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County Agencies Make Headway on Administering Tree Laws and Tree Programs 
Landmark tree legislation is beginning to pay off - in trees.  With funds collected as a result of these laws, the County has made commendable progress in planting shade trees on private property and along roadways.
To get the bills passed, Conservation Montgomery formed and led a grassroots coalition called "Trees Matter."  The roadside tree law covers street or roadside trees in the public rights-of-way.  The tree canopy law mandates replacement of tree canopy destroyed primarily by new and infill development. Both bills went into effect in March 2014.
A recent annual report on the canopy law notes progress in setting up the Tree Montgomery planting program and administering the law....

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Young Environmental Writers are inspired by nature
Conservation Montgomery sponsors the Young Environmental Writers Workshop (YEWW) project to provide high school students with an overview of environmental writing and to expose them to the simplest aspects of nature. The workshop explores different types of environmental writing: news writing, news features, editorial or opinion writing, poetry and environmental fiction.
We engage students by hosting field trips to explore Montgomery County parks, providing an interpretive tour with Conservation Montgomery board members and partner organizations. Students are provided with a notebook and pen and asked to write about their observations of nature.
We recently hosted students along with Anne Mathews, an English teacher from Montgomery-Blair High School for a hike along one of the Northwest Branch trails. 

If you would like to make a tax-deductible donation to Conservation Montgomery earmarked specifically to support this project, please send a check noting that and mail it to us at Conservation Montgomery, P.O. Box 7292, Silver Spring, MD 20907.  Our biggest cost is providing transportation for groups of students. 

Sign up for Fall 2016 Home Tree 101 Classes!  

Give your trees some TLC.  We'll bring an arborist out to your neighborhood to show you and your neighbors how to care for mature trees on your property. Or learn how to plant new trees with the "right tree, right place" concept.   

Now taking requests for Fall 2016 classes!  
   This project is a partnership between Conservation Montgomery 
and the Montgomery County Department of Environmental Protection. 

Visit our website at www.ConservationMontgomery.org  for more information on all of our activities. 

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