My heart is breaking and yours will too!!!
With Memorial Day behind us,  we head into summer full swing.
Picnics, pups, sunshine, pups,  watermelon, pups, corn-on-the cob, did I mention pups!!!  What more can you ask for?
In this issue***, we profile one of our VIVs (Very Important Volunteers), talk to a foster dad (he's another VIV), provide you with details for the picnic this month and most importantly share with you the sad, sad story of four setters that were just rescued by Above & Beyond
Above & Beyond's Annual Picnic - June 18 -   Warwick County Park 383 County Park Rd Chester County, PA

Please join all your A & B friends at the Annual Adopter & Volunteer Appreciation Picnic!  To make it the best ever can you please ask your Mom & Dad to bring you and the family?  It’s not far.  You’ll get to meet, a lot of great volunteers, foster Moms & Dads, and of course a lot of us VIPs (Very Important Pups) – well it is all about us right?  Well sortta…it really is to help the VIPs not yet as lucky as us.   You see we have this great Chinese auction and the proceeds helps the new kids coming in get the medical stuff we all got.  Many of us VIPs attend & even some VIPs that are in foster care will be there!  You know you just might meet your next brother or sister at the picnic – how cool is that!  Last year a foster kid got adopted at the picnic!

A & B supplies all the hotdogs & hamburgers for the 2 & 4 leggers.  Yes all VIPs get to have hot dogs & hamburgers.  We ask your Mom & Dad bring something for the food table like buns, beverages, dessert, chips – that sort of stuff.  All the VIPs get welcome bags filled with great stuff! We have a splash pool for the VIPs to cool off & even have some silly setter contests.  It’s so much fun!!!!  I like meeting all the people.  We also ask your Mom and Dad to donate an item for the Chinese auction to help with the medical needs of the new kids.  There are always such great items donated and everyone has so much fun just deciding what containers to drop tickets in. Plus we’ll have a big raffle prize again this year to take a chance on.  Last year there were 10 huge picnic tables full of great stuff!  And people come from far and wide (I wonder if they do transports for people too?). It’s a blast and everyone has a great time and it benefits a great rescue!  Do you remember when you needed help?  I do – people say I never would have made it without the help of A & B.  Please come!!!  Save the date – Saturday JUNE 18th.    Warwick County Park in Chester County  383 County Park Rd.  Time: 11am – 5pm There are 3 picnic sites.  We are #2 - the most shaded.  Look for all the pretty dogs.

SAVE THE DATE!  Please RSVP to Eileen Gibson at  (Tell me what food item you’re bringing  please & how many VIPs and People).  Hope to see you there!

Four superstar rescues!

This past week Above & Beyond brought 4 extra special English Setters into rescue (among others). Many thanks to those that helped transport these dogs AWAY from a bad situation. But that’s what we do here at Above & Beyond English Setter Rescue.

These dogs were kept by a man for hunting. When he passed away, his wife didn’t want to have anything to do with the dogs so A&B got involved. Dixie, Star, Speckles (now Gemma) and Sassy spent most of their lives living in an outdoor kennel. 

All the dogs arrived into care with ear infections and 3 of the 4 have masses ranging in small to huge. Sassy had 6 inches of matted fur hanging from her ears and all the dogs need dental care. Dixie seems to have the worst of it as she is about 11 years old. The ear infections may have caused her to lose some of her ability to hear. She also had a UTI. Her tumors are the worst of the 4 pups and this week she’s had extensive surgery to start removing them. While most are mammary tumors she also had a tumor that was entwined in the tendon of one of her legs and has yet another tumor on another leg. While we await pathology reports she is recovering at home with her foster mom Jennifer. She will need additional surgery in about a month to take care of removing some rotten teeth and be spayed.  Can you imagine the constant pain from bad teeth and the various infections? Yet despite the sad lives these dogs have led, they are sweet, gentle and loving. Layer all these health issues on top of living on concrete outdoors, not having proper veterinary care and never knowing the comfort of a warm, dry bed or the loving touch of a human that wants nothing more from them then companionship.  

This is where you come in. Every dog we rescue automatically has a trip to the veterinarian for a wellness checkup, updating or perhaps first ever vaccinations, H/W testing, flea and tick prevention and spaying or neutering. All of this costs money and that’s just for the basics! If we get a dog in that is H/W positive, he or she will undergo the lengthy and expensive treatment. In some cases the dog may be injured or ill because of lack of proper care or abuse. Rigsby with his broken leg, Dot with her massive heartworm infestation, Maple who needed spinal surgery and of course the very special Margo who underwent FHO surgery to allow her to walk and yes, even run again. EVERY dog’s life matters and whether the prognosis is for a long life or in some cases a shortened one, every effort is made to provide the best care.

ALL donations are tax deductible! You can donate via Paypal using the link shown below or you can write a check and send it to the address also shown below. With your help we can make a better, healthier life for Dixie, Star, Gemma and Sassy.   

