8th Waning Moon | Manifest the Time for Success and Prosperity

Make time for increased Success and Prosperity. Invoke the archetype Kala-Bhairava, whose energies have the ability to change your time. This archetype has the power to compress time in your consciousness, so that you are always in the right place at the right time!

This June 23rd is the 8th Waning Moon, special for the archetype of time Kala-Bhairava. Participate in simple yet powerful services to connect with this archetype and manifest the time for success and progress.

Group Fire Ritual for Swarna Akarshana Bhairava Invoke the blessings of Kala-Bhairava to help attract wealth and also to get freedom from debts. In this special fire ritual done during the 8th Waning Moon (June 23, IST), let the gamma rays of the Gold-attracting Bhairava create fortune and success in your life.

This is a rarely done fire ritual, but is known to be immensely powerful. The sponsors' names are recited during Sankalpa, a process which binds the power of the fire ritual to the sponsors. As the Vedic Specialists recite the quantum sound and make offerings into the fire, the positive vibrations benefit you wherever you are.

This ritual will be performed by Vedic Specialists at Pillai Center, India.

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Special Ritual For Kala Bhairava Break past unfavorable times to manifest favorable times of success and prosperity. Be a part of the special ritual for Kala-Bhairava conducted on the upcoming 8th Waning Moon (June 23, IST) at the Sivapuram vortex in Kumbakonam, South India.

Though the Sivapuram Vortex is primarily an energy vortex for Siva- Dr. Pillai has identified it as a very important power spot for Kala-Bhairava.

In this ritual, the powerful energies of Kala-Bhairava will be invoked by lighting lamps, incense and ringing of bells. This ritual has the power of dissolving bad times and helps accelerated manifestation of your goals.

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Sound Writing for Kala Bhairava Accelerate success in any area of your life; manifest goals with jet speed using the technique of writing the sound 'Om Hram Kala Bhairavaya Namah'. Writing of this quantum sound brings in success and prosperity to any area of life you choose - job, finance or relationships.

A dedicated proxy will write this sound 10,008 times for you. This can ground the energy of the sound and bring the energetic benefits in your life.

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Divine Protection Ritual for Dogs

Apart from being loyal, friendly and ever loving, dogs have the capacity to dissolve our sins. Intriguingly, the karma you have created can be released when you feed dogs. They are like guardian angels that watch over and protect you.

The 8th Waning Moon is the Power Time for the Archetype of Time Kala-Bhairava, whose divine vehicle is a dog.

Use this time to take part in the following offerings for your lovable guardian angel- 8th Moon Ritual for your dog's well-being, New Moon Ritual (in case of deceased dog), and protective amulet and divine Yantra to keep your dog peaceful.

Performing these rituals is a compassionate way of expressing your love and gratitude to a being that has been an important part of your life.

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