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Volume 16 Issue 1June  2014
FUN Doesn't Have to Drain Your Wallet
Summer is the time when everyone looks for ways to "get away" and vacations become a priority. However, they can also drain your bank account if you don't plan well. This newsletter will focus on the fun you can have that doesn't leave your wallet empty. As always, we welcome your suggestions or tips that save you money on summer events!
Hotel--Getting What You Want 
At the Price You Need
If you are traveling & need a hotel room, trying to find one with the amenities you want/need can be a challenge. I speak from experience as I just needed to book a room for an upcoming event & I didn't want to pay $169 per night. This site was a lifesaver in getting a room that offered what we needed--breakfast as well as internet are included in the price so that saves me $$ too!


A "staycation" is defined as a stay at home time away from work or something within a few hours of car travel from where you live. As flight prices as well as fuel costs have risen over the last few years, "staycations" have become more popular. 

Doing a simple Google search for attractions in your area can bring to light things to see & do you may not be aware of. A 2-3 hour drive, a cheap hotel room & a discounted admission ticket to a park, aquarium or them park can be a fun get away that doesn't cost an arm & leg!

Oklahoma Staycation Ideas 




 Summer Fun on the Cheap

Depending on the status of our bank balance, sometimes even a short drive & a cheap hotel room aren't in the budget, but you can STILL have some fun right in your own home town. Check with your local Chamber of Commerce for events or fairs as well as taking advantage of local "wet spots"--pools & splash pads.

Libraries offer summer reading programs as well as family movie nights. Take advantage of social media & ask folks what they are doing that is fun & doesn't cost much. You might be surprised at the ideas you get.

Cheap Summer Fun Ideas 



Share Your Space

Do you have a friend or family member who lives a short drive away? Look at "switching places" for a couple of days. You save hotel costs & can participate in events in their area while they take advantage of fun where you live. 

Or do you have a friend who will be traveling this summer? They might need a "house sitter" to keep an eye on things as well as feed animals while they are away. 

Sometimes just being somewhere different is a happy break. 




 How about "Roughing It"?

Are you someone who doesn't mind sleeping on a cot or the ground? Local campgrounds & lakes offer a get away that usually doesn't cost much per night. A tent (you can even borrow that), some sleeping bags or cots, sandwich or hot dog fixings & you have a getaway that can usually be under $100. Check your local lakes & parks for campsite rates.








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