Can you help a bit?  Every little bit helps. You can give via Paypal or mail a check to Above & Beyond at the address shown below. You may designate your donation to the Clarksville Pups. 
Donate via Paypal 

  Above & Beyond English Setter Rescue
60 Molleystown Rd.
Pine Grove, Pa. 17963
Did you know that Above & Beyond is run by all volunteers? Most of those volunteers who assist with running the rescue work full time jobs besides. And these are just the "titled" volunteers. There are people that serve on the board as advisers too. Add into the mix the people that foster these pups and the folks that assist in transporting. We thought it would be fun to get to know some of our volunteers up close and personal. Below we feature Alexandra Beswick, she serves as President for Above & Beyond as well as foster mom and Mike Iovanna - beloved foster and volunteer. Do you want to share your story? Just reply to this email with a few words about yourself and how Above & Beyond impacts your life.  Don't be shy now! Please include a photo of yourself.
Mike Iovanna :  My Molly Story

I was fortunate growing up. I had several sporting dogs and a mix or two. In college I worked for a vet who gave me a black lab and Irish setter mix. Harry was a great dog, who I trained for advanced obedience and entered more than one match. Later I got my Jack, a special yellow lab. By that time I knew all there was to know about dog obedience training. Jack was only 10 when he developed cancer and I needed to help him cross the bridge.

“I’ll never get another dog”. “I can’t go through this again”!

Several weeks later I went to a dog show in CT and decided to watch the English Setter’s ring. I had three or four setters and knew all about the breed. I overheard members talking about a field setter who was a rescue through a local club. Her kennel was about two hours away. I made the trip two times and tried to win the tri color’s confidence. I had only a slight degree of success before I agreed to take her. The kennel owner named her Molly. I’ll take her home and I should be able to train her in two or three days. “I know all about the breed”!

In less than a half-hour Molly found how to break away from my dog run. She always stayed close enough so I could see her, but I could not approach. I would sit on a big rock and watch her from a safe distance. I talked and she listened. I guess she knew she could train me from that distance.

 Then a local friend from a dog club suggested I call Eileen Gibson from the Above and Beyond English Setter Rescue. Eileen talked with me over an hour. I wish I could tell you one specific thing she told me. She just listened to my story and gave me numerous suggestions for what I could try.

 I still talk to my Molly. She now stays right with me to continue my education. When we get our foster’s from A&B. It usually only takes Molly three or four days to explain the House Rules. Many of our club members know the foster game. “How can someone let a gorgeous setter like this go to a shelter”? Or” how can someone let a dog like this live on their own”. I’m not sure any of us have the answers, but I continue to talk to Molly and she provides advanced training. A&B rescue setters understand Molly because they must talk the same rescue language. 

Alexandra Beswick - President - Above & Beyond English Setter Rescue
I am a full time librarian at the management level with the Cobb County Public Library System and have been a librarian for 26 years. I live alone with my 3 rescued dogs and currently 2 foster dogs. My siblings live in Massachusetts and in Oregon. My current pets are Mira (a GA Brown dog adopted from the local shelter), Teddie (a GA brown dog I found at work) and Sadie (a black mutt adopted from the local shelter). My fosters are senior setter Susie and mutt Lola who I found wandering my neighborhood and offered to rehome for her previous owners. I consider Massachusetts my home state and have lived in various states across the country and also lived for a few years in Canada when I was a child.

I am honored to currently represent the rescue as its President. I started out with ACES and when the Founder of ACES branched off to create Above and Beyond 12 years ago I migrated with her. I have held various roles with the rescue over the years: Co- Vice President, Intake Coordinator, Board member and President for going on 3 years now. During my 12 year involvement with Above and Beyond I have conducted phone interviews with applicants, conducted vet reference calls, home visits, fostering, outreach events, driven transports, maintained the Petfinder listings, pulled setters from shelters, and managed the EBay sales.

I came across the breed when I lived in Colorado in the mid 1990s and adopted my first setter through a newspaper ad placed by a lady wanting to re-home her setter. I knew nothing about the breed at that time and I fell in love with the breed as a result of Brandy, my first English Setter. I moved to Vermont after September 11th and adopted my second setter, Scamp. I soon realized I couldn't keep adopting setters and how could I further help them? That's when I began fostering setters and have not looked back!

Rescue, and the education of others to rescue, has always been very important to me. I will always be involved at some level. These dogs remind me to be humble, to keep my "woes" in perspective and to continue advocating for all creatures who cannot advocate for themselves.

I just want to remind you that if you are finding this newsletter in your SPAM email or promotions email in order to have it delivered to your regular mail box please add my email address to your contacts. Thanks bunches for taking the time to read about what's happening at Above & Beyond English Setter Rescue. ***We promised info on what to do about taking care of your pets if something happens to you in this issue but there just wasn't enough space. There will be a special issue coming out in a couple of days just chock-a-block full of great information!!!