association Indies' Choice Award for Fiction, Lauren Groff presents her new collection of stories, FLORIDA. 

A tour de force that reflects all her electric storytelling and intelligence, Lauren Groff pinpoints the moments and decisions and connections behind human pleasure and pain, hope and despair, love and fury. In 2017, she was named by Granta Magazine as one of the Best of Young American Novelist of her generation.

"Visionary Women" is the story of four women who profoundly shaped the world we live in today. Together, these women-linked not by friendship or field, but by their choice to break with convention-showed what one person speaking truth to power can do. 
Jane Jacobs fought for livable cities and strong communities; Rachel Carson warned us about poisoning the environment; Jane Goodall demonstrated the indelible kinship between humans and animals; and Alice Waters urged us to reconsider what and how we eat.


By Jairo Buitrago, Rafael Yockteng (Illustrator), Elisa Amado

From one of the great creative teams in picture books,  On the Other Side of the Garden is about a city girl learning to accept the change brought about by her parents' separation when she is taken to her grandmother's house in the country and befriended by an owl, a frog and a mouse.

When her father leaves her at her grandmother's house, the young girl at the center of this story feels abandoned and lonely. Her mother has moved to another country, and the girl wasn't paying attention when her father explained what was happening. And she hardly remembers her grandmother.

b Jeanne Birdsall
The finale you've all been waiting for: The Penderwicks at Last is the final, flawless installment in the modern classic series from National Book Award winner and New York Timesbestselling author Jeanne Birdsall.

Nine years, five older siblings, a few beloved dogs, and an endless array of adventures--these are the things that have shaped Lydia's journey since readers first met her in The Penderwicks in Spring.

By Natalie Reif Ziarnik, Madeline Valentine (Illustrator)

In the spirit of such bedtime favorites as Emily Winfield Martin's  Day Dreamers, here is a quintessential end-of-day by the beach lovingly captured and perfect for reading aloud.

This simple, lyrical picture book is as warm, reassuring, and filled with joy as a vacation at the beach. Readers will join a little girl and her siblings as they wind down from a perfect day--hanging up towels, eating dinner, and getting ready for bed--each activity sparking a memory of their day--playing catch with the dog, chasing waves, and looking at sailboats...

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