FARMS Leadership Internship Program 2017
The FARMS Leadership Program is the first step in preparing a student for the real world, but placing them into a paid job with a learning component - called an Internship - is the crown jewel in career path development. High school students start first in FARMS Leadership, then graduate into FARMS Advanced, and finally enter the workforce as a FARMS Intern. This educational strategy is part of the overall continuum of learning opportunities provided by Land-Based Learning programming.

Different than merely "a job," an internship provides students with a structured form of employment with an element of experiential learning, accountability and curriculum coordination. Students gain valuable applied experience and make connections in an industry sector that they are considering pursuing as a career.

Since starting the FARMS Advanced program two years in the Central Valley, the goal has been to prepare students for jobs, develop internship programs for employers and place students in those internships. That goal has come to fruition; four FARMS alumni have been placed into paid internships this summer. "It's what we all have worked hard to create - to provide a continuum in job skill training, career path exploration and experiential learning," said Diane Friend, Central Valley FARMS Regional Coordinator.

Savannah Burnett, Ingleby Farms Intern
The first step in the process was to engage Land-Based Learning's industry partners into the overall plan of developing internship programs. Ingleby Farms in Riverdale was eager to develop and implement such a plan that would allow them to evaluate and screen future employees by testing their abilities, skills and potential prior to making full-time position offers after college. They were also interested in building a pipeline of seasoned employees through a multi-year internship program. Savannah Burnett, of Raisin City, was selected from a pre-screened group of FARMS alumni to work directly with Ingleby's on-staff biologist, agronomist and production manager in a 10 week program.  She will learn and work on several projects on their 3,400 acre pistachio ranch. Everything from habitat restoration to drone software implementation to bud counts and soil analysis.
Cesar Cardenas, Zotexa LLC Intern
Zotexa, LLC, an irrigation technology company in Tulare, sees the advantage of hiring an intern that could learn and grow with the company, with the goal of offering a long-term position in the future. Land-Based Learning was instrumental in securing an internship for Cesar Cardenas of Woodlake, a star FARMS alumnus, where he will be learning to assemble proprietary equipment and serving several growers on approximately 2,000 acres of alfalfa. He will also learn about global procurement of irrigation supplies and parts, perform customer service and document alfalfa production field trials.
Peyton Yount, Peterson Family Farms Intern

Vernon Peterson, owner of Peterson Family Farms and Abundant Harvest in Kingsburg, another Land-Based Learning strategic partner, had never run a structured internship program. He reached out to Land-Based Learning to help him design a program on their organic farm, CSA packing facility and poultry operation. Land-Based Learning agreed to help by facilitating the pre-screening and interview process.  FARMS Leadership alumni Peyton Yount of Kerman and Jesstine Cota of Fresno both interviewed for the same internship position. But amazingly, after Peterson interviewed both girls, he was so impressed with them that he hired both right on the spot!

Jesstine Cota, Peterson Family Farms Intern

Creating a mutually beneficial relationship between a student intern and a business is critical to the success of Land-Based Learning's Internship Program. Experiential learning provides students with the direct experience in business where they can use analytical, critical thinking and problem-solving skills to enhance their academic and classroom learning. Students participating in internships will undoubtedly become more engaged in higher education and choose a career in Agriculture.
Alumni Awarded Scholarships Provided by My Job Depends on Ag
The FARMS Leadership Scholarship Program is a partnership between Land-Based Learning and the web-based group My Job Depends on Ag.

Fourteen student alumni from programs of Land-Based Learning were awarded $500 scholarships to support their post-secondary studies in agriculture and environmental sciences.

The recipients have participated in one or more of the youth programs run by Land-Based Learning and will be pursuing education in the agriculture and environmental sciences fields.
Anahi Rivera from Fresno (L) & Elena Montejo from Kerman (R)
2017-2018 school year scholarship recipients:
  • Jordan Alexander from Madera will be studying Agricultural Business
  • Cynthia Avendano from Fresno will be studying Animal Science
  • Jesus Barba from Salinas will be studying Agricultural Business
  • Clay Casada from Salinas will be studying Animal Science
  • Eleanor Cumming from Sanger will be studying Meat Science
  • Brad Hudson from Bakersfield will be studying Mechanized Engineering
  • Emma Juchau from Davis will be studying Equine Science
  • Kevin Keenan from Woodland will be studying Plant Science
  • Elena Montejo from Kerman will be studying Agricultural Sciences
  • Victoria Powell from Acampo will be studying Business Marketing and Ecology
  • Daisy Ramirez from Colusa will be studying International Agricultural Business
  • Anahi Rivera from Fresno will be studying Animal Science  
  • Brittney Thompson from Galt will be studying Agricultural Sciences and Communications
  • Korey Turner from Bakersfield will be studying Animal Science
We wish these students and all alumni of Land-Based Learning programs the best of luck on their future studies!

